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Celebrating An Ecofriendly Ganesh Chaturthi This Ganpati Season

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Time to pledge our commitment towards the environment this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Its time for the Lord of the Lords – Lord Ganesha to arrive. The most powerful and the most merciful of all Gods needs some extra care and some extra attention.

It is only fair that we pamper him to the fullest and extend him a grand celebration. But make sure not to disappoint him with things he really wouldn’t want you to.

Wondering what we are talking about? If perhaps we could hear him talk, he would really want us to observe simplicity and ensure we do not harm or hurt the environment to impress him.

We’re sure he’ll love it if you be innovative and celebrate his arrival in an eco-friendly way. Here are some tips to make celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi in a more ecofriendly way:

1. Create or Buy Eco friendly Ganesh idols

eco exist ganesha

All our river bodies are terribly polluted. We really wouldn’t want our favorite God to be responsible to adding more to it, Right?

Let’s check options to have unbaked clay Ganesha this season. Or if you have time on your hands and are inclined towards innovation, get hold of coconut shells and make an idol using the same.

Use natural colours to decorate them or you can even make decorations at home from wheat flour dough or any other natural materials. The sky is the limit if you wish.

Check out post on 10 Ecofriendly Ganpati idols you can buy online this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Or you can learn to make an eco friendly clay Ganesha idol at home through the video below


And if you are ready to go that extra mile, take inspiration from this Ganesh idol made with vegetables and create something environment friendly and unique.

eco friendly vegetable ganesha

2. Eco Friendly Ganpati Decorations

Keep away from anything that is plastic unless you plan to use it year after year. If not, opt for paper or clay flowers. Make the backdrop of your pandal using paper. It looks spectacular as you have the choice to add colours to it. Check this video out below.

Here is a beautiful Ganpati backdrop created with paper and origami.

paper decoration

You can even buy eco-friendly makhar decoration here

If you are willing to take a little effort, you can use clay or terracotta pots and paint them to add a touch of colour, and then hang them. Something like below.


Check this decoration for a Ganpati mandap created using glass bottles.

Ganesha mandap made of Glass

Say a BIG no to the use of thermocol. It is not degradable and plus so difficult to dispose. Use cloth, paper or wood. Post the immersion, disposing these is easy and it genuinely feels nice to realize that the environment isn’t getting disturbed because of us.

3. Use Biodegradable Plates for Prasad

bio degradable plates

Now that you have got Lord Ganesh at home, you are sure to have people coming in to pay their visit and seek his blessings. Sending them off with Prasad is tradition and so is them carrying their offerings to the Lord. To do your bit towards ensuring that the tradition is followed without ignoring the environment, include a message in your invitation stating, “Our Ganesha loves nature and natural things.”

A subtle hint to let your guests know your inclination towards celebrating the festival in an ecofriendly way will go a long way. Do your bit by using paper or jute bags to distribute the Prasad yourself. Similarly, serve them snacks and drinks in biodegradable plates and glasses.

Check out biodegradable plates here.

4. Use Chemically Free Rangoli Colours

If we can use chemical free colours for holi, why not for Ganapati? Make use of natural colours for rangoli. Get innovative and make use of henna, turmeric and rice powder to create a stunning rangoli to welcome the Elephant God. Flowers and grains look equally stunning.

Check out this eco-friendly thali decoration for some inspiration

grain rangoli

5. Restrict Music To Reduce Noise Pollution

Music is good to our ears but only till its not a nuisance or disturbance to others. You really don’t want to cause an inconvenience to someone. Keep the volume in check. Do not get carried away. We are sure our Ganesha doesn’t really enjoy the dhinchak rowdy and senseless Bollywood music. The bhajans and shlokas are much better and create positivity around as well. Choose wisely.

6. Decompose wherever possible

All the flowers that you have used to decorate Ganeshji and during the aarti can be decomposed. This is a great time for you to take the lead in your society to have a decomposing pit if you don’t have one. Imagine you can produce natural decompose that can be used for your plants. The blessings on Ganesha will penetrate throughout your surroundings!

7. Eco Friendly Ganpati Visarjan

If you know a lot of homes around you welcome the Lord in your society, why don’t you take an initiative to create an artificial immersion tank for everyone to use? All the society members can come together and make use of this immersion tank. It is not only convenient but also helps the roads remain traffic free.

We have shared some practical solutions that you can put to use immediately. Do make sure to pray for peace and prosperity for all! Happy Ganesh Ustav! And if you are looking for some Ganesha inspired jewellery, check out our post here


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