10 Fun Christmas Party Games for Small and Large Office Groups

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~Leave those dancing shoes at home for its time to play some games this Christmas~

What is a party without games? Food, drinks, music and dance are most certainly a must have for any party.

Add games to the list and see the excitement and fun go up by 100 per cent! Especially so when it is an office party.

Now that Christmas is just round the corner, let us share with you some cool Christmas party games that can be played at your workplace, no matter how big or small is your team.

Games for Corporates or Large Groups

When the team is big, games are fun. And if you have an outdoor space, all the more better.

1. Tug of War

Tug of War game
Tug of War Game

Let the mighty win! But yes, make sure to clear the furniture around or opt for an open space if possible.

In a fish bowl, let people who want to participate put in their name on a chit of paper. Get two teams ready, a rope and a referee.

Resist the temptation to divide the teams as per the departments. We really do not want to compartmentalize people, right?

Having names picked up randomly for the teams is a much better idea.

To give it a Christmas touch, use a red and green painted rope or a bunch of massive ribbons intertwined.

Or put large bells in the bottom of the rope and ring in the fun!


2. Guess Who?

Guess Who Office Game
Guess Who?-Office Game

This is going to be fun. As soon as people start pouring in for the party, put a sticky note/post head on their back with a name of an actor or a politician, a cartoon character etc scribbled on it.

The name would be visible to others but not the person. So what others need to do is talk to that person as if they are talking to that character.

So in case its written MS Dhoni then whoever meets the person will talk about cricket, his last match, his little one who recently sung a song in Malayalam etc.

By the end of the day, let the one confident of figuring out who he/she is come up and name the character.

You can even choose to use cartoon characters from the Disney collection to give the whole atmosphere a magical vibe.

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3. Santa’s balloon poppers

Santa’s balloon poppers game
Santa’s Balloon Poppers Game


You may want to keep some ear plugs handy. Pop pop pop… the air is going to be filled with popping sounds all across.

Let loose all the balloons and each of the employees have to pop the balloons bringing it between their chest. It would be super fun!

Use red and green balloons for the Christmas touch.


4. Santa’s Treasure Hunt

Santa claus
Santa Claus


If you can, arrange for a detective cap for each with a colour dedicated to each team.

You can even ask them to carry the hat/cap of a specific colour if you are on a tight budget.

Hide a couple of Christmas related objects and let each team be sent on a mission to find the same with a list of clues.

These objects could include something as simple as a Santa hat to a reindeer, bells, stars, mistletoe, etc.

The team that manages to find every object first wins the game.

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5. Paintball

Paintball - play a game
Paintball – Play a Game


Find out the nearest location where you can have everyone play a game of paintball. It is super fun and a great team bonding exercise.

Split up the team by departments and pit them against each other.

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6. Spot the naughty Santa

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

This is an amazing game and apt for a small group. Make one chit for Santa, one for his helper and the rest stay blank.

Let everyone pick a chit, and the one who gets the Santa’s helper chit needs to declare his position.

Santa however can bring out his naughty streak, and keep mum and let the game begin.

Then Santa needs to wink and whoever he winks at has to declare out. The detective needs to spot Santa before the first half of the people fall out. Expect oodles and fun and laughter as you play this game.


7. Santa’s movie trivia

Quiz - Christmas Games
Quiz – Christmas Games

Narrow down on some famous movie lines/dialogues. Give each one a sheet of paper.

Once the dialogue is narrated, each one has to write down the name of the movie and the actor.

At the end, the one who has got the maximum responses right wins a prize.

If you think your crowd can manage it, stick to movies and dialogues that have a reference to Christmas.


8. Laughter Challenge

Laughter challenge
Laughter Challenge

No this one isn’t a stand up comedy activity.

Make everyone stand in a circle. One person begins laughing… Ho ho ho (just like santa!) and others have to just observe him laugh.

The person can crack jokes or anything after saying ho ho ho to make the crowd laugh.

The moment someone else begins laughing he is eliminated from the game.

So the last person left who manages to resist the temptation to laugh wins!

9. Sing a Song

Sing a Song Christmas party
Sing a Song Christmas Party

Christmas is a time for carols. You should most certainly play some to get into the Christmas party mood but then nothing like having a game of antakshari!

Divide yourselves into two teams and let the music and fun begin! Carry a few steel spoons, plates and glasses for the music.

If you want to make it funny, make it compulsory for every song to begin with Santa’s famous Ho Ho ho.

Give minus credits for those who miss out singing the song with Ho Ho Ho as the prefix.

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10. Picasso

Picasso - Draw Christmas tree and a Christmas bell

Let the hidden drawing talent come out! Blindfold each person and ask him or her to draw a Christmas tree and a Christmas bell.

You can use the office white board for this if there is one.

Or if you want everyone to play together, give them paper plates and ask them to put them on their head and draw.

Don’t forget to start the stop watch for the latter.

All of the above easy to implement games can add a dash of delight to the otherwise boring Christmas parties, isn’t it?