Buy The Best Cold Press Juicer: Top 5 Cold Press Juicers in India (2021)

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Fresh fruit juice is an excellent way to start your day, get kids on a nutritional diet, and avoid packaged juices with preservatives.

While juicers are excellent appliances, the centrifugal models we usually use when extracting juice produce a lot of foam causing a loss of valuable nutrients through oxidation.

What is a cold press juicer? 

A cold press juicer also called a masticating juicer offers a solution to extract juice at a lower speed and temperature, hence there is no oxidation.

These juicers are available in two models: Vertical Masticating Juicer and Horizontal Masticating Juicer. Vertical models are more compact, making them suitable for kitchens while the horizontal juicers come with an additional juice function to produce juice from green leafy vegetables.

Why buy a cold press juicer? 

  • No oxidation: minimum exposure of the juices to the air
  • Maximum nutrition: cold-pressed juices have maximum nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes
  • Preserve nutritional value: as no heat is produced in cold press juicer, it retains the nutritive value of fruits and vegetables
  • Longer shelf life: cold-pressed juices can be stored for as long as 21 days in the refrigerator
  • Authentic taste: due to lower temperature there is no pasteurization of extracted juices and the taste and flavour remains intact

Best Cold Press Juicer in India 

Here are the top 5 cold press juicers to buy online in India:

1. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia Juicer


If you want dense fruit juices without any air bubbles, then you need to invest in Hestia Nutri-Max cold press juicer that prevents oxidation of any sort. With this juicer, you will always get fresh fruit juices.

Features: 100% BPA free, Ultem Plastic (spacecraft material) body, stainless steel 304-grade filters, high speed of 60 RPM motor, separate strainers for juices, smoothies, and frozen fruit gelatos.


  • Extracts maximum juice from the fruits
  • A big feeder tube can hold fruits like oranges and apples
  • 100% BPA free parts
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic parts make it difficult to handle robust fruits like amla
  • Operation is more cumbersome than other cold press juicers

Verdict: Hestia Nutri-Max is an exemplary cold press juicer which is why it enjoys over 1100 five-star ratings on Amazon. With no significant concerns raised by consumers, this is an excellent value for money juicer.


2. Kuvings Limited Edition Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Juicer


This limited edition Kuvings Cold Press Juicer is offered in a pearl white colour body with a lean body to occupy the least space in the kitchen. With this cold press juicer, you can extract the last drop of juice from fruits and vegetables and nut milk from almonds, coconut, and other dry fruits.

You can use this juicer for smoothies and ice cream as well. However, the patented cleaning technology is the USP of Kuvings cold press juicer.

Features: B1700 high food-grade plastic, 76mm large feeder, safety lock, and high-quality ULTEM auger and strainer.


  • Limited Pearl White edition
  • High-quality food-grade plastic body
  • Automated cleaning system for ease


  • Little expensive cold press juicer
  • Heavier than other juicers

Verdict: Kuvings Limited Edition Professional Cold Press Juicer enjoys over 2300 five-star ratings on Amazon and offers no-cost EMI, what else would you want?

3. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Panasonic Juicer



Panasonic is a name to live by, and in most kitchens, you will find a piece of equipment from the brand. Panasonic MJ-L500 is the best cold press juicer in India because of its slow extraction technology. It takes time to extract the last drop of juice, taste, and nutrition from fruits and vegetables. Operating at low temperature, it ensures healthy and natural juicing.

Features: Slow compression system, anti-drip cap, heavy-duty plastic body, low-speed squeezing auger, and heavy-duty motor.


  • Heavy-duty slow cold press juicer
  • Reverse operation facility to prepare jams
  • Easy to operate
  • Works for all fruits and vegetables


  • No dry pulp as the gap between the auger and the juicing vessel is higher

Verdict: Panasonic MJ-L500 is an excellent slow cold press juicer that works with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. This cold press juicer enjoys 4-star ratings from over 130 reviews on Amazon.

4. Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Usha Juicer


 Another best cold press juicer in India, Usha Nutripress (362F) maintains the natural taste and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, which is not possible with grinding juicers. It is a low-temperature cold press juicer with silent operation. There are two jars included, a pulp container and a juice container.

Features: Silent operation, detachable parts, BPA free plastic body and auger, three strainers, fine, coarse, and dessert filters included.


  • Best cold press technology ensures maximum juice extraction
  • Detachable parts make cleaning easier
  • Wide mouth to insert uncut fruits and vegetables
  • Silent operation


  • A repressing of pulp is required to extract 100% juice
  • Attachments require more cleaning

Verdict: A handy cold press juicer India, Usha Nutripress (362F) is for every kitchen. Apart from the reputed brand name, it has thumbs up from over 100 customers who left it a four-star rating on Amazon.

5. Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer

Havels Juicer


Havells cold press slow juicer is easy to use appliance, which is not only aesthetical but also mess-free. Powered by a heavy-duty motor, this cold press juicer can handle even the hardest of fruits and vegetables. It uses a patented slow squeeze technology that mimics the extraction of juice by hand.

Features: Stainless steel body, ABS material plastic parts, 47 rpm motor, built-in strainer, unique safety lock, complimentary Tritan Material Smoothies maker, and electronic touch controls.


  • Powerful motor extracts 100% juice from fruits and vegetables
  • Profoundly silent operation
  • Produces thick syrup with very little wastage


  • Doesn’t work oranges and sugarcane

Verdict: Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer is a made in India product that gives competition to the toughest cold press juicers. Maybe if it was able to squeeze oranges it might be rated better than 3 stars on Amazon, still, it’s a worthy buy.


Do not compromise with your health; get maximum nutrition from the fruit and vegetable juices with the best cold press juicer. We hope the above listed top 5 cold press juicers in India will meet the requirement of every kitchen.