Valentine’s Day Gifts

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Boyfriend/Husband

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reason to let your better half know how much you love him and how much his presence makes a difference to your life.

And a gift, small or big, is a gesture of appreciation, something that is an expression of the love you feel for him.

While you let him plan a wonderful dinner or wait for your surprise to unfold, don’t forget to do your part – buy him a thoughtful gift he would love!

Here are some out-of-the-box, creative and fun Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband you could consider.

Beer Pressure T-shirt

Peer pressure is passé. The man in your life is probably blaming his misdoings now to beer pressure. And this T-shirt by Block 5 is a creative way to let him know that you totally get it. Don’t forget to follow this gifting ritual with a mug of chilled beer. Cheers!

Price: 449

Buy it here!

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Boxers from The Boxer Store 


A man is often known by the boxers he wears. And only you know how often that is!

Get him a pair or two of these funky boxers from The Boxer Store, and enjoy a good laugh. Chose the right slogan and see him use these boxers as messengers to you.

And trust us, whether you pick the one that says, “Its time for your Close up” or the one that says “Showtime”, both you and he are going to louve this gift!

Price: Rs 549

Check out the collection here!


Morphy Richards CoffeeMaker

Skip the lovy dovy variety of gifts floating in the market, and get creative with your thinking.

If your man loves his coffee, then the best gift you can give him is a coffee machine that is hassle-free and easy to use.

He’ll thank you every single day he drinks his freshly brewed coffee and of course it would be a lot of fun to have coffee dates indoors with no prying eyes, wont it?

Price: Rs 4,125

Buy it here!


Bikers pack

If your taste in guys is rugged, and his definition of fun means being outdoors, his first love being his bike, then this is a gift he will absolutely flip over.

The Bikers Pack by Ustraa by Happily Unmarried is a combo pack that contains an Ustraa face scrub that helps cleanse and repair skin from the roots and works beautifully on those who are thick skinned (pun intended!), and a Helmet Spray that deep cleanses the helmet from within.

While the former is useful to keep dryness, pimples, black and white heads away, the latter being anti-fungal, fights germs and ensures there is no helmet-smell in the helmet. What a thoughtful gift this is going to make!

Price: Rs 449

Buy it here!

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A subscription to RAW Pressery

If you really want to gift your man love something meaningful, give him a gift of good health with a cleansed digestive system and skin.

A subscription with RAW Pressery cold pressed juices delivered to his doorstep sorts out his diet 3 times a day, with these juices to be replaced with solid food.

Yes, its enough calorie intake, and its balanced with a mix of fruits and vegetables. In fact, its fabulous for weight management. Choose between a 1, 2 or 3 month subscription.

Buy the subscription here!


Skagen Smart Watch

He loves technology and you love style.

Combining innovative technology with classic design, this no-charge hybrid smartwatch by Skagen is a lovely gift for your boyfriend or husband for Valentines Day.

Its features include built-in activity tracking, filtered notifications, and automatic time and date adjustment.

He can snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music and more with the customizable Skagen link button on this watch and also track his everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, calories burned, etc besides monitoring his sleep duration and quality.

Compatible with most phones, this is a perfect gift for the smartest man of your life!

Price: 15,495

Buy it here!

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Party Lights

If he likes to party, and he likes to do it in style, get him this LED Rotating Magic Ball Lamp and bring his party scenes to life, much to his pleasure.

Equipped with a remote control, this lamp by Light In The Box is portable and easy to install, lightweight and perfect for house parties.

Price: Rs 428

Buy it here!

Beer and wine soap  

Beer and baths go really well and if you get him this shampoo by Park Avenue that smells like beer, and is packaged like a pint, he is going to love it!

Imagine him rinsing his hair with this shampoo while prepping to go to work, what an energy boaster! Here’s to motivation like this!

Price: Rs 175

Buy it here!

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If your man has a wild streak in him, and he likes to observe nature in its natural habitat, take trips to the jungle, spot animals, birds, etc, then a good pair of binoculars is something he will definitely appreciate.

Check out this set, available at Decathlon online as well at their offline stores. Its compact and has superior image quality even in low light conditions.

Price: Rs 8,999 onward

Buy it here!

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Bangood Touchscreen gloves

These gloves from Bangood are stylish and practical, and allow one to use their smart phones while wearing them. A biggg plus we’d say.

So no more excuses when he doesn’t reply to your texts <wink wink>.

Price: Rs 647

Buy them here!

Enjoy your day with your loved one, and don’t let only the gift do the talking. Couple it with quality time spent at a good restaurant, or plan a spa date or even a getaway.

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