Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Decoration and Celebration Ideas for Schools With Fun Activities & Games

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Children love Christmas! And they associate it with a lot of fun, parties, gifts, decorations and activities.

Take this opportunity to have the kids, whatever their age be, have some fun and learn something new in the process.

Here are some new and innovative ideas to celebrate Christmas in schools and preschools.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Schools

Colour theme


Color Theme of Christmas
Color Theme Of Christmas



Red and white is the most commonly used colour theme for Christmas and there is nothing wrong with going with the flow.

But if you want something different, opt for a gold theme and add a touch of glam to your school decor.

And if you are a little too bold, add purple to the colour palette, just to create a bit of a change. Don’t forget the glitter, and the glam will definitely follow.

Just bring in a lot of glitter paper of the colour theme you choose and let the children create the decorations.

Even if each class creates something different, it will all come together if it’s the same colour theme.


Winter theme

Winter Decor On Christmas
Winter Decor On Christmas


Which kids doesn’t like snow and Christmas romances with snow beautifully! So, why not create a white Christmas scene and add a magical touch to the décor?

If you have glass or acrylic in the school or preschool, then this theme is the easiest to follow.

All you need to do is take a sponge and a bucket of white paint and create snow-like stamps on the partitions throughout the school. All together it will recreate the feeling of snowfall.

Add some layers of cotton at the entrance and paint the Christmas tree white. Use LED lights to add the required glow and see the décor become a super hit.

On Christmas eve, get the children to create their own Christmas decorations and add them to the tree.

Pre-schoolers can also make this adorable Santa Beard prop with cotton and have some fun! Click here.

You can also make artificial snow for the décor with wet tissue paper. See the tutorial for the same here.

Click here to check these decorative items for the winter theme Christmas décor.

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Pick a motif

Motif on Christmas
Motif On Christmas



Try something unique by creating patterns with the motifs of Christmas.

For example make different patterns with the snowflake pattern, or simply create a repeated pattern of the peppermint stick or santa hat on the walls, partitions etc.

Make a cut out of the same motif and create a life size prop and place it at the school entrance. Santa would be everywhere, but a life size mistletoe is sure to grab eyeballs.

You can assign a motif to each class or each floor of the school and see the entire school light up with personalised décor creations.

This stocking craft with lacing as the hero is also great for young kids. Click here.

If you choose star as the key motif, you can also get this string of LED lights with stars. Click here to checkout.


Sports Santa theme

Sporty Santa Theme
Sporty Santa Theme


Take a break from the cute Christmas decorations with Santa handing out fancily packed gifts out to kids and instead make Santa a role model.

Create decorations with Santa playing different sports like football, basketball, tennis or swimming. Kids will associate with it and love the change.


Decoration with a message

Santa Messages
Santa Messages



This is a great way to reinforce the values your school promotes, be it sustainability, eco friendliness, unity, cleanliness etc. in the minds of the students.

Fuse the chosen value into the décor, for example, for eco friendliness pick green as the key colour for the décor and say our Santa is green because our school believes in an eco-friendly lifestyle and use the colour through-out the décor.

Show Santa sweeping the floor to promote cleanliness or next to a waste segregation system to encourage segregating waste.

Decoration ideas for the school notice board

Notice Board Decoration Ideas
Notice Board Decoration Ideas


The school might be shut for Christmas vacations, but the notice board is always open and happy to attract attention. So this year, might as well dress it up fancily and spread the holiday cheer by decorating it with a fun theme. You can use any of the above themes to dress up the school notice board or you can opt for a Gingerbread House theme. Take cardboard and create a cut out of a tiny cottage and make each tile appear like a cookie. Use 3-d white paint for the frosting and little art collectables for the decoration. Use sand to replace cookie dust and let the creativity flow. Imagine how wonderful it would be for kids to come back to school to something so delicious looking!

Click here for ideas on making the gingerbread house notice board decoration



Christmas Celebration Ideas in School

Christmas pyjama party

Christmas Pyjama Party
Christmas Pyjama Party



This is a great idea to have a fun Christmas party, and you don’t need to wait till the night to have this one.

Plan a fun Christmas pyjama party for the kids with one minute games, light food and recreate a night look with glittery silver stars.

Keep the theme to be pyjamas and if possible encourage the parents to send the kids in Christmas themed jammies, or at least red coloured ones. Christmas carols, Santa and a well-lit Christmas tree is a must have!



Christmas Masquerade

Christmas Masquerade
Christmas Masquerade



Now wouldn’t these little darling look lovely in bow tie tuxedos and flairy gowns? Add an element of fun and surprise to the Christmas party in school by calling it a masquerade ball.

Keep the dress code formal and organise for some fun face masks. Get a tattoo artist to make tattoos for the kids and keep some fun games like break the pyramid and feed the Santa.

The evening will make for some fabulous pictures and gather memories of a lifetime. You can also have a fashion show and have Santa pick out the best dressed little man and lady!

Buy a bunch of masquerade masks here.

We love this tuxedo styled shirt for little men who like to be comfi. Click here to checkout.

And this pretty red dress for the little girls. Click here to checkout.

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Silly Santa theme party

Silly Santa
Silly Santa



Add a twist to your Christmas party in school by keeping the theme as funny Santa and ask everyone to dress up like Santa but add a funny twist to it.

It could be by wearing a colourful beard or by simply adding a pair of reflective aviators to the look. Ears could get oversized, eyebrows bushy or nose elongated.

Extend the theme on to the games and play messy games, invite a comedian and let silly be the mood of the evening. This theme might be better suited for older kids but it’s a lot of fun we assure you!

Kids will love these games click here to visit.

Here are some more silly Christmas games.


Plan a trip to a Snow Park

plan a trip
Plan A Trip



Skip the usual school party this year and instead do a bulk booking at a Snow Park if you have one in your city.

Artificial snow, igloos, Santa sleighs, fun rides and lots of photo ups will make this one of the best Christmas celebration your students could ask for.

There is Snow World in Mumbai, Snow City in Bengaluru and Ski India park in Delhi.

For Snow City click here.

If there is no snow park in your city, you could consider a water park too or any theme park. They do the décor, your students have the fun!


A trip to a senior citizen home

trip to a senior citizen home on Christmas
Trip To A Senior Citizen Home On Christmas

Christmas isn’t just about celebrating and making merry, its also about spending them with family and helping out the needy.

And there are a lot of elders who are living in old age homes without family to celebrate with.

Plan a trip to the orphanage with the kids and have them perform dances or play some games with them.

On the way to the orphanage explain to the children the relevance of doing good on Christmas. This might be the little push they need to become better human beings. Encourage them to make such traditions with their family too.

Its important the keep the spirit of Christmas alive amongst children and use this as an opportunity to teach them values that the festival promotes. Let the party begin!