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Top 5 Sportswear Brands for Kids | Best Sportswear for Children

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Keeping fit is for everybody and not just adults. Sports is what kids love the most is it gives them time to get out and vend off their physical energy. This is why sportswear is such an important part of kids clothing. Children grow at an impressive rate and you must choose the right sportswear for them.

Markets are full of brands offering sportswear for kids, but as usual, you just can’t choose a brand without properly investigating. Remember you are buying sportswear for kids, and they are not going to show mercy when playing their favourite sport.

Kids’ sportswear has to withstand the test of time and meet the requirement of the particular sport. Fortunately, you do not have to waste your time searching for the best sportswear brands as experts at GreatBuyz have done the work for you.

Best Sportswear Brands For Kids

Nike Kids Sportswear


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Nike is the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer for a reason. Founded in 1964, the brand grew to overtake every other brand and became one-stop-shop for all sorts of sportswear for men and women.

Some Key Points That We Like About Nike:

  • Nike brings the same sports innovations in kids sportswear that makes it possible for them to expand their potential.
  • Making sports shoes and apparels for kids that are sustainable, creative and diverse, Nike makes a statement of what quality and reliability in sportswear can do to improve the performance of kids.
  • While you can buy an entire range of sportswear from Nike, we recommend the brand for sports shorts and sports bra for kids.

Adidas Kids Sportswear


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The largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and second-largest in the world, Adidas has absolute confidence in its engineering and fabric technology.

Some Key Points We Like About Adidas:

  • There is no other brand you can trust more to offer best quality sportswear for kids.
  • Whether you have young adult kids who love to dribble in basketball or the little ones mastering the roller skates or monkey bars, Adidas sportswear allows your kids to play hard and have fun while being comfortable.
  • Boys and girls sports clothing and shoes that are built to give comfort and confidence to kids of every age to take their first step till they deliver their personal bests.
  • We recommend you to consider Adidas for sports footwear for kids as the brand has an unmatched capability to provide high-quality sports footwear from ages.

Puma Kids Sportwear


Latest Puma Sportswear

The third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, Puma enjoys the luxury of being only of the most sought-after brands by professional athletes.

Some Key Points We Like About Puma:

  • A sport truly has the power to transform the lives of kids for better and empower them. Puma is a brand that is not afraid to take risks which is why it has been able to survive the competition without compromising on the product quality.
  • Kids’ sportswear from Puma features the same engineering expertise and impactful design that power the performance of some of the best athletes on the track.
  • Of all the sportswear Puma has to offer, we recommend their running and football sportswear for kids.
  • Due to their internationally accepted manufacturing standard, you can be rest ensured that your child has the best performance advantage with Puma kids’ sportswear.


Decathlon Kids Sportswear


Explore Decathlon Sportswear

The French sports retailer has impressive presence all across India.

Some Key Points We Like About Decathlon:

    • Decathlon is the world’s largest sports retailer and in India, it offers best-rated sports gear, apparels, shoes and equipment.
    • If you are looking for the best cycling sportswear for your kids, Decathlon is the brand that we will recommend.
    • With the vast range of cycling shorts, shoes, bottoms and underwear, the brand has the best products to offer at affordable prices.
    • Feel free to explore other kids’ sportswear from Decathlon which is made for extreme performance and unmatched comfort.



Reebok Kids Sportswear


Explore Reebok Sportswear

The biggest English sportswear brand Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas.

Some Key Points We Like About Reebok:

  • Started in 1958 the brand has grown to be cherished by kids and adults alike for its innovative and pristine engineered sports clothing and footwear.
  • The range of sportswear from Reebok expands beyond just sports and includes yoga, dance, walking and aerobics as well.
  • An internationally renowned brand with millions of satisfied customers, you will find the best kids’ sportswear from Reebok.
  • Of all the products we recommend Reebok for football shoes and workout leggings.

Can Kids’ Sportswear Have The Same Selection Criteria As Adults?

Children are notorious and they do not handle sports the same as adults. Unlike adults, kids are not particular about caring for their sportswear which is why when choosing sportswear for kids it is inevitable to pay attention to the fabric quality. From grass stains to popsicle stains, sportswear fabric used for kids must be thick and durable.

A quick test of the quality of the fabric is to hold the fabric against a light source that gives an idea of the thickness of the fabric. If you are buying sportswear for kids online, there is no physical way to check the quality of the garment which is why sticking with the reliable brands is the only solution.

Check For Quality

Most common problems with kids’ sportswear are the seams start to pull apart. This is because of poor stitch resulting in less coherent fabric. Sportswear for kids must have the best quality fabric to add durability.

Avoid Irritants And Choose The Right Size

Sportswear for kids must be tested for irritants and size. Children have sensitive skin that gets affected very easily. You will want sportswear that is comfortable and has no element that can irritate their skin. This requires a lot of research and experimenting with fabrics to find the right mix to be used in kids’ sportswear.
Due to their growing age, children need sportswear that can serve them for long without being ill-fitted.

Make A Wise Decision

Sportswear for kids is of importance to provide them with comfort and free movement that will improve their performance. The right sportswear is what children need to reach their full potential and deliver their best. We have handpicked the best sportswear brands for kids for you to choose from.