Diwali celebration ideas

Diwali Celebration Ideas In Office – Creative Ideas for A Fun Corporate Diwali

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Diwali is one festival every employee looks forward to. Not just for the bonus and the holidays, but also because it’s a festival that brings in so much positivity amongst us.

Its imperative to celebrate the festival of lights in the place where we like to welcome Goddess Lakshmi the most.

Make the festival of Diwali a reason to set new targets, overcome the evils of work life and foster new friendships.

Diwali celebrations in office traditionally involved Laxmi puja followed by distribution of gifts and prasad.

You can add more value to the celebration by introducing some new and creative ways to celebrate the festival and make it an occasion to encourage employees to learn new skills, get to know their colleagues and have a little fun.

Here are some creative ideas to Diwali celebrations in office fun and memorable.

Sweet making workshop

Diwali sweets

How about doing a little workshop in your office for making Diwali sweets?

We have all become so busy in our lives that the tradition of making sweets at home has been long forgotten and instead sweet shops are doing crisp business during festival season.

Encourage your employees to participate in the sweet making workshop and make a family tradition of making Diwali sweets together.

To add more fun to the workshop, float a competition at the end of the workshop and ask participants to send photographs of them making the sweets with their families and publish the best photograph on the company Facebook page.


Diwali Party Games for Office

Diwali Quiz

Diwali quiz

Have a Diwali quiz in office where four teams compete on trivia related to the festival.

You can choose questions about the history of the festival, its significance in different religions and even about how different parts of India celebrate the festival. Some interesting questions here

Gift the winners an eco-friendly Diwali decoration kit, which they can use to add a festive touch to their home without harming the environment.

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Diwali Best Dressed Competition

Add a bit of fun to your Diwali celebration by floating a best pataka competition in office.

On the Diwali Pooja day, ask everyone to dress like a pataka in traditional outfits.

Select the 10 best dressed employees and have an impromptu fashion show in office. Let people vote for the biggest pataka and award them with a basket of noise-free fire crackers.

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One Minute Video Competition

Diwali video

Announce that this year everyone in the office must celebrate an eco-friendly and noise free Diwali.

Ask every department to make a 1 minute video on how they wish to make their Diwali eco-friendly.

Broadcast these videos at the time of the celebration and award the best video with the most innovative ideas.

Encourage the departments to make videos that are catchy, funny, and well produced. Once its on record, the employees would be more committed towards celebrating Diwali in a more eco-friendly way.

Diwali Themed Party

Diwali party

No celebration is complete without a party. Keep a theme Diwali party like Bollywood Diwali where everyone dresses up like Bollywood stars or keep a dress code like red and green or pastels and match the theme with the décor.

Flood the menu with traditional food and have a desi dessert counter complete with varieties of mithais.

Since most people like celebrating Diwali by playing cards, you can also organise for a cards party with different games like black jack, rummy, bridge, judgment, poker, etc.

If not cards, you can also plan some team games with the Diwali theme. Diwali musical chairs is a fun game, read about it here

Or check out this fun diwali game where people create artwork with paper plates on their head.

Movie with Employees & Their Families

Movie theater

Diwali is a festival of merriment, and employees would love it if you involve their families in the celebration.

You can plan to watch a movie and book an entire theatre for the occasion.

Invite all employees to come in with their families and make it an occasion to meet and greet their families while allowing them to enjoy quality time together.

Besides, if you book the entire theatre, you can also pull some strings to choose the convenient time, and maybe use the interval to plug in a greeting from the chairman.

Don’t forget to organise for a snack in a box and reserve the best seats for the bosses!

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Plan a boat party

Diwali boat party

If you have the sea around you, it might be a good time to take your employees for a boat party.

Plan a sundowner and let them enjoy a drink or two as the sun sets and the city lights up.

If you are in Mumbai, an evening boat party from the Gateway of India is a very refreshing experience and the view on the return with the city all lit up is sure to light up everyone’s spirits.

Don’t forget to hire a DJ because no party is complete without some music and dance.

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Plan a Bollywood Dance Workout

Bollywood dance in Diwali

Encourage your employees to stay fit and have fun while doing so. Plan this year’s Diwali celebration by pampering them with a Bollywood dance workout session.

Have the session team wise, or mix them all up. Put around 50 people in one room and let them sweat it out to Bollywood’s latest hits.

Plan a healthy meal post workout and end the session with a bunch of fun Diwali games. The employees will love it!

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Or find someone around your office to come over and train.

Firecracker awards

Firecracker awards in diwali

Announce nominations for firecracker awards and select participants under fun categories like the person with the most dhamakedar laugh, the atom bomb, the calm diva, the ladi bomb talker, the rocket salesman, etc.

Ask people to nominate and set a jury to select the winner.

Or simply choose the winners and have people guess the winners by giving them some clues. It will be a fun way to bring everyone together and have some fun.

Make a graffiti wall

Diwali graffitti wall

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Make a graffiti wall near the office entrance and have people paint it with their wishes artistically.

Let it become a part of the office décor and encourage them to fill it with energy, colour and positive vibes.

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Most importantly spread the message of celebrating new age Diwali by creating new age Diwali traditions that don’t harm the environment or your health!


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