Cute Ideas To Make Your Man Feel Extra Special On Valentine’s Day

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Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or tenth or fiftieth, there is absolutely no reason to lose out on the chance to make your partner feel special.

Small gestures, some surprises, sweet talk, cute gifts, creative ways to celebrate and the effort to spend quality time together are sure to be loved by the man of your life, whether he is your boyfriend, husband or in between!

Here are some creative ways you can make your man feel special this Valentines. We’ve tried hard to restrict it to cute ideas, and not make it cheesy! Hope you like them.

Cute Valentines Day Ideas for Him

 1. New born baby treatment

Valentines Day gifts - New born baby treatment
Baby Treatment

Aren’t babies the luckiest ever? They get everything new, and they get pampered crazy.

Mummy’s dance on their little fingers, and their wish is your command.

How about you treat your man like a new born baby, let him sleep for as long as he likes, do what he wants, give him everything new, from a toothbrush, to a comb, to undergarments, towels, etc, all smelling good.

Make him his favourite comfort food, play light music, and make him some cute small toys or things he can use like a mobile phone stand. He will love it.

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2. Light up his life

Light up decorating the room with LED Balloons
Decorating Room With LED Balloons



Let him know how he lights up your life by decorating the room with LED Balloons that float up to the ceiling.

Tie them with plastic ribbons hanging down, and get prints of photos of both of you together, and attach them to the ends of the ribbons. The room will look stunning, and he is sure to be floored by the gesture.

He’ll love coming home to this room full of love.

Check out LED balloon decorations here.


3. Make him a scrapbook

valentine-special scrapbook



Bring out all your photographs since the day you met him to up to date.

All the celebrations, special memories, trips and everything that you have done together.

Take prints of the best photographs and make a scrapbook with meaningful words for each page.

The more you DIY, the more personal the gift will look and feel. However, if time is a constraint, then you can consider outsourcing it.

Here  is an option for getting an explosion box scrapbook made

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4. Breakfast in bed

valentines day breakfast
Heart Breakfast



Right in the middle of the week, it might not be practical to plan an elaborate celebration for your man, but a cute Valentine’s Day breakfast is something that you can easily prepare to make him feel special.

Use your best friends – strawberries and make him a little healthy fruit prep, use your heart cookie cutters to cut bread, cheese, eggs and don’t forget to use red peppers and cherry tomatoes for finishing touches.

Serve it to him in bed, with some roses and a cute handmade greeting card and voila! You have a happy man!

Here are some Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas you can take inspiration from:


5. Treasure hunt

valentines day Treasure hunt
Treasure Hunt


Plan a tiny treasure hunt for him to lead him to his gift.

Use little pink notes to write the clues, and use your thumb and some red paint to make little hearts on each card.

Let the clues be something about love, like your favourite place to have sex, where he keeps his date night essentials, your lingerie drawer, the bar where he keeps his favourite wines, etc.

Limit the clues to 5 or 6 and play along with him instead of leaving him to himself, trying to figure out the trail.

6. Get a tattoo

 Valentine’s Day - Get a tattoo for him

Won’t it be cute to have a tattoo with his name, initials or something you both love and enjoy together etched on to your body for life?

Reveal it to him on Valentine’s Day and see his face glow with happiness. Even better, get an appointment, and you both get it done together!


7. Make a note trail

Make a note trail
Note Trail



Write down sweet nothings on a piece of paper and tie them up on all things he uses on a daily bases.

His comb, his shower gel, his belt, his laptop, everything he will look for. It’s a cute way to make him feel special.

If you are facing a writer’s block, get some inspiration here.


8. Write him a poem

Valentine’s Day special Write him a poem for


Use the mighty pen and craft him a poem or a song.

Decorate it with handmade decorations and present it to him in a little box, decorated with pretty ribbons and little heart stickers.

The combination of the overdose of hearts and the heartfelt words of your poem is going to be loved!

9. I love you because

Make a jar and stick a label on it that days, I love you because and fill it up with chits that have cute reasons written on it.

See him smile as he opens each chit. The deeper the jar, the better it is!

Steal some inspiration for this idea from here


10. DIY ideas

DIY ideas
DIY Ideas

Nothing beats the cuteness quotient of something handmade.

So start thinking creatively and make him a chocolate bouquet with little heart shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil, fresh fruit pops with little notes at the end of the skewer, hand paint a pot with a sweet message on the lines of “Thank you for helping me grow/bloom” and put a flowering plant in it before you present it to him, or watch this video to make him a heart shaped soap.

PS: For a shortcut, you can even remould your existing soap and add the colour of your choice.


Cute & Creative Gift Ideas for Men on Valentines Day

1. Things I’d do just for you book

Things I’d do just for you book
Things For You Book



He means the world to you and there are things you do, and would do, only for him.

Illustrator Jack Sjogren celebrates this genuine, under-celebrated emotion with moments we would happily endure for someone special.

This book is cute and humorous in equal parts and perfectly channels the boundless generosity we feel for our BFFs, making it a charming and eclectic look at unconditional affection in the modern age.

Buy it  here

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2. Matching growing old together t-shirts

growing old matching couples valentines day tees
Together T-Shirts



Get these beautiful black t-shirts from BonOrganic that read “Lets grow old together” for yourself and your boyfriend.

They are cute, comfi and perfect for pictures!


3. Beer chilling coaster set

Beer chilling coaster set
Beer Chilling Coaster Set


If you want something that is cute but not clichéd? Get him these beer coasters that also keeps the beer chilled.

Because, Love is, caring that his beer stays chilled.

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4. Chocolaty Romance hamper

Valentines Day Chocolaty Romance hamper
Chocolaty Hamper



Surprise your partner with this cute gift box that is loaded with love. It contains a bunch of red roses arranged in a designer glass vase shaped like a wine glass, a bar of chocolate in a specially designed wrapper and a luxury candle to create a scene dipped in love for the evening.

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And just as important as the gift, is its wrapping. You must wrap it with love and creativity.

Here  is a simple Valentine’s Day gift wrapping idea you could use.

Enjoy the occasion, and make memories that will last you for years to come.