Guide To Choose The Right Upholstered Bed- Why Is It Crucial to Buy The Right Mattress

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Good night’s sleep is more precious than any other comfort. A sound sleep not only relaxes your muscles, destresses the brain and rejuvenates your energy, it also strengthens long-term memory. Our brain collects both wanted and unwanted information during the day and makes connections between them. However, the unwanted information can overload your brain, it is during the sleep hours that your brain sorts the required information and stores it in memory while the non-essential details fade away.

Not getting proper sleep at night also affects your cognitive thinking. It is proven by science that not getting adequate sleep for 14 nights can result in poor neurobehavioral activity execution resulting in short-term memory and attention deterioration. You are also less likely to come up with creative and innovative ideas when your brain is tired due to disturbed sleeping pattern.

For a sound sleep, we need a bed but not just any will do, a bed that is comfortable, reclined with our body requirements and is spacious. The best choice can be an upholstered bed that is known for its warm and cozy and relaxing platform. That being said, markets are flooded with many kinds of upholstered beds and to pick the ideal style you have to look closely at some of the defining features. But, before we discuss that, let’s understand if an upholstered bed is the right choice for you.

Is an Upholstered Bed Right for You?

While there is no arguing the fact that upholstered beds are a major comfort and style provider, it is also true that they are difficult to clean and are high-maintenance. This is why before you jump to the conclusion whether you need an upholstered bed or not, answer these questions.

How’s your sleep routine?

We all have different sleeping routines, some of us love to read in bed before dozing off, while there are some who binge watch TV before going to bed. An upholstered bed is provided with a large headboard that is perfectly cushioned to support your back and give a cozy feeling.

However, if your bedroom gets warm and humid in the evening, then an upholstered bed is not the right choice as the absorbent fabric used will cause excessive sweating. This is why you need to consider your sleeping routine and lifestyle before you buy your bed.

Are you ready for hard work?  

An upholstered bed is a comfort at a cost. These beds are covered with fabric so they are prone to dents and impressions. This is why it is recommended to clean upholstered beds at least once a week with a handheld vacuum to keep it dust-free.

If you read in bed, you have to deal with grease spots on the headboard. When you lean your head against the headboard the fabric will pick up the grease. The solution is to clean the spots daily, but that can be a lot of upkeep for some. You can consider metal or wood frame instead of fabric if you are not ready for that hard work. You will have same problem with mattresses. But we have a resourceful guide on How to protect your pillows and mattresses from getting spoiled.

Do you have pets?

Pet owners are often advised not to buy upholstered beds. The fabric will attract hair from your pets that will most likely be stuck to the bed not to mention the chances of your pet tearing the fabric. But if you still insist on owning an upholstered bed with pets around, go for a microfiber option which is easiest to clean.

Are you allergic to dust?

People with dust allergy have to consider the upholstered bed carefully. If you leave the bed unattended the fabric is going to have dust all over it that will attract dust mites. This can cause irritation in children and adults with allergies. Therefore, you need to careful, especially if you considering upholstered bed for your kids’ room.

There are options to choose upholstered beds with “performance fabric”, leather and tightly woven textile that prevent dust from penetrating deep.

Do you have a small bedroom?

Upholstered beds come in all style and sizes, but often their thick padding takes up a lot of space as compared to metal or wooden frames. For small bedrooms, an upholstered bed is not advisable, but still, if you must choose one for a small bedroom, pick an upholstered bed with white or grey fabric to minimize visual limit.

Do you want a stylish bed?

For people who want their beds to be versatile and look for a particular color, upholstered beds offer many choices. These beds are available in diverse hues. Whether you want to add sparkle to a dull bedroom or need a bed that perfectly fits in your bedroom’s calming atmosphere, upholstered beds are perfect.

An upholstered bed is more like an art piece for your room that softens linear angles in the room and adds more colors.

Are you trying to make a statement?

From swooping sleighs to versatile platform styles to winged headboards, upholstered beds are a centre of attraction in any bedroom. If you are trying to make your bedroom tailored and sophisticated, an upholstered bed is a must.

Do not get swayed by advertisements and offers, just answer the questions above and you will be able to narrow down to the ideal upholstered bed that is made for you.

But we are not done yet, a night of relaxing and heavenly sleep is not just having a good bed, it is also about choosing the right mattress. Your sleep gets a lot more enjoyable and comforting when the upholstered bed is accompanied by a mattress that is a right fit for your body type.

Choosing the right mattress for your body type

Often, people do not give mattresses much thought before buying. Remember that your body will be lying on that mattress for the entire night and it is mandatory that it feels relaxed.

We don’t have to tell you how terrible the side effects can be if you are not sleeping right at night. When you sleep on the right kind of mattress that supports your body, your knotted muscles get a chance to relax. Your muscles are under continuous stress from sitting in the chair at work and sleeping time is when they get to relax. Not only the muscles, but your brain also gets to release from the stress and your body gets to rejuvenate the energy it lost the entire day. A good night’s sleep gets you ready for the next day.

Role of a good mattress for your sleep

A mattress that suits your body type is a blessing that lets you sleep like a baby and wake up every morning happy, content and filled with energy. On the other hand, an inappropriate mattress can throw your body into discomfort; leaving it tossing and turning on the bed and you will wake up in morning sleep deprived and exhausted.

Why go through all the troubles when you can easily avoid them by choosing the right kind of mattress? There are several types of mattresses designed for specific purposes. Let’s check out:


Orthopaedic Mattress

At present times, these mattresses are most in demand. These mattresses are designed to provide firm support to the back and are firmer than other mattresses. Designed to be ergonomic and support shoulders and spine, these mattresses help in relaxing the pressure points in the body and improve spine alignment. Those suffering from pain in shoulders, back or spine are recommended to use orthopaedic mattresses. Also, the foam used in these mattresses is 100% rebound foam which implies no dents or impressions will be formed.

Best Mattress for People Suffering from Back Pain

Orthopaedic mattress is ideal for people suffering from back pain. These mattresses are made from high-density foam that has a medium to hard firmness level and that provides proper support to the spine. This keeps the spine aligned right and alleviates back pain. Find out more about best orthopaedic mattresses in India.


Spring Mattress

For an utmost comfortable sleep and a luxurious feel, you can invest in spring mattresses. Due to large spaces between the springs, these mattresses provide proper ventilation by avoiding body heat from accumulating. You can easily adjust the firmness level by altering the padding you use for these mattresses. There are two kinds of springs used in these mattresses-pocket springs and Bonnel springs. A mattress with pocket springs has individual springs encases in separate pockets while a mattress with Bonnel springs has hourglass springs with their top and bottom connected to the adjacent coil. There are mainly three technologies employed for spring mattresses-continuous breathable technology, antimicrobial technology and unique support technology.


Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses evenly distribute body weight that helps with the blood flow. These mattresses provide a cushiony feel with a slight firmness. Lightweight and economical, some of these mattresses have PU foam that has an open cell structure that does not allow body heat to get trapped.

It is important that you choose the right mattress brand when buying a product. We have handpicked the best mattress brands in India for you.


Best Mattress for Lightweight Sleepers & Heavyweight Sleepers

Your body weight is an important factor to consider when buying an ideal mattress. Lightweight sleepers have different requirements from heavy sleepers when it comes to a relaxing sleep. Such people should always choose a mattress with softer firmness but the right design to support your body. Sleeping on a too soft mattress for long can affect your spine’s shape and alignment; causing back pain.

Heavyweight sleepers have different pressure points and they put a lot of pressure on the mattress. A mattress with soft firmness level will cause their head, buttocks and shoulders to sink in causing pain. Such people should choose a mattress with medium firmness level. Pick a mattress with a height of 8-inches or higher.

GreatBuyz guide on upholstered beds and mattresses is all about empowering its readers to choose products that aide their sleep. If you have any suggestions to make please leave in comments.

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