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Best Skincare Brands – Names You Can Trust

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Skincare is a routine not just for women but for men as well. Increasing pollution, brutal weather and adulterated skincare products take a severe toll on skin health. Problem with choosing the wrong skincare brand is that the harmful effect of the chemicals and adulterated ingredients is gradual. Damage done to the skin lasts for long and needs special attention. For this, it is important to practice prevention at the right time and to choose the right skincare products.

Lots of brands market aggressively for their products and this creates confusion for the buyers. This is why GreatBuyz took the initiative of researching the most popular skincare brands in the country and came up with a list of top 10 brands. We picked the brands that have a record of offering reliable skincare products; free from chemicals like parabens, sulfates and silicones.

Top 10 Best Skincare Brands In India

1. Neutrogena

At the top of our list is a brand that was founded in 1930 as a cosmetic company but now it is part of the Johnson and Johnson conglomerate. Today, Neutrogena is one of the top skincare brands in the world with over $16 billion in revenue. If you have a highly sensitive skin that easily gets rashes then Neutrogena has a huge variety of lotions, creams, cleansers, moisturizers and toners that you can use. All their products have a balanced PH formula that makes them suitable for sensitive skin. A popular product of the brand is The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It makes your hand soft and shiny without any oily effect. If you want a warm, beautiful and bronze glow, you can try Neutrogena’s self-tanning products.

2. Olay

The US-based cosmetic giant Olay is known for offering the largest collection of best skin care products for decades now. Olay has a dedicated line of skincare products focused on moisturizing and toning the skin without any harmful effects. Products like Olay vitamins and professional line, the total effects and the perfect radiance are formulated to help your skin fight stubborn pollutants and rejuvenate itself without the use of any harmful chemicals. The brand also has some amazing skincare products to fight the signs of ageing and make the skin look younger. The Regenerist is one such skincare product from Olay which is counted as a high-end luxury product. All these factors make Olay one of the best skincare brands in the country.


3. Estee Lauder

Another United State based cosmetic brand with a global presence, Estee Lauder is most popular for its hair, makeup, skincare and fragrance products. The company has expanded its presence since its founding in 1946. Today several skincare brands operate under Estee Lauder such as M-A-C, Clinique, Bobbie Brown, Origins, Aveda and Estee Lauder itself. Now if you are looking for one of the best skincare brands in India to keep your skin healthy and glowing then you will love the wrinkle-reducing and repair creams from Estee Lauder. Their products are suited for all skin types.


4. ProActiv

If you were unfortunate like millions of other teenagers in the country who deal with acne, you must be familiar with ProActiv. One of the most popular acne treatment brands in the world, ProActiv has over the years mastered the science of skincare. The brand offers a whole range of skincare products from toners to moisturizers, cleaners and repair treatments. One of the most popular products of the brand is the acne mask that helps fight acne-related problems. ProActiv is definitely one of the best skincare brands in India that you can rely on.


5. L’Oréal

Almost every popular Bollywood actress has done an L’ Oreal commercial in her lifetime and the brand is a household name in India. As one of the leaders in cosmetic innovation, the brand is a leader in the skincare segment. You can use their standard products to all the way their high-end professional skincare cosmetics, they all deliver results that they promise. There is a whole range of hair care, makeup, skincare and grooming products from L’ Oreal for every hair and skin type. The only reason why this brand is at number 5 is because of the high price of its products.


6. Lotus Herbals

Now here comes a homegrown brand that has established itself as a leading skincare cosmetic brand. A popular natural cosmetics brand, Lotus Herbal products are used by women of all ages from school girls to working ladies. Instead of relying on animal-tested chemicals, the brand uses herbal ingredients. If you are a fan of natural organic skincare products you must try moisturizers, face creams, makeup and hair care products from Lotus Herbals. The price economy is another major benefit of using skincare products from the brand.


7. The Body Shop

A UK based cosmetic company, the Body Shop is a skincare brand that offers products that are inspired by nature and ethically produced. One feature of skincare products from the brand that appeals to loyal customers is that they are vegetarian and free from harmful chemicals. From hair care to skincare, there are all sorts of products that The Body Shop makes. Their products are particularly popular among the masses and even the beauty conscious Indians prefer The Body Shop products as they are natural and free from parabens, silicone and sulphates. Among all their products, the body butter is most popular.


8. Lakmé

As Indian cosmetic brand that is popular internationally, Lakme is a sub-brand of Unilever that offers skincare and hair care products in India. The brand is internationally recognized as being one of the best skincare brands whose makeup and skincare products are used by celebrities as well. There is a whole range of Lakme products on the offer ranging from lipsticks to moisturizers and sunscreens.


9. Avon

The best skincare brands listed so far focus mainly on young women and teenagers, but Avon is a brand that offers dedicated products for mature women. The skincare products from Avon range from fragrances, hair care, makeup, moisturizers and more. Not only for women, Avon has a lot of skincare products for men as well.


10. Nivea

Now here is a skincare brand in India that is entirely dedicated to offering reliable cosmetic and skincare products for men and women within a budget. From cleansers and moisturizers to cold creams and shampoos, the product offering from Nivea is vast. No matter what your skin type is there are dedicated skincare products available for you. If you have oily skin that is prone to acne then Nivea’s face wash and moisturizer are a must have.



Skincare is important to look and feel young, but with so many chemical laden products, it is important to pay attention to brands that offer quality skincare products. GreatBuyz has handpicked the best skincare brands in India that you can choose as your skincare partner.

Hope you will find the brands reliable, if we missed any brand please let us know in comments.


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