Best Websites To Buy Supplements In India (2021)

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The food we eat must always be balanced with the right quantity of nutrients. A balanced diet is essential for the effective working of our body functions.

However, the quality of food we make today lacks nutrients which can be attributed to rampant use of chemicals added to the soil, depletion of natural minerals due to over-farming, and change in agriculture methods. Also, if you take up a healthy lifestyle and work out regularly, the demand for certain nutrients increases.

A supplement is a product that can fulfill the demand for nutrients and perform a physiological role beyond simple nutritive requirements. Supplements differ based on the health-promoting ingredients they contain. A reliable site to buy supplements offers products based on extracts from plants and animals. These products include proteins, minerals, vitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics products.


Why use supplements?

Supplements add a little extra value to your diet and ensure that you get a measurable amount of essential nutrients. Stress is known to increase the body’s need for certain nutrients and supplements can easily provide the much-needed nutrition. Protein and multivitamin supplements are required by those who exercise regularly as their bodies have a much higher need for protein, antioxidants, and minerals.

Discovering the right kind of supplement is not the challenge anymore as you can easily buy them online, but the problem lies in finding genuine products. It is not a secret that adulterated and fake supplements are rampantly sold online. Your best bet is to know the best website to buy supplements in India.

Here we are going to list the top sites to buy supplements in India that you can trust.


Top 8 sites to buy supplements in India

1. HealthKart

Health Kart


One of the leading sites in India to buy supplements, Healthkart came into existence in 2011. In the last decade, the site has grown to capture a significant share of the supplement market in India. Its MuscleBlaze brand of protein supplements is extremely popular. It is the best website to buy whey protein in India, but it also has a vast portfolio of supplements from some of the biggest supplement brands such as Optimum Nutrition, Dynamite Nutrition, Muscletech, and Ultimate Nutrition.

When you buy supplements from HealthKart, you are offered a 14-days return policy on all products. They also offer an authenticity guarantee for all products and particularly for MuscleBlaze supplements. If you buy any MuscleBlaze supplement, you can check its authenticity by using its Unique Code here.

You also get fast and free delivery on all products ordered. Checkout Site

2. Nutrabay



Operational since 2013, Nutrabay does not allow third-party suppliers to list products. All the supplements are shipped to customers directly either from importers or manufacturers. The site offers multi-brand supplements and some of their most sold categories are proteins, creatine, BCAAs, mass gainers, and multivitamins.

Any supplement you buy from Nutrabay will carry a certification of authenticity. If you want any high-quality protein supplement, then you can try the ‘Nutrabay Pure’ products. The company offers free delivery on all orders over INR 350. The only drawback of ordering from Nutrabay is, if you are not based in the Delhi-NCR region, you will have to wait 3-5 days for delivery. Visit site

3. HealthXp

Health Xp


If you don’t know already, the ‘XP’ in the brand name stands for ‘express’. Since its inception in 2014, the site has been offering top-quality health supplements to customers all over India. One advantage with HealthXP is that you can know about any product’s nutritional, usage, or manufacturer details prior to ordering without any charge. You can also contact their certified fitness experts to discuss nutritional and diet plans.

HealthXP also offers a wide range of products including whey protein, raw whey, hydrolyzed whey, protein bars, and protein cookies. Unfortunately, there is no free delivery of products. Check out the site

4. MuscleBlaze



You can get exclusive discounts on MuscleBlaze supplements when you order them directly from The company claims all of its products listed to be authentic, NABL certified and clinically researched.

Some of the supplements listed on the site are custom engineered for Indian bodies like the MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein. There is a dedicated Gain with MB section that helps you understand your nutrition requirements and one can also get customized diet plans designed by experts. Visit Site

5. Amazon India



Amazon carries a reputation and trust of being a reliable online store for genuine products. Every supplement seller is required to display their valid FSSAI license number on the seller storefront. Also, the supplements available on the site are diverse. Health supplements and nutritional products for different age groups are available from some of the biggest homegrown and international brands such as Optimum Nutrition, Amway, Myprotein, Muscle Blaze, and Ultimate Nutrition.

Apart from genuine products, you enjoy other benefits such as free delivery, discounted prices, and no-hassle-free return/exchange. You can even further these benefits if you are an Amazon Prime member. Checkout Supplement Collection

6. Flipkart



The homegrown e-commerce marketplace is home to some of the most popular supplement brands in the country. It is also the best site to buy supplements from international brands such as MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Big Muscle, and AS-IT-IS Nutrition.

About 60%-70%  of the dietary supplements sold in India are either parallel imports or fake. This is largely due to the high demand for these supplements. If you are paying thousands, you must be sure about product quality and source, Flipkart offers you that guarantee.

Apart from the discounted price and free delivery benefits, you get a 14-days return/exchange protected by Flipkart Assured. Checkout Supplements

7. Myprotein



The European brand offering supplements since 2005, Myprotein launched its Indian online store in 2012. It is a site we recommend for sports nutrition supplements. This online store is a haven for people who want vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free supplements. There are products for all age groups and genders.

Myprotein is best known for offering fat burners, pre-workout and nutritional supplements for athletes. The site is also popular for keeping its product prices affordable. To avail of free delivery with them, your order value must be over INR 1000. Visit Site

8. Neulife


VISIT NOW might be a name that is dwarfed by the others in the list, but it is a brand that has existed since 1999. The brand has come a long way to offer a complete range of supplement products that span across multiple categories such as proteins, gainers, weight management, fat burners, micronutrients, and health foods.

On the site, you will not find products from any other brands but only manufactured by Neulife. This also ensures that you are only getting high-quality genuine supplements for all your needs. We find their products to be reasonably priced and you get additional benefits like cashback offers and EMI options. Delivery is free on orders above INR 1000. Visit Site


Do you know how to check the authenticity of a supplement?

Now that we have listed the best sites to buy supplements in India, we would want you to know how to check a product you receive for its authenticity.

Check the seal:

It is a no-brainer, before you accept an order check if it is properly sealed. If the supplement seal is broken, weirdly shaped or its quality seems lousy, it is a clear indicator that the supplement is tampered with.

A genuine and high-quality product will have its seal intact.


Local and non-reputed brands are a strict no. Unless there is enough evidence that a product is clinically certified to be of high-quality, always stick with reputed brands such as Optimum Nutrition, MuscleBlaze, Muscletech, etc.

Brand logo:

Fraudsters are smart enough to copy brand designs to trick buyers, which is why hologram and brand logos are designed in such a way that it is difficult to fake them.

Pay close attention to the brand logo or hologram to assure its authenticity.

Barcode scan:

A barcode scan is a simple tool that can instantly inform you about the authenticity of a product. Simply use your phone camera to scan a product’s barcode. If authentic, the scanned barcode will provide authentic details about the supplement including its price, expiry date, ingredients, nutritional value, and more.

MRP sticker:

You must make it a practice to check the MRP sticker on a supplement. On many occasions, some resellers paste forged MRP stickers over original ones to hide the original price or expiry date of a product.



Different people have different fitness goals, your nutrition requirements might vary as per your goals, but the source of nutrition does not. Everyone needs quality and authentic supplements to provide the body with essential nutrients. These are the best sites to buy supplements in India, offering quality products at a reasonable price.


Although we carefully research every website we pick, you must consult with your gym instructor or doctor before including any supplement in your routine.