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Top 10 Best Websites To Buy Plants Online In India

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A plant is one of the few objects of affection in our lives that keep on giving, quite literally. Whether you have a cosy terrace garden or love to nestle indoor plants next to your favourite spots, there are many reasons to have your flora. Psychologically speaking, leafy greens add the much-needed life to concrete rooms and they are clinically proven to increase productivity, boost your mood and improve air quality. Sure, a home garden or indoor plants can bring a lot of positivity to your living space, but you have to choose the right plant. Nobody wants to spend hours at a local nursery picking the right flora. Fortunately, now you can order buy plants online from an online plant nursery.

To get your horticultural journey started, GreatBuyz has gathered some of the best sites to buy plants online. We have combed through the best online nurseries to pick the ones that offer the best selection of plants.

Top 10 Best Websites To Buy Plants Online in India

1. NurseryLive

NurseryLive buy plants online


Operational since 2014, NurseryLive has outgrown many competitors to become the best online plant nursery with a huge customer base. Such popularity of this online nursery can be attributed to the wide range of plants that go beyond succulents, cacti, and climbers. You can shop for aquatic plants, aromatic plants, avenue trees, landscape plants, orchids, medicinal plants, and much more on NurseryLive. At present they are offering over 5000 products that include plants, seeds, tools, and other garden accessories.

Shopping with this online nursery can be a bit expensive as the starting price is INR 699. Also, there is no free delivery, and you are charged a flat INR 79 shipping fee.

2. Ugaoo



If this is your first time buying plants online, then is where you must start. It is simply the best online plant nursery that offers a well-curated range of low-maintenance to most exotic plants. Whether you want indoor or outdoor plants, Ugaoo is the online nursery where you will find them for sure.

On the site, you will also find a good assortment of pots and planters that will complement the smaller or taller plants you want for your home. What sets them apart is that they have their sprawling nurseries where they grow plants under expert supervision.

Ugaoo offers you all kinds of plants that are categorized by type, décor, use, and collection. You can also buy seeds, pots & planters, and tools from this site. It is not expensive to buy plants online with them as prices start as low as INR 275. The site also offers free delivery on orders above INR 499. For the complete safety of plants during delivery, they deliver in excellent tube packaging.

3. Mybageecha



Another top site to buy plants online in India, Mybageecha is popular for offering some unique plant varieties. We recommend this online nursery to people who are interested in succulents for indoor gardening. From Kalanchoe Laetivirens found in Madagascar to the South African Crassula Capitella Campfire, you can certainly buy all types of succulents on Furthermore, this online nursery also offers a fascinating collection of plant accessories and terrarium kits.

With the price starting from INR 250, it is quite affordable to begin your horticultural experience with them. They also offer free delivery on orders above INR 500. For maximum safety, they wrap plants in 3 to 5 ply boxes.

4. FernsNpetals



Fnp started as an online flower and bouquet delivery service. It has turned into a full-fledged online plant nursery offering some fabulous benefits like same-day delivery. Whether you are looking for themed plants but don’t know a thing about gardening or you are a pet owner who only wants pet-friendly species, FernsNpetals is bursting with options. If you are into Vaastu and Feng Sui, then you must also check out their lucky bamboo plants and bonsai plants collection.

As for price they are a bit expensive to start at INR 349. They offer you free standard delivery along with Express Delivery for INR 49, Fixed Time Delivery at INR 200, and Midnight Delivery for INR 250.

5. Flower Aura

Flower Aura
Flower Aura


Just like FnP, Flower Aura began as an online flower delivery service and expanded to include delivering indoor and outdoor plants at your doorstep. If you are planning to gift someone plants for their special occasion and are confused about which one to pick, just head to Flower Aura. You can browse plants as per occasion-Birthday, Anniversary, Best Sellers, and more. They are one of the best online nurseries in India to buy succulents, lucky plants, and indoor easy-to-grow greens.

For free delivery, your order value must be over INR 1000. The starting price for plants on Flower Aura is INR 299. All plants are delivered in a protective tube packaging to avoid damage.

6. Green Decor

Green Decor
Green Decor


If you are looking for the best place to buy plants online offering affordable options, Green Décor has some quality indoor and outdoor plants starting at just INR 200. From herbs, and succulents to climbers and bonsai, they have a wide range to offer. Also, they have exclusive gifting plants for Diwali, offering excellent options. Furthermore, if you are looking for some horticultural corporate gifting options then Green Décor has some amazing customized gifting hampers.

The only lacking aspect is their delivery period which is over 7 days. They offer free shipping for an order value of INR 990 or more. They also gift wrap the deliveries for an additional INR 25.

7. Guru 24 Hours

Guru 24 Hours Buy Plants Online
Guru 24 Hours


Guru 24 Hours is relatively a new player in the market which is planning to take on the competition by offering both indoor and outdoor plants at reasonable price points. Starting at INR 229, their collection of flora includes basic, regular as well as exotic plants. There is every plant type available, from fiddle-leaf fig floor plants to rubber plant varieties, you will not run out of options. Apart from plants, they also provide garden décor, pots and plants, and a wide assortment of care supplies.

8. PlantsLive

PlantsLive buy plants online


If you are looking for the best site to buy plants online in India for fully-grown landscape greens, then PlantsLive has some of the best collections to offer. From skilled gardeners to aspiring plant parents, anyone can shop for outdoor plants for terrace or backyard gardens. From ornamental and shade trees to fruits plants and orchids, they offer them all at reasonable prices.

If you are more into indoor plants, this online nursery has an exotic collection of spices, shrubs, succulents, bonsai, fern, and multiple types of grass. They are offering plants at a starting price of INR 260. Unfortunately, they do not offer free shipping.

9. ThePlantStore

ThePlantStore buy plants online

BUY FROM AMAZON started its operation in 2020 and in just over a year they have grown its product portfolio to over 2000+ plants that include succulents, flowering plants, fruit plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, aquatic plants and more.

You get free delivery on every order over INR 399 value, in addition to lifetime botanist assistance. Their prices start at an incredible low of INR 150. Whether you want plants, seeds, fertilizers, gardening kits or pots and planters, you can shop for all on

10. Paudhshala



A nursery that is based on the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Paudhshala is one of the best online nurseries in India to buy forestry and medicinal plants. Being at advantage due to its location, the nursery is able to grow some of the most exotic species like Acacia Mangium Plant, Bombax Ceiba Semal Plant, and Bonsai Banyan Tree.

Their customer service is also friendly as they offer 24/7 support and up to 30 days moneyback guarantee. As for prices, their products start at INR 200. With Paudhshala, you also get free shipping on all orders.

Worthwhile Mentions 

11. Plant Store by Amazon

Plant Store by Amazon
Plant Store by Amazon


The eCommerce giant Amazon offers a product in every home category. You can check out Amazon Plant Store for indoor and outdoor plants. The variety available here is no less, you can shop for succulents, ornamental and shade trees, bonsai, bamboo, flowering plants, ferns, and more.

For Amazon Prime members, it is more lucrative as they get free two-day shipping on every order.


We expect you will not have to look beyond this article to pick the best online plant nursery. We have picked only the best online nurseries and websites that have a wide range of plants for indoors and outdoors. Therefore, you may choose to buy plants online from these sites.


Q. Is it good to buy plants online or offline?

The eCommerce revolution has reshaped every possible domain and people prefer shopping online now. Buying plants online offers comfort, endless variety, affordability, and doorstep delivery. You no longer have to break a sweat finding your favourite plant at a local nursery.

Q Which plant is best for the home in India?

India has a sub-tropical climate largely. Plants most suitable for this climate are the Peace lily plant or Spathiphyllum Wallisii, Areca palm or Dypsis Lutescens, and Money plant or Epipremnum Aureum.

Q. What plants are low maintenance?

So, you want a flourishing home garden without investing too much time and effort in maintaining it? Go for these four plants- 9 O’Clock Plant or Portulaca, ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, Jade Plant or Elephant Bush, and Star Cactus.

Q. Which plant is best for the balcony?

For a balcony, you must choose plants that add beauty to your balcony garden. We recommend Marigold, Pansy, Creeping Roses, and the omnipotent Indian Basil or Tulsi.