Diwali Gifting Ideas for Kids – 10 Diwali Gifts Children Will Absolutely Adore

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A smile on the face of a child on receiving anything that is gift-wrapped is simply priceless! They don’t care whether you spent a fortune on it or picked it up from a roadside toy-shop.

All that matters to them is that you ‘gifted’ them something. With Diwali round the corner, it is needless to say that you would have to make a list of all the children to whom you need to send Diwali presents.

Chocolates are the best solution but then dig a bit deeper and you would know there are umpteen more. We enlist a few simple and fun Diwali gifting ideas for kids (both boys and girls) that you can pick up sitting at home.

1. Pull it Along

Pull it Along Toy

You know how little children are… they like having their favorite toys and other things with them all the time. This perfectly sized wagon available on Firstcry.com is ready to be taken along anywhere they go – from moving within the house to taking it to the park or the beach. The handle folds into the wagon for easy storage and easy travel.

 Price: Rs. 531

You can check it out here

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2. Beach Fun at Home

Beach Fun at Home

You will be thanked by the kiddo’s mom for this one! This sandy clay kit available at Hobby Ideas brings the fun of making sand castles indoors without any mess but with loads of fun! Its non-toxic and comes with 10 moulds.

Price: Rs. 480

You can check it out here.

3. Paper Craft

Paper Craft

This one is for kids who love their craft activities. Quilling has been the fancy of kids and adults alike. From making jewelry to wall décor, quilling is a fantastic way to play around with quilling strips and convert them into a piece of art.

Check out this amazing Festive Delight quilling set available at Hobby Ideas. A fantastic gifting option for a child to keep him/her engaged this festive season.

Price: Rs. 1499

You can check it out here


4. Little Einstein

Little Einstein - Activity Box for Kids

If you want to encourage kids to learn as they play and be engrossed in activities that help develop their brain over watching television or playing games on their tablets, then this is a fabulous choice.

An Einstein box is an activity box curated by experts. It is age specific and encourages kids to think and learn new things while being involved with activities like reading and creating something on their own.

It has a subscription based model so based on your budget, you can help them receive the activity box over a period of time too.

Price: Rs 499 for one month.

You can check it out here


5. Cushion Comfort

Winnie The Poo Cushion Cover

Kids love things they can call their own. How about gifting a cushion with a lovely cushion cover that has a picture of their favorite cartoon character?

Winnie the Pooh is probably one character that has won millions of hearts with its cuteness. Check this lovely cushion cover that you can pick up to gift the little one.

Price: Rs. 199

You can check it out here


6. Colouring Delight

Colouring Delight

Scribbling and colouring are two of the most cherished activities for children. A nice and attractive colouring set is a perfect option for gifting this Diwali.

Team it up with art sheets/drawing books to ensure they do not end up scribbling on the walls least you would want their parents to frown upon the choice of your gift!

Check this amazing looking colouring set on Amazon from Faber Castell.

Price: Rs. 250

You can check it out here

7. Gift a Plant

Gift a Plant

If you want to give a gift with a message, then this is perfect. Gardening inculcates a feeling of responsibility in children and that surely excites them! This Panda Fairy Garden Kit available on My Bageecha is super cute and is sure to amuse the kid!

Price: Rs.  649

You can check it out here


8. Freeze it with Frozen – For Girls

Freeze with Frozen - For Baby Girls

Frozen is a cult! The two sisters from the animated movie Frozen – Annah and Elsa have swept over little girls like crazy!

From a Frozen school bag to a Frozen bedsheet, Frozen merchandise is loved by every little girl. This simple and elegant diary with a lock is a lovely gifting option for Frozen fans.

Keep a note with it saying… When you think of something, write it down little princess and make sure to keep your keys safe. It is your treasure book! You are sure to delight the kid with this gift.

Price: Rs. 199

You can check it out here

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9. Trolley Luggage Bags

Trolley Bags for Kids

School holidays means going out! If not on an exotic holiday at least going and visiting grand parents. Gift the kid a trolley bag of his/her own.

It is simply a pleasure to see them pack their own stuff and pull the bag along without you having to worry about stuffing their things in your bag. Check this lovely trolley luggage bag on Firstcry.com

Price: Rs. 2656

You can check it out here


10. Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza

Kids love pizzas and kids love chocolates. How about combining the two! This amazing nuts and gems pizza will delight the little one endlessly. Don’t be surprised if you receive a call for another serving the next day!

Price: Rs. 599

You can check it out here


So now that you have the options all narrowed down for you, shopping for kids this Diwali wouldn’t be a challenge, isn’t it? Happy Shopping and Happy Gifting!

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