Diwali Celebration Ideas

Diwali Celebration Ideas for Schools and Kindergarten Kids/Preschoolers

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We all look forward to the festival of Diwali every year with lots of excitement, and why shouldn’t we?

After all, its the festival of lights, and combines the opportunity to gorge on yummy mithais and other delicacies with the pleasure of exchanging gifts and spending some quality time with friends and family.

It’s that time of the year when we all want to take a break from our hectic schedule and make time for some revelry.

Children especially are very excited about the festival for the festivities and the traditions attached to it are indulgent.

They are excited about wearing new clothes, meeting their friends and relatives, and making memories.

However, festivals are not only meant for celebration. They are also an opportunity to educate kids about our culture and traditions.

And schools hold upon themselves the responsibility to educate them about the festivals by engaging them in fun activities.

Let’s look at some easy and fun Diwali activities which children at school and pre-school can become a part of.  Let’s find ways to recreate traditions along with learning the right way to celebrate Diwali.

Diwali Celebration Ideas for School Going Kids

1. Best out of waste Rangoli Making

Diwali Rangoli

A rangoli is about not only adding colour to a pattern or a shape, but also about adding brightness to our life. It paves the way for good luck and brings joy to our doors.

Everyone is familiar with making rangoli using colours, rice and flowers but we can provide a more creative edge to this art practice by using material which is either a waste or not in use.

For example: paper cups and plates, bangles, colourful sheets, buttons, CDs, bottle caps, marbles, stones and many more.

This would enable children to not only learn and indulge themselves in this fun task but also to inculcate a sense of eco-friendliness and sustainability in them.

Check out this link to see how you can make creative rangolis on old cds.


2. Decoration of Diyas

Diwali diyas

Diyas are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Diwali, right? They light up the dark Diwali night with their charm and beauty and spread radiance and positivity around.

Kids can always decorate these little bundles of luminosity with mirrors and paint them with the colours of their choice, but what would be even more interesting for them would be to make these diyas from scratch.

Schools can have a session on pottery, and teach children to make the diyas in the shape and design of their choice using clay.

They can then bake these and paint them, and have a lot of fun in the process. Alternately they can make wax diyas or mock paper diyas like the ones here


3. Poster Making competition

Diwali posters

On one hand Diwali is a festival of lights and joy but on the other hand, it poses a great threat to the environment with the bursting of crackers.

The ‘Say No To Crackers’ drive has been an active initiative in schools since many years, but still there is a need to reinforce it year after year.

To acknowledge the ill effects of crackers, students can design posters depicting the causes and consequences of bursting crackers with slogans advocating the same.

A small march with these posters can be organized around the school premises to spread the message and the most innovative poster can be awarded.

Here are some ideas for posters you could take inspiration from.


4. Sweet Preparation


No Indian festival is complete without varieties of sweets and a grand feast.

They play a major role in the performance of certain rituals and customs along with satisfying our taste buds.

To reinforce the tradition of making sweets during Diwali, one can have a cooking session in school.

Simple sweets like besan ke ladoo and coconut ladoo can be prepared by the kids.

If needed, one can invite parent volunteers to assist in this activity and the kids can enjoy making and sharing the sweets with their friends later.

Here is an easy recipe of besan ka ladoo you can use.

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5. Recycled Home Décor

Recycle crafts

Decorating your house is a much cherished tradition of celebrating Diwali.

For years we have been using decorative lights to light up our homes and slowly the effort taken for the decoration has become restricted to things available readily in shops.

Schools can break this spell of commercialization by encouraging children to make Diwali decorations at home.

Art teachers at school can teach kids to make artificial flowers, garlands, door hangings, torans and lanterns using colourful sheets of paper and other material like paper cups, paper roll tubes, old CDs, ribbons etc. to best serve the purpose.

Check out these innovative Diwali decoration art and craft ideas you could teach children.


6. Gift Wrapping workshop

Gift wrapping

Exchanging gifts is an age old practice on Diwali. Who doesn’t love gifts?

They bring a sense of excitement and surprise within you and most importantly, strengthen your familial ties.

Schools can organize gift wrapping workshops for kids so that kids are just as excited about giving as they are about receiving gifts.

Float a competition later for the best gift wrapping idea and see the kids come up with exciting ideas.


7. Diwali Mela

Diwali mela

Diwali is all about shopping for beautiful lights and decorations, food, fun and games.

And if there’s one place where you can experience it all much before the festival arrives, it a Diwali mela.

Diwali melas at school can prove to be a great learning experience for all the students while they enjoy the process of setting up different stalls which could include stalls for lights, diyas, food, games, greeting cards, handmade candles and jewellery, all prepared by the students themselves.

Make teams and make each team responsible for different roles, eg, managing the fair, decoration of the stalls, preparation, accounts, food counter, etc.

8. Mythological Play


Diwali play

The best way to make kids aware about the historical significance of Diwali as a festival is through the enactment of the mythological characters.

They can dress up as lord Ram, Hanuman, Goddess Sita, Ravana and all other important figures of the Ramayana.

This will give them a perfect insight into the past and will also lead to their cultural and moral conditioning.

Alternately, you can have a storytelling session with props and puppets and have a fun session that entertains while educates.



Diwali Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Kids

1. Candle Decoration
candle decoration

Along with diyas, candles too add up to the beauty of a Diwali night by illuminating our homes.

We cannot think of an easier craft project than to decorate the candles by the kids at preschool.

Using some ribbons, mirrors, stickers, designer tapes, etc, children with the assistance of their teachers can produce beautiful candles that can either be used at their own houses or in the school itself.

Here are some candle decoration ideas for preschoolers.


2. Fancy Dress

fancy dress

It is always a pleasure to see children dressed up as different characters, especially as Hindu deities.

Such events provide an amicable platform for them to showcase their hidden talents and express themselves with confidence. It also adds a religious fervor to the festive atmosphere.

You can rent or buy costumes for kids for characters such as Lord Arjun costume, Shri Krishna costume, etc from BookMyCostume here

3. Diwali Song and Dance

Diwali song and dance

Songs and rhymes are the most effective ways to embed a particular train of thought in a child’s mind.

To convey the significance and importance of Diwali, special assemblies can be organized that would have performances by kids on Diwali songs through rhymes and dance.

Here is a Diwali rhyme available on Youtube.


4. Clay Modelling

diya making

Playing with clay is always fun and so this activity can be used to create diyas by little kids.

It will not only make them feel crafty, but will also encourage them to make something they can use to decorate their home for Diwali.

All you need is a box of colourful playdough clay for the base lamp and a wac diya to be placed in it.

Use a pen refill to make artistic designs on it or get some stamping tools. It’s a super fun and very useful activity for kindergarten kids.

Check out the playdough diyas made by a toddler here.

5. Greeting Cards

Diwali greeting cards

Handmade Diwali cards have a unique appeal and charm, and if created by kids, then they are probably the best thing one could receive.

By using different stickers, sheets, colours, beads and markers, the little tots can engage in a great crafty venture allowing room for all kinds of innocent creativity and artistic pleasure.

Have the kids post these cards to their grandparents and see how thrilling the entire experience would be for them.

Check out some innovative Diwali greeting cards here

This Diwali let your kids explore the traditions of the most celebrated festival of the year with complete enthusiasm and zeal through these easy, small and fun loving activities.

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