10 Best Track Pants In India For A Trendy Sporty Look

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Track pants are the most comfortable and versatile lower to wear. Not only do they offer a sporty look, but they also encourage an active lifestyle. Whether you want track pants that you can wear while exercising and training, or casually carry them as regular wear or relax in them as loungewear, there is enough range available. If you are out in the market looking for the best track pants, we might have some choices that are carefully chosen.

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Top 10 Best Track Pants in India to Buy Online

Track Pants Colours Sizes Price (in INR)
Jockey Men’s Track Pants 14 4 989.00 – 3,797.00
Fitinc 5 5 715.00 – 849.00
Reebok Men’s Regular Joggers 5 4 1850
Vimal Jonney Regular Fit Pants 4 5 899
Chromozome Men’s Cotton Pants 8 4 539.00 – 1,706.00
US Polo Association Men’s Track 2 4 999
Mark Louiis Track Pants 3 7 649 – 699
Alan Jones Clothing Men’s Slim Fit Trackpants 3 6 599 – 657
Amazon Brand – Symbol Women’s Regular Pants 9 8 999
Mount Feb Men’s Regular Fit Track Pants 3 6 796 – 898

1. Jockey Men’s Track Pants: Best for Running

Jockey Men’s Track Pants


Jockey is one of the most reputed clothing brands known for its durable and comfortable clothing. Moreover, their range is adequately priced.

The Jockey men’s track pants we picked are a premium quality offering that is made from super combed cotton fabric that is mixed with 20% polyester. Made available in multiple colours and sizes, these are slim fit that makes them comfortable wear for running. If you are an active runner and are bothered with those loose fitted pants, this Jockey wear will best fit your needs. It is also provided with a J-shaped front pocket with power tracks that you can use to safe-keep your essentials. Furthermore, concealed zipper back pocket for additional storage space. Moreover, these pants have a style factor as well so you can use them as casual wear.

2. Fitinc Track Pants

Fitinc Pants


If you are an active gym-goer who is into aerobics, then you will need track pants that not only keep you dry but also stretch to accommodate twists and bends.

Fitnic is offering the best track pants for men that are made from Lycra material. These are highly stretchable and actively absorb sweat too. They are available in a slim fit with side zipper pockets. These are four-way stretchable that are made with anti-odour and dryfit technology. Available in six colours, you will find a fit as per your style needs. We recommend these because they offer all the premium gym wear functionalities within budget.

3. Reebok Men’s Regular Joggers

Reebok best track pants

Reebok Joggers


Reebok needs no introduction. The English footwear and apparel brand is known worldwide for offering the best-in-class sportswear.

Reebok TE LL Joggers we have picked for our list of best track pants in India is nothing short of a style statement. An 80% cotton and 20% polyester fabric that combines the blue colour with yellow side tracks and is highlighted with a sharp white Reebok logo, these will certainly redefine your casual style. Made available in 4 varying sizes, these Reebok joggers are suitable for running, jogging, and lounging too. It is provided with elastic cuffs, side pockets, and an elastic waistband with an internal drawcord.

4. Vimal Jonney Regular Fit Pants

Vimal Jonney best track pants

Vimal Jonney Regular Fit Pants


Made from elastic cotton fabric and polyester, these pants offer a grip with good comfort. This is why you can use these as night pants too. There are 5 sizes and 4 colours available, which is why you will not run out of options. The fabric is highly durable and you will not have to bother about losing colour or shape. If you think the polyester will lead to sweat, worry not, the rapid dry technology used in its construction keeps you dry and odour free even after hours of most rigorous workouts. 

5. Chromosome Men’s Cotton Track Pants

Chromozome Men’s Cotton Track Pants


Cotton is the preferred fabric for gym wear. It is simply because this natural fabric is breathable and skin-friendly. During a workout, there’s a lot of sweating and you will want to choose track pants that let the sweat dry.

Chromozome Men’s Cotton Track Pants are excellent as gym wear. Being made available in multiple colours and sizes, these pants from Chromozome is made of fabric that is a mix of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This mixed fabric offers all the goodness of cotton wear with the added durability of polyester. Also, there are zipper pockets so you can carry your wallet, phone and keys.

6. US Polo Association Men’s Track Pants: Best Cotton Track Pants in India

US Polo Association Men’s Track Pants


US Polo Association is a brand associated with high quality and affordable urban men and women gym wear.

The US Polo track pants we picked for our list are 100% cotton. The pure cotton fabric is extremely comfortable and soft, as well as highly fashionable too. The size being offered is 38/XXL onwards which is the only downside as slim fit sizes are not available. Other than that, these modern fit-for-perfect comfort track pants are ideal for sports, casual wear and night pants.

7. Mark Louiis Track Pants

mark_louiis best track pants
Mark Louiis Track


This Mark Louiis pair is the preferred choice as casual track pants. Available in a regular fit, these are made from blended cotton fabric. If you prefer to pair your t-shirts with pants, check out the triple colour options available for this.

Affordability is one of the factors why Mark Louiis gym wear is so popular. Hence, if you are looking for comfort and versatility at an affordable price, this is one of the most ideal options offered under INR 600.

8. Alan Jones Clothing Men’s Joggers 

Alan Jones Joggers


Home-grown brand Alan Jones is making space for itself among the best track pants brands in India with its affordable yet highly practical and effective workout wear.

These are a blend of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. As cotton is a naturally breathable fabric it gives these pants the ability to let the sweat dry quickly while elastane adds a degree of elasticity and durability to the fabric. You can wear them all year round and they can endure any weather condition. They are also suitable for casual wear due to their cool and trendy designs. Moreover, these are available in 6 different sizes and 5 colours.

9. Symbol Women’s Regular Pants: Best Choice for Women

symbol best track pants

Symbol Women’s Regular Pants


Symbol is Amazon’s Brand and stands as an active contender in the list. Over the last century, Amazon has figured out the secret of delivering maximum convenience to its customers. If you are in the market for modern, practical, and luxurious pants, this one by Symbol will be our recommendation.

Made from 100% cotton, it will boost your energetic spirit and will give you the comfort that will encourage you to be active. It is available in 9 different colours and 8 different sizes to fit your needs. You can pair them with your t-shirts and sports shoes.

10. Mount Feb Men’s Cotton Track Pants

mount _feb best track pants
Mount Feb Men’s Cotton Track


We are concluding our list with this product from Mount Feb. Another homegrown brand, Mount Feb offers sportswear, footwear and bags.

The Mount Feb men’s cotton pants are made from a cotton-polyester blend to offer comfort, adaptability and freedom to participate in most sporty activities. As for appearance, it packs a smart design with khaki and dark ghost-white colours. These are regular fit pants that are available in small, medium, XL and XXL sizes. For carrying your belongings, you get two side zipper pockets.

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How to choose the best track pants?

Now that we have shared the best options available in India, we also want you to understand the selection criteria we used to make our choices. While choosing, there are a few things you must keep in mind.


You must be comfortable in your fit and there is no better fabric than cotton for comfort. Still, cotton has some drawbacks like less durability and no elasticity. Choose the fabric depending on your requirements. For most people, cotton-blend would be the best choice.


While the regular fit is most comfortable, a slim fit looks more solid and attractive. That being said, regular fit also offers a lot more freedom to move around.


For running, weight lifting or aerobics, choose the one made from an elastic material. Lycra is the most suitable fabric for the purpose. 


These must allow sweat to quickly evaporate. This also allows your legs to breathe and avoid unpleasant odours.


Track pants are about comfort and efficiency but are not limited to just gym wear. Modern-day  pants can be as stylish as your sweatpants and joggers while remaining practical.

Hope our selection of the 10 best track pants will make your shopping experience easier


Q. Which material track pants are best?

Cotton is the best fabric as it is a breathable fabric.

Q. Which fabric is best for skin?

Cotton and cotton-blends are most skin-friendly, while linen and silk come second.

Q Which brand is best for track pants in India?

Jockey with its wide variety is the best.

Q. Are nylon track pants good?

Nylon is stretchable making it a good fabric, but it is not naturally breathable which can cause too much sweating. Nylon mixed with other fabrics will be the best choice.

Q. What’s the difference between joggers and track pants?

Both are designed for comfort and efficiency, however, joggers tend to be baggier and have cuffed bottoms. Track pants are lighter and have a slimmer fit.