11 Fun Diwali Activities and Games for Kids & Preschoolers

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Diwali time is family time! Where elders of the family get busy chatting with each other or playing cards, children are left to mend on their own.

This Diwali make sure to make all the kids coming to your house feel special. Plan out a few fun activities and games for them least they feel left out during the festivities.

We have narrowed down on a few fun activities and games that can be easily planned and executed for kids to enjoy to their fullest.


1. Making Ladoos

Besan laddoos

Get all the ingredients ready, preferably for besan ladoos as they are easy to prepare.

If possible, prepare individual kits for the number of kids expected. Pre roast the besan and other ingredients and make a jaggery syrup.

Once they are all in, give them their own kit with besan, jaggery and raisins and a time frame to complete the task of making the ladoos. Add more fun to the task by asking them to make them as round as possible.

Watch the kids getting their hands dipped in ghee, mixing the besan, adding the raisins and working their way towards getting you round ladoos!

But then no matter what shape they turn out to be, the activity is surely going to be a hit!

For a healthy besan ladoo recipe perfect for kids, click here



2. Diwali DIY Crafting Kit

diwali card

Get a DIY kit in place to make a Diwali card which the child has to gift to anyone they wish to (from all those who are present that evening).

In the kit include art sheets, coloured papers, crystal stickers, colours, glue, googly eyes etc. The idea is to unleash their creativity and get them engaged in an activity that they can gift to someone who is indeed special to them.

If you don’t have the time to put together a kit, get one ready here


3. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt

Make this game all the more interesting by giving the children a personalized badge with a prefix stating – Detective _____.

Give them a hat, gloves and a magnifying glass as well. And let the treasure be something that the winner can share with the other kids like say a pack of balloons or a pack of chocolates.



4. Dumb Charades


This is one of the most cherished games for adults and children alike.

Little children may not really understand it much so we suggest let this game involve adults and children and instead of movie names, you can perhaps have options for nursery rhymes if the children are all below 6.

For little older children, it would be ideal to play the game with guessing of the name of the family member. It would be fun to watch them imitate elders, isn’t it?



5. Decorating the Diyas

Decorating the Diyas

This is a perfect activity that is in tune with the festivities. Again, here you can prepare each individual kits for the number of children expected.

A set of two diyas, a few paints and a lot of embellishments and glue! Kids are sure to enjoy this activity. Make sure to get an apron for each and a mat too as it is going to get a bit messy.

Once the kids are done with their diyas, put them in a gift bag along with some goodies and let them take them home. They would be happy to have them lighted the next day once they are dry.

The Fevicryl Sunflower paints are ideal for painting diyas since they dry quickly and are washable.

Get them here


6. Story Time

Story Time

If any of the elders present are good story tellers, plan in advance the stories that can be told to the children. Let there be a message in the stories being told.

You can even hire professional story tellers. They know the tricks of the trade too well to entertain and engage children the way they should when a story is being told.

If possible, check with them if they can carry some DIY activities related to the stories being told that the kids can engage in later. It just adds to the fun.

Little Readers Nook are an organization that have trained professionals who conduct storytelling classes for kids of all ages.

You can check them out here and probably have them come over for the session.


7. Rangoli Drawing Activity


This again is a fun activity that kids would simply love! And to make it more creative give them flowers or grains to work on instead of colours. That way, the mess will be under control and they wont end up spoiling their festive clothes.

Allocate a space to each one and make the activity all the more fun by having a special gift for each kid irrespective of the way they end up designing their rangoli.


8. Play Dough Rangoli

This is another interesting way to add to the festive fun! Give each one of them a play dough kit and ask them to make a rangoli out of it. You may want to show them an example.

Let them know they can take the kit to add to their delight. You can give them some sequences/embellishments too to decorate their play dough rangoli.

Buy a mini fun pack of playdough here


9. Movie Time!


Arrange for some popcorn and sandwiches and nimboo pani. Give them a room to themselves. Create a movie like atmosphere in the room with curtains closed and dim lighting.

If you can dedicate two rooms, all the more better – one for girls and one for the boys. You know how girls like their princesses and boys their super characters.

You really do not want to mess up the evening with making them watch something that neither of them wouldn’t enjoy.

Get this mini popcorn maker here to add to the fun and ensure an ongoing supply of fresh popcorn

Don’t forget to use the Flipkart coupon on GreatBuyz while buying this Popcorn maker.



10. IDiwali book

idiwali book

This one is a perfect choice for keeping the kids busy and have them learn about the festival as well. An activity book created by an ex-teacher and a mother of twins, the book is full of colourful stickers to keep the little hands busy and includes activities like creating lanterns, decorating gift boxes, making greeting cards, etc. Each activity has a story to go with and helps the kids learn about the festival of lights, while engaging them innovatively. Kids betwen the ages 3-8 are going to love it!

Buy one for each kid here

11. Ethnic Jewellery making

If you have a bunch of girls you need to entertain then this kit from Jaypore is sure to be a super hit!

It contains 64 assorted handmade beads from different parts of India, 1 necklace kit, 1 bracelet kit, 1 charms kit and 1 keychain kit complete with wires, hooks etc. and design ideas.

The kit also contains a story on each bead, so kids learn about the crafts! You wont know where the kids have been all weekend and at the end, they are sure to have a lovely surprise for their mommies!

Get it here

If planned and executed well, the activities mentioned above can leave the kids with a lovely memory to cherish.

We suggest, you to plan these activities along with the parents of all the kids expected just incase they may have some more interesting ideas to share.

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