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Exploring the world is food for the soul, which is why we always recommend our readers to make time for travel. Whether you decide to take a sabbatical domestically or internationally, there are a few travel hacks that can make your life a lot easier when you are in unknown territory. If you are travelling for the first time, then you must pay attention to the travel tips we are about to share with you. We assorted the following list after researching and discussing with nomads who spent a lot of their days travelling.
You can only enjoy your vacation when there is no scope for any stressors to ruin your time. For a more comfortable, productive and fun vacation, here are the travel hacks you must know.

Travel Hack For Trip Planning

A truly enjoyable vacation is dependent on how effectively you plan your travel. Most of us know that travelling entails a lot of packing, but there are some segments where you can be smart enough to plan and save. Let’s check out how.

1.  Explore The Best Mode of Transport

You don’t have to settle for the only mode of transport that you think will be most comfortable for you when you are travelling to a new destination. It is understood that you do not want to get in a mess because you choose a transport mode that you are not comfortable with, but exploring the best mode of transport will help you save time and effort.
Suppose you are planning for a trip to Mcleodganj. Depending on which part of the country you will be travelling from, you can choose to travel by air, train or road. While both flights and trains are more comfortable than buses but connectivity to the destination by roads is the best (nearest airport is in Delhi while the nearest railway station is about 90km away). You might not want to change your mode of transport often to get to the destination. Exploring the best mode of transportation will help you plan a more comfortable journey.


2. Booking The Flight Tickets/Car/Bus

No surprises here. If you have to travel, you will have to book a flight, train, bus or a cab. But you can always save money on ticket booking every time with many online booking sites such as MakeMyTrip and There are a lot of websites that allow you to compare fares before you make a booking. For instance, if you are booking flight tickets, then Skyscanner is the best website to compare various flights from dozens of airlines at most discounted prices.
Why pay full when you can save on your flight tickets every time.


3. Book Your Accommodation

A hotel seems to be the best option when you are on vacation, but is it the only option you should root for? Hotels are comfortable (depending on which one you pick), but they tend to be expensive. Travel is a lot of fun when you have the financial freedom to explore rather than budget planning your stay.
What can you do?
If you are travelling alone, try booking a single room via OYO or AirBnB. If you are travelling with family, you can still use hotel booking aggregator services like OYO, but we recommend Trivago to find ideal hotels by comparing prices.


4. Virtual Documentation

This holds particular importance if you are travelling abroad. You must have all your travel and identification documents such as passport, visa, valid ID proof, tickets, etc. available with you at all times. Also, to be safe from any unexpected loss of the documents, scan the copies of all the important documents and mail it to yourself. This will make sure you have access to all documents, even if you lose your luggage.
5. Mark your baggage as fragile
Usually, you won’t be a master of your luggage when you are travelling. Most probably, third parties will be handling the baggage which is why marking it right will ensure that it is handled properly. Fragile marked luggage will be taken care of properly and is kept at the top for protection.


6. First Aid kit

Prevent is better than cure, still, in the excitement of travel, you can get injured. It is found that most travellers who cancel their trips because of some injury had troubles that can be easily cured with a well put first aid kit. If you are travelling then it is important to carry a first aid kit. Also, learn how to take care of most common injuries, it will be a lifesaver; believe us.

Travel Hacks For the Departure

7. Download Google Maps For Use Offline By Typing in “OK Map”

Believe us when we tell you that Google Google Maps is a lifesaving app that all travellers must have installed on their phones. We recommend you to download the Google Maps that you can even use when you are offline on your mobile. Even when you don’t have an internet connection, you will have a working version of Google Map to help you navigate through the unknown streets.
Now you don’t want to download the entire Google Map for offline use as no smartphone has enough memory. What you want to do is to download the map of a particular area in your phone for use even without an internet connection. Check out:
How to download areas and navigate offline in Google Maps.

8. Download Google Translate For Offline Use

This is one of the most important travel tips for those of you who are travelling abroad and don’t speak the language. It will come handy to have Google Translate loaded and ready to help you with translations. While you can always rely on the online version of the app, but you never know how connectivity is going to be. This is why you will need the “Offline Translation” feature of the app. Here’s how to download any language for offline use in Google Translate.
Not only text, but you can also translate signs and menus using your phone camera with the Google Translate app.


9. Pack an Empty Water Bottle

Don’t frown when we tell you to pack an empty bottle in your baggage. If you are travelling by air, you can easily pass the security plus you want to buy the exuberantly charged bottles of water. Some people try to freeze the water so that they are technically not carrying any liquid to the flight, but it is just awkward waiting there for water to melt so you can quench your thirst. Just be frugal and carry along an empty water bottle. The foldable water bottles are best for travelling.
Armwood Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

Armwood Water Bottle
Armwood Water Bottle




10. Waterproof Your Backpack With a Bin Liner

A heavy-duty plastic bin liner is the most reliable way to waterproof your backpack from inside. To keep all your stuff inside the bag dry if there are sudden showers. Rain covers are nice, but often we don’t want to carry them around when we know we won’t be needing them much. Line your bag with a strong plastic bag.

The trick here is to use a liner that is much larger than your bag. For instance, if your backpack is of 50L capacity, use a 65L plastic bag. This way, you will be able to push the plastic bag to every corner of the backpack and keep it waterproof.

11. Portable Charger For Travel

A dead smartphone or discharged camera can ruin your trip. Carrying a charger is helpful but not practical when there is no guarantee of the availability of a power source. This is why portable travel chargers are lifesavers. Whether you are a leisure traveller or a professional wanderer, you will need portable power banks to keep the battery-hungry Smartphones, laptops, and cameras alive. Today you can buy high capacity power banks that are much lighter than before.

Coolnut 31200 mAh Power Bank with AC port

Coolnut Power Bank
Coolnut Power Bank




Travel Hacks When You Are At The Destination 

12. Bring a Clothespin To Prop Up Your Toothbrush

When you book a hotel or an OYO or an Airbnb, you always have to be proactive about your hygiene. While other arrangements can be worked upon, your toothbrush is one of the utilities that you can’t compromise on. If you want your toothbrush to be entirely isolated and not touching anything else, carry a clothespin around that you can prop it up and keep it protected from germs.

13. Pillowcase

A pillow makes for a very comfortable bed, but carrying one on vacation is a traveller’s nightmare. One of the awesome travel hacks is just to bring the pillowcase and not the pillow. Now, if you will need a pillow, you can stuff in some clothes, and you are good to support your head. Also, carrying just a pillowcase will save you a lot of space that you can use to store other stuff.


14. A travel Camera For Unforgettable Memories

We all have smartphones with cameras, so why carry an additional camera just for taking pics? Travel photos are some of the most treasured souvenirs which is why you need them to turn out great that unfortunately can’t happen with a phone camera. Professional grade, hi-tech cameras help capture most vibrant and realistic images.

Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera

Sony Shoot Camera
Sony Shoot Camera




15. Keep Safe With a Lock

We understand that it is particularly difficult to enjoy your vacation when your entire focus is on keeping your luggage safe. Each time you leave your suitcase at the mercy of TSA agents or airline baggage handlers; there is always a doubt about the wellbeing of the luggage. Your fear is not entirely invalid as yearly; more than 10 million airline passengers report losing items such as electronics, jewellery, and clothing.

Luggage locks hold the answer as they make it difficult for handlers to go through your stuff and also keep the zippers together so that no one can open them without opening the lock.

DOCOSS 309-TSA Approved Lock 4 Digit for USA Number Locks

DOCOSS Approved Lock
DOCOSS Approved Lock




Bonus Travel Hacks

Now that we have shared the smart travel tips, it’s time to unpack some additional travel bonus hacks that will make your travel infinitely comfortable.

Use Guidebooks Sparingly

We know that you will be tempted to use guidebooks to know about the places to travel in unknown territory, but that will only lead to tourist spots. If you want to explore the offbeat locations you will guidance of resources like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Go Local 

What’s the fun in using your mother tongue or bad English at a foreign location? Try to use the local language that reflects that you are trying to be part of the local culture, and it presents you in a positive light.


And Eat Local Too 

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dominos, PizzaHut is common all over the world. Don’t waste an opportunity to munch on the authentic local delicacies. Always try local cuisines. It will not only make your travel a lot more authentic but will also be cheaper.

Unpack As Soon As You Are in Your Room 

We know that you will be tired of your bones when you reach the booked accommodation, but you will be thankful that you unpacked as soon as possible. Not only it gives you enough time to relax later on, but your luggage will also smell fresh the sooner you unpack it.


The travel hacks listed above have helped hundreds of thousands of travellers to plan a vacation with peace of mind. These travel tips will keep you comfortable and safe during the entire trip. Do let us know if you think any other tips will be a valuable addition to this list.