Best Toilet Cleaners in India – Top 10 Toilet Cleaning Products in India

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Not until television actor Hussain came on television (no matter what time of the day that would be! Even during lunch and dinner time!) with a bottle of Harpic in his hand asking the lady to clean her toilet with it to have it sparkling white did we start discussing toilets and its cleaning openly!

After watching Hussain doing it for almost a decade, to now see Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar doing the same is an indication towards the fact that people have started taking toilet cleaning more seriously!

But it is interesting to note that apart from Harpic, not many brands have boldly advertised their products in the same category though when it comes to being present across the online and offline channels, they stand shoulder to shoulder with Harpic and most of them are packaged exactly like Harpic so it isn’t uncommon to see someone picking up a bottle of toilet cleaner without checking on the name as most of them look alike!

We pull out top brands for you that have earnestly taken pains to not just do a copy paste job.

Here they are, the top 10 toilet cleaning brands in India.

1. Harpic




This one had to be on top of the list! Synonymous with toilet cleaners in India, Harpic has taken a lead in sensitizing people on not just the importance of keeping toilets clean and white but also gone ahead to introduce different variants in toilet cleaners based on specific needs.

The brand heavily spends on its advertising though it doesn’t talk about all the options it has to offer – from lemon to rose to orange! Yes yes… we are still talking about toilet cleaners. These are the options they have for you to choose from!

Our pick is the Harpic Germ and Stain Blaster. Not only is its formulation different, it also looks different as it comes in a black bottle.

What makes it better than the traditional Harpic is the fragrance it leaves behind. And yes, it is tough on stains too!

2. Domex Toilet Cleaner

Domex Toilet Cleaner
Domex Toilet Cleaner


After Harpic, the brand that comes to one’s mind when talking about toilet cleaners would without fail be Domex.
From the house of Hindustan Lever, Domex is more active talking about its floor cleaners than toilet cleaners but like Harpic they too have options like Lime and Ocean Fresh!
Our pick is the Domex Original Toilet Cleaner. This beach based disinfectant toilet cleaner is tough on stains and also does a good job to kill harmful germs and bacteria.

3. Mr. Muscle Toilet Power

Mr. Muscle Toilet Power
Mr. Muscle Toilet Power


Third on our list is Mr. Muscle Toilet Power. The speciality of this toilet cleaner is that it changes colour while it works so kind of a visual amusement!
The shape of the bottle is different as well and this makes it easy to reach the bends and curves of the toilet bowl.

4. Frosch Toilet Cleaner

Frosch Toilet Cleaner
Frosch Toilet Cleaner



Free from harmful chemicals, this toilet cleaner is not loaded with bleach thus making it eco-friendly to use.

It comes with a fresh and fruity scent and its lemon formula removes dirt and limestone. We quite like its packaging which is very much unlike other toilet cleaner brands.


5. Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner

Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner
Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner



You may not have heard of this brand but going by its formulation, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a completely natural toilet cleaner. It is made using herbal ingredients, including non-ionic cocoa, water, coconut based surfactants, soap nut and lemon oils.

What adds to its appeal is the price point at which it is available which makes it easy on our pockets too. Another important feature it carries is that it is an acid-free product thus biodegradable and non-toxic.


6. Bloo Flowers Toilet Liquid Cleaner Sweet Tulip

Bloo Flowers Toilet Liquid Cleaner Sweet Tulip
Bloo Flowers Toilet



Imagine a floral fragrance welcoming you to the toilet post cleaning it with a toilet cleaner!

This toilet cleaner is thick and this makes it easy for you to clean the toilet bowl. And it is not just the fragrance that makes us write about them but the sparkling white toilet post cleaning with it left us impressed as well!



7. Sanit All

Sanit All Toilet Cleaning
Sanit All Toilet Cleaning



For those who use copper vessels, they would be well acquainted with the brand name – Pitambari. They have an excellent product to clean and polish copper vessels.

And if they extend their product category to offer a toilet cleaner, it sure has to be equally good.

Sanit All may not have a visual appeal when it comes to its packaging but given the performance of the liquid (extra thick), we couldn’t leave it out from our list.




8. Jaaypee Hygiene Powerplus Zero Stain Original Liquid Cleaner

Jaaypee Hygiene Powerplus Zero Stain Original Liquid Cleaner
Jaaypee Liquid Cleaner



Seven times thicker than phenyl and other toilet cleaning agents, Jaaypee Hygience Powerplus cleaner offers complete protection from harmful germs and bacteria if used undiluted.

The formula helps fight stains as well and it can be used to remove stains both from above and below the toilet surface.

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9. WePure Toilet Cleaner 500 ML

WePure Toilet Cleaner 500 ML
WePure Toilet Cleaner



This is especially for those who prefer to have a stock of their things instead of making monthly purchases.

Available in a 500 ML can, WePure Toilet Cleaner come with an extra thick formula and works wonders when it comes to removing stains and getting rid of residue and biological debris.

It is designed to clip itself into the rim of the toilet and clean the bowl with a single flush. The fragrance it leaves behind is quite refreshing as well!

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10. Clorox Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clorox Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Clorox Manual Toilet Cleaner



Steeply priced, this one though is a favourite of those who are US returned. The formulation helps you save on your scrubbing time and the effort that goes into it.

The thick clinging liquid works perfect to remove stains and at the same time disinfect the bowl. The locking system makes it safe to be kept in the bathroom which is used by your little ones as well.



Keeping the toilet clean is not a choice. A lot many diseases and illness are a result of harmful germs and bacteria that spread each time we flush the toilet after use. It is important to keep the bowl clean and traditional cleaning agents like phenyl and bleach are not enough. It is important to use a professional cleaning agent like the ones mentioned above.