Top 6 Best Under-Sink RO Water Purifiers- Your Guide to Buying The Top Water Purifier

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Indian markets are swamped with RO purifier brands. This abundance in choice helps buyers to get competitively priced RO purifiers but at the same time raise the challenge of making the right decision for the right product. Drinking water is the basic necessity of life, you cannot compromise on its integrity or quality.

The under-sink RO purifiers are most popular in India as they are compact, effective and much more affordable. All major RO brands like Eureka Forbes, Kent and A.O Smith offer under-sink RO for homes in India. Now the problem is how to choose the best RO purifier. They all use different technologies, offer advanced features and have multiple filters like RO-UV/UF.

Few words about TDS

TDS limit is a major specification that ROs sell on.

What exactly is TDS?

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS are the charged mobile ions that include salts, minerals and metals dissolved in the water. The unit used to measure TDS is the units of mg per liter of water i.e. mg/L but in RO purifiers you TDS limit is specified as parts per million (ppm).

The quality of water purification systems like RO purifiers is directly related to TDS. The higher the value of TDS purification value, the better is the purification ability of a water purifier.

GreatBuyz understands that the struggle to make a choice for the best RO for homes in India is real and this is why we have put together the top products in this buyers’ guide. But before we share the best under-sink RO water purifiers, let’s discuss their advantages.


Advantages of Under Sink RO Water Purifier

Space savvy

In a society where our kitchens are getting modular, over the counter RO purifiers are not ideal anymore. Under-sink RO purifiers are convenient and stay hidden without taking up too much space.

More speed

Wall-mounted RO purifiers have a very low water output rate as they depend on gravity. However, under-sink water purifiers have hydrostatic air pressure storage tanks that provider a better flow of water.

No spills

If you like your kitchen spotless and spill free, these purifiers are ideal for you. As they are under the sink and attached to the taps fitted on the sinks, you do not have to worry about water spilling ever again.


Top 5 under-sink RO Purifiers in India

1. Kent Sterling Plus Under The Sink Water Purifier

Kent Sterling Plus Under-Sink Water Purifier
Kent Under-Sink Water Purifier


Kent is a household name for water purifiers in India and this is for a reason. As one of the oldest water purification consumer solution providers in the country, Kent ROs are known for their reliability, water purification capability and best warranty terms.

We start our list of best under-sink RO purifiers with the Kent Sterling Plus which is a RO+UV/UF provided with activated carbon and sediment filters that turn tap water into 100% safe and healthy drinking water.

The Kent Sterling Plus is a compact smart purifier that is designed to take minimum space in your kitchen and fit under the sink. Check out the features this under-sink RO purifier has to offer:

  • RO+UV/UF double purification technology that kills 100% germs and bacteria
  • Four layers of filters-sediment, activated carbon, UF and post carbon filter
  • The inbuilt 6 litres hydrostatic storage tank ensures you get a continuous supply of fresh drinking water even when there is no electricity
  • It can purify 20 litres of water every hour
  • It is one of the best RO for homes in India as it utilizes mineral RO technology to retain all the minerals in drinking water
  • ABS food grade plastic ensures complete safety of drinking water
  • Kent offers 1-year product warranty plus four years of free service

Why you should buy the Kent Sterling Plus?

A highly effective water purifier capable of removing impurities like arsenic, viruses, rust, chemicals and salts

Fully automatic- the water purifier starts on its own when the water level in the storage tank falls below the maximum level

Compact and smart design allows you to use the under-sink space efficiently

The patented TDS control used in this RO purifier enhances the taste of the drinking water


2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UTC RO+UV+TasteGuard RO Purifier

Eureka Under-Sink RO Water Purifier
Eureka Under-Sink Water Purifier


Eureka Forbes is another known brand as the provider of the best RO for homes in India. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UTC is a universal under-sink water purifier that has sleep feature and intelligent design. It perfectly goes into any kitchen. Its high storage capacity, smart water purification technology and practical design make it ideal for home use.

The proprietary TasteGuard technology identifies the water source and accordingly chooses the ideal purification method automatically. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UTC is truly a universal RO for homes as you can use to purify water sourced from tankers, borewells, supply water or mixed water.

There’s a lot that this under-sink water purifier has to offer:

  • RO+UV water purification technology ensures all the disease causes germs and bacteria are removed
  • TasteGuard technology chooses the best purification method according to the source of water
  • It consumes only 45 watts of electricity while the UV lamp works on 11 watts
  • The 8 litres storage tank is big enough to keep the flow of fresh and purified drinking water
  • LED indicators help to easily understand the purification process being used or to know when the tank is full
  • TDS keeps your drinking water tasteful
  • It is covered under a 1-year warranty

Why consider Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UTC?

A universal RO for homes in India automatically switches purification technology based on the water source

A unique filter to make purified drinking water more tasteful

Biotron cartridge that breaks water molecules so that nutrients are released

Free installation by Eureka Forbes


3. A.O. Smith Z-Series Z2 Water Purifier

A.O. Smith Under-Sink Water Purifier
A.O. Smith Under-Sink Water Purifier


AO Smith is an internationally famed brand of water purifiers, water heater and commercial pumps. The brand is known for offering the best technology in its RO purifiers and that is one of the reasons, why water purifiers from the brand soon became one of the largest selling RO for homes in India.

The A.O.Smith Z-Series Z2 Water Purifier is a great choice as an under-sink RO purifier because of its compact design. One of the distinguishing features of this purifier is its hot water option. Furthermore, unlike other RO purifiers on the list, you get an advanced digital display with this product that conveniently tells you about the tank water level, auto-flush and alert notifications.

The main features of the A.O.Smith Z-Series Z2 Water Purifier include:

  • 5-stage RO purification-pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, patented side-stream RO membrane and silver activated post carbon filter.
  • Advanced digital display for easy controls
  • Comes with gooseneck faucet for easy
  • Can purify water with high TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • 48 watts power consumption
  • Two years warranty on RO membrane
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty

Why choose A.O.Smith Z-Series Z2 Water Purifier?

The patented side stream RO membrane is one of the best features to consider to this under-sink RO purifier. The membrane allows the sideways flow of the water that results in efficient use of the membrane and reduces water wastage

The advanced display alerts you when the RO membrane or any of the filters need to be changed

Separate hot water option

AO Smith promises a one-hour response and one-hour resolution in case you face any problem


4. Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System

Filtrete Under-Sink Water Purifier
Filtrete Under-Sink Water Purifier


A popular American brand, Filtrete is considered as one of the best under sink filtration systems provider. All the Filtrete are designed and developed by 3M engineers so they offer unmatched reliability and efficiency.

The Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System is NSF certified by standard 43 and 52. This product is one of the best under-sink RO purifiers in term of engineering. It has a 0.05-micron sediment filter that removes even the minutest impurities from drinking water. This RO purifier is designed to be practical and you can change the filters on your own without any tools.

Main features of this purifier include:

  • It uses a 0.05-micron sediment filter that effectively removes the impurities
  • You can choose between three filter types-advanced, maximum and standard
  • There is an internal shut off valve for extra safety
  • It is NSF certified by Standard 43 and 52
  • Why consider Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System?
  • Extremely easy to install (under 30 minutes)
  • Can remove 99.3% lead from water
  • It can filter out chlorine, cysts, sand, rust, silt and odour from drinking water
  • It comes with six months warranty on filters


5. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Invisipure Under The Sink RO Water Purifier

Eureka Invisipure Under-Sink Water Purifier


We end the list of the best under-sink RO purifiers with another product from Eureka Forbes. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Invisipure is ideal RO for homes in India with its large storage tank of 12 litres. The large storage capacity means you will always have purified drinking water available.

If you are dealing with brackish/salty water then this Eureka Forbes under-sink RO purifier is for you. It can purify water with TDS levels ranging from 500-2000 mg/l. Due to its self-cleaning system, the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Invisipure Under the Sink RO Water Purifier has a long service life.

Features that make it an ideal RO:

  • This composite 75 GDP RO membrane that removes all contaminants and chemicals from drinking water
  • Large storage tank of 12 liters
  • Water flow rate of 12 litres/hour results in quick purification
  • Inbuilt self-cleaning system and high-pressure switch
  • 1-year product warranty

Why buy Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Invisipure under-sink RO purifier?

The compact design of this RO makes it an ideal under-sink RO purifier especially if you have a smaller kitchen.

The self-cleaning system keeps the membrane safe from accumulating salts like magnesium and calcium, enhancing its service life.

Water pump automatically shuts down when the storage tank is full.

6. Moonbow Achelous Premium iPro Hot+IOT Water Purifier by Hindware

Achelous Premium
Achelous Premium


Hindware is one of the most sought-after kitchenware and bathroom ware. Disrupting the water purifier market with a truly smart product, the Achelous Premium iPro water purifier that is IoT (Internet of Things) enabled comes with patented Flosense technology. The IoT enabled tech working at the core of this water purifier reduces wastage of water by 50%. The intelligent sensors keep the water level in the jug under surveillance and auto stops the flow to avoid spillage.

Moonbow Achelous Premium iPro water purifier is an amazing product with some of the high-end features:

RO+UV+Mineral Fortification water purification technology

IoT Enabled water purifier-operate anytime from anywhere using Hindware Appliances app

Real-time data-water TDS levels, machine health, water temperature, daily consumption, etc.

Child lock protected hot water dispensing

Intelligent Auto-fill Jug technology to avoid spillage

Suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm

8L storage tank + 2L portable jug

Why consider Moonbow Achelous Premium iPro water purifier?

Intelligence is a requirement in today’s appliances and this water purifier from Hindware is IoT enabled. Laden with sensors to keep track of every important functionality and operation, it allows you to freedom to operate if from anywhere using Hindware Appliance app. With 50% less water wastage, 40% faster water heating, 100% RO+UV water purification and user-friendly Smart Touch, it’s hard to ignore this disruptive water purifier.

So, these are the best under-sink RO water purifiers you can buy in India for homes. Hope this guide was useful and will help you make the right decision.