Candle Decoration Ideas for Diwali – 10 Must Have Stunning Candles

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~Illuminate your home interiors with beautiful candles this Diwali~

Diwali, the festival of lights remains incomplete without diyas to illuminate the house, especially the entrance.

Where diyas are a must for Diwali, we are also witnessing a lot of people experimenting with candles to add a dash of glamour to the décor.

A candle placed at the right location, changes the entire ambiance. The scented candles make the festive mood within the house all the more alluring.

We have handpicked the top 10 candles that are a must have for you this Diwali.

1. Teakwood Lampshade Candle

Teakwood Lampshade Candle

Creativity has hit an all-time high with these beautifully designed candle in a shape of a lampshade.

Light the candle that is secured in a glass bottom resembling the bottom of a lamp and put on the cap which again resembles the shade of the lamp and let the flame add radiance to your décor at the same time making it fragrant.

It’s available in different fragrances and colours. Choose your pick but make sure not to pick up too many different fragrances in case you are planning to light them all up at the same time. A medley of fragrances may not be that good an idea.

You can check it out here!

2. Floraison White & Silver Embossed Candle

Floraison White & Silver Embossed Candle

The antique flora motifs of this hand-crafted candle looks stunning to the core! Beautifully designed, this pillar candle is made using imported wax and has a lustrous texture to it.

A set of these lit during festive evenings will surely add a spark of glamour to your Diwali home décor.

You can check it out here!


3. Rose Wax Candle

Rose Wax Candle

Anything that is said with flowers adds to the beauty of the message. And when a candle is made to resemble a rose, the result is simply stunning!

This gorgeous red rose candle will make your Diwali décor all the more beautiful. Place it in a set of two to add to its effect.


4. Blackberry Overseas Sparkle Candle

Blackberry Overseas Sparkle Candle

This set rustic pink sparkle candle is elegant yet looks extremely stylish and glamorous. The minute it is lit, the sparkles on the body create a beautiful sight just perfect to add to the mood of the festive season.

The beauty of these is accentuated during evenings and they are perfect to be placed on the dining table as you sit for a lovely Diwali dinner with your family.

You can check it out here!


5. Heart Ceramic Candle

Heart Ceramic Candle

Pick up a dozen of these and line them from the door to your living room space. They are sure to create a stunning sight. And because they come in a ceramic container, there is no issue of messing up the floor with drops of melting max.

You can check them out here.


6. Paisley Carmel Candle

Paisley Carmel Candle

This Paisley shaped candle that smells like caramel frosting is perfect to add a dash of sophistication to your Diwali home décor.

A hint of cinnamon and dark chocolate adds to its aroma magic that promises to last you for over five hours. It’s a good idea to light them when you are expecting guests at home.

It will certainly enliven and refresh the ambiance around. You can check it out here.


7. Moroccan Pink Glass Candle

Moroccan Glass Pink

This hand blown glass candle with a Moroccan decorative gold finish is sure to adorn and brighten your table setting this festive season. It is pleasantly fragranced with a refreshing citrus aroma that will add cheerfulness around the place it is lit in.

You can check it out here!


8. Glitter Gold Candle Large

Glitter Gold Candle Large

Just a couple of these candles around your living space and you are ready to welcome your guests at home this Diwali.

Beautiful and magnificently glamorous, these stunning, large pillar candles in gold glitter is all you need to illuminate your space around.

You can check it out here!


9. Orange Paisley Candle

Orange Paisley Candle

Add a traditional look to your living room with this bright orange cylindrical candle with traditional Indian paisley motifs in gold.

It is apt to be placed on your dinner table for a perfect Diwali dinner. We have chosen orange here but these are available in pink and blue as well.

You can check it out here!


10. Clarisse Triangle-Pattern Copper Gold Candles

Clarisse Triangle-Pattern Copper Gold Candles

These classic triangle-pattern candles with copper tone and geometric shapes look stunning when lit. Place them on a tray and with some flowers around and see its beauty add a magical touch to your Diwali home décor.

You can check it these out here!

Candles never fail to charm. This Diwali as you decide on picking up the diyas, make sure you also pick up a few candles.

If fancy candles are a no-no for you, you can opt for a few t-fight candles and allow them to float on a big bowl and throw in some rose and marigold petals to add to the enchanting effect.

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    Diwali is the festival of light and also home decoration and cleanliness matters during this festival, candle decoration ideas for Diwali is a most welcomed topic and all the ideas are really nice appreciate that.

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