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Birthday Gifting Ideas For Husbands-A No Yet-Another Guide

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Husbands are creatures who are mysterious on many fronts (LOL). If you are a lucky wife, you will know what exactly he wants for his birthday. Unfortunately, we are yet to meet a lucky wife who is told by her husband what exactly he wants for his birthday. All the guesswork keeps you guessing and without putting in enough time and thought, you cannot find ways that makes him feel loved and pampered. Yeah, every once in a while, husbands need that!
This year, don’t pick the latest Avenger’s movie DVD or a wallet as a birthday present for your hubby, instead, pick a gift that reminds him that he is not important to you when it comes to special occasions. We are not saying it is going to be an easy ride to find the perfect gift for him. But let’s discuss how you can go about this.

What kind of gifts makes Husbands happy?

With wives, it’s easy to choose a gift as there are so many things that one can buy. From dresses to makeup to footwear there’s a lot to choose from. But with husbands, the search becomes a little tricky and confusing.

But you are not here to know what not to gift but otherwise.

Men are simpletons as compared to women which is why when you gift something to your husband, make your gift either useful or sentimental.

You will be wasting your time and money if you get him another piece of clothing, wallet or cologne. These are the easiest gifts and take no thought on your part. Now that being said, if you are gifting him any of the ‘traditional’ men’s gifts, make it contextual. For instance, if your husband loves adventure such as hiking or cycling, instead of getting him a clichéd pair of pants, gift him active wear. Now that gift will serve a particular purpose and tell him that you know him well.

There’s a reason why men are so much into tools, gadgets and automobiles. It is because they are driven by the purposefulness of an item.

Women are also easily moved by a bar of chocolate, flowers and all the pink stuff. Unfortunately, all such stuff makes most men throw up. And it’s a fact, period.

Do not try to indulge in such fantasies and if you are picking a gift other that is not useful in conventional, make sure it is sentimental. For instance, just gifting him a framed couple picture, why not get it printed on a mobile cover?

So, if you want to make your man happy, keep in mind to “make your gift either useful or sentimental.”

What not to gift your Husband?

Just like your Gucci dress, men appear to be simple but their simplicity is complex. We understand how stressful it can be for you to find the best birthday gifts for husbands that balance romance, sentiment and thoughtfulness.

What you can gift to your husband is already being told and we have some handpicked gifts for you to choose from, but before that, you must know what you should never gift to your husband.

No workout or formal apparels

How common do you think is it to gift clothes? Clothes usually lack emotional sentiment and form part of the laziest gifts for husbands. Avoid gifting shirts, ties, trousers, suits, etc.

Subscriptions to anything

Most of the guides online will advise you to get your husband some kind of monthly or yearly subscriptions. But we know that it only puts pressure on them as they think they have to do something with your gift. And we don’t have to tell you what pressure can do to a relationship.

Seasonal gifts

While that personalized t-shirt or personalized man caricature makes fun gifts for birthdays but they are unusable in the long haul. He won’t appreciate a gift that will sit all year in a corner collecting dust.

Tech you know nothing about

Although we have mentioned how much your husband loves gadgets and tools, the ultimate fact is you have no idea how to pick the gadgets or tools that will appeal to him. Unless you are sure that we will love the item you are about to gift, save him the hassle and just give him a gift card instead that he can use to buy something he likes.

Now, we think you are prepared enough to take the giant leap and pick the right birthday gift for your husband.

Top 7 Birthday Gifts That Every Husband Loves

1. Personalized Mobile Cover

Personalized Mobile Cover
Personalized Mobile Cover



Smartphones are inseparable parts of our lives now. Your husband uses his phone for scheduling his day, catching up with clients, watching sports, keeping in touch with you and a lot more. Protective phone covers always accompany to keep them safe. What can be a better way to remind him of your love and care than a personalized mobile cover?

If you don’t want to come out as too possessive (pun intended), you can choose his favourite picture for the cover and make a thoughtful gift.

Print Venue is the best place to order personalized printed mobile covers online. Just visit the site, pick the mobile cover according to brand and model number, upload pics and you are done. The personalized mobile cover will be home delivered.

Price: Starting from INR 299

Preference-Every 8 wives out of 10 prefer to gift their husbands personalized mobile covers

Seller-Print Venue


2. Lemo HD12 Men’s Hand-Wooden Phone Docking Station

Lemo Docking Station
Lemo Docking Station



Husbands can be categorized into two classes-The organized ones (rare) who follow military discipline in their life to keep things organized and the forgetters (most common) who never can find things they need on time.

The Lemo hand-wooden phone docking station is a gift that will be appreciated by both the classes equally. It’s not just a docking station but a complete platform to keep his phone, keys, glasses, wallets and pens. This birthday help your husband get more organized and take away his morning frustrations when he plays seek-and-find every day to find his items before leaving the house. We know you have tried to keep his stuff organized but he finds a way to misplace everything. The Lemo HD12 Men’s Hand-Wooden Phone Docking Station will change the scene for better.

Price-INR 2499

Preference-Every 9 out of 10 women agreed that the Lemo HD12 Men’s Hand-Wooden Phone Docking Station help their husbands get organized.


3. VIP Blue Travel Kit

VIP Travel Kit
VIP Travel Kit



Husbands who are a traveller won’t be amused as much with the gifts they can keep at home compared to ones they can take with them on an adventure.

What does your hubby need more than anything else when travelling?

His shaving kit and toiletries. If your husband frequently travels because of work, this makes a perfect gift for him. VIP Blue travel kit is an amazing choice to gift your husband which is utilitarian yet stylish. And yes, don’t forget to fit in the kit with a razor, blades, shave cream and post-shave balm to make it pretty exquisite for your husband.

You know how disorganized traveller men are. With VIP Blue travel kit you are going to make his life as a traveller a lot easier and convenient.

Price-INR 599


Preference-Every 9 out of 10 husbands loved to receive VIP Blue Travel Kit.


4. JBL Charge 3 Portable Speaker

JBL Portable Speaker
JBL Portable Speaker


Perfect for a husband who is a bathroom singer at heart, one who loves hosting parties and the one who loves tailgating. A portable speaker is a gift most husbands will never expect from their wives. If he has a penchant for music and beats, you sure are gonna knock his socks off with the JBL Charge 3 portable speaker.

Packed with amazing sound quality, distortion-free tech and too loud for its size ability, your husband will definitely appreciate this JBL portable speaker. The Charge 3 is a Bluetooth speaker so he never has to carry a player with him, whenever he wants to set the strings loose, all he has to do is to take out his phone connect to JBL Charge 3 and blast the music. Durable, fully waterproof and distortion-free music, what else he needs?

Bonus tip-Check out our Top 7 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers guide to know more

Price-INR 10,490


Preference-Every 10 out of 10 husbands loved the JBL Charge 3 Portable Speaker as a birthday gift.


5. BonZeal Skull Head Decanter

Bonzeal Head Decanter
Bonzeal Head Decanter


If your husband is a classy man who loves his whiskey as much as you love your strawberry ice cream, then he will love this unique, glass skull decanter. Remember, you are trying to gift him something that is thoughtful and fun. What can be more fun, stylish and decorative for your husband than a 550ML BonZeaL Skull Head Decanter for his home bar?

Available on Amazon, this decanter is a no run-of-the-mill product but is a hand-crafted artefact that will add suave sophistication to the room he puts it in.

Price-INR 799


Preference-Every 6 wives out of 10 agreed that their husbands loved the BonZeaL Skull Head Decanter.


6. Decathlon Putting Mat with Ball Return

Decathlon Putting Mat
Decathlon Putting Mat


Let your man practice his golf swings at home with a Putting Mat. If you have married a gentleman who loves his clubs more than his cricket bat, there is no better way to let him know that you know him well. Give him a birthday gift that helps him perfect his strike and line at home.

The Decathlon Putting Mat with ball return is designed for golfers and offers two ball speeds, two hole sizes and a ball return system. There is everything in this putting mat from the ease of learning with 2 rolling speeds to impact protection that protects the floor from scratches and noise and is easy to use.

Although we have to warn you, once you gift him this product, he might never put his putter down.

Price-INR 3299


Preference-Every 7 out of 10 wives were amazed how much their husbands loved the Decathlon Putting mat with ball return.

7. Philips MG3730/15 Multi Grooming Set

Philips Grooming Set
Philips Grooming Set


Do you know what Ranvir Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan have in common? Nothing (except the fact they all are Bollywood actors). They all have their unique styles. We are providing this analogy to let you know from time to time your hubby wants to try something different with his hair and beard.

Whether you appreciate his new look or not, but on his birthday, you can gift him a tool to ease his makeover adventures. Philips MG3730/15 Multi Grooming Set makes a perfect gift for husbands. A complete set of heads, self-sharpening blades and eight additional tools, this is a perfect grooming kit. He will no longer have to struggle with a shaver and foam to maintain his stubble, beard or hair. This portable grooming kit is all he needs.

Price-INR 2599


Preference-Every 9 out of 10 hubbies loved Philips MG3730/15 Multi Grooming Set as a birthday gift


Husbands are the stronger half of the relationship who are considered to be independent and nurturing individuals. Knowing your husband like back of your hand is not enough, you have to show him that you care and understand him. A perfect birthday gift says a lot about how much thought and effort you put into your relationship.

GreatBuyz has picked the best birthday gifts that your husband loves but never tells you. We hope you will be able to make his birthday special with these gifts. Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us his reaction on receiving the gift. It will also help the other wives struggling to find that ideal birthday gift for their husbands.