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Educational/Learning Toys for Kids

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As a parent, one of the greatest joys of life is to see your kids learn and grow. Toys can be an engaging part of their growth journey, which is why you need to choose toys with care. Thoughtfully picked toys can promote vital skills in your child, helping their creative thinking, problem-solving, language and literacy, and reasoning capabilities. Several studies support the fact that interactive toys can boost the cognitive skills of your child and can also contribute to perform better in school.

The problem lies in the fact that there are millions of toys to choose from. Plus, the real challenge remains to choose toys that help your child’s development and remain interesting enough for the child as well. This striking balance between play and learn is what you need to know to pick the right educational toys for your kids.

How to Select Educational/Learning Toys For Kids

Pay attention to your child’s interests and abilities- A learning toy will only be able to contribute to the child’s development if he or she shows interest in playing with it. It’s easy to understand, for instance, if your little munchkin is interested in dinosaurs, so get them the toys that focus on prehistoric concepts.

Buy age-appropriate toys-While it’s helpful to keep the toys playful for kids but to make them educational, and you have to choose a toy that is challenging enough for them according to their age. By challenging, we don’t imply too difficult to irritate the child but to challenge their mind.

Open-ended toys are most suitable- Blocks, building bricks, and arts and craft toys are open-ended, meaning they can be used again and again in so many different ways. Such toys grow with your child. But the best thing about open-ended toys is how they encourage STEM (Science, technology, engineering, math) learning in kids. Children use their innovation to build things firsthand and learn through doing it on their own.

Choose toys with collaborative play- Socializing is becoming the single most important skill that kids can have in a society that is being isolated from Smartphones. Kids can use real human interaction, which is why toys that promote social skills must be chosen. Board games are the obvious choice here, but puzzles and experiment kits also make excellent options. These toys are not for toddlers but for adult kids who know how to share, take turns, and, most importantly, compromise. With such toys, they have the opportunity to learn how to work together and solve problems as a team.

Toys that spark the imagination- Pretend play is the most useful activity that sparks imagination and develops creativity in kids. Such toys also promote language and literacy skills in children as when they engage in pretend play; they learn new words and build vocabulary. For instance, the kitchen sets and dollhouses make ample home environments to take on different characters.

Toys that encourage the explore reality- To spark the natural curiosity and stimulate the desire to learn in kids, a set of binoculars or a bug catching kit is good. Such exploratory toys put kids on a path to infinite How and Why questions. Science toys are best for nurturing young minds, and who knows they might turn out to be next budding scientists.

The quality of toys- No doubt toys are inevitable for the personal, mental, and emotional growth of kids, but they can also pose health risks if not chosen wisely. Some toys are found to have heavy metals like mercury and arsenic in the paint, which can pose serious risk hazards for kids. Always buy toys from the best and reliable brands.

You don’t have to waste your time and energy on finding the best brands for learning toys for kids. We have already picked the best brands to buy educational toys online.


Best Brands To Buy Learning Toys

1. Fisher-Price

Fisher Price
Fisher Price


Founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher and Irving Price, today, Fisher-Price is counted among the top 10 toy manufacturing companies in the world. The company has introduced over 5000 different types of toys since its inception for toddlers and children above the age of 3. If you are looking for a brand for the best educational toys for your kids, then you will love Fisher-Price.


Fisher-Price Think and Learn Count and Add Math Centre

From the large assortment of toys offered, we picked Fisher-Price Think and Learn Match Centre. The best way to challenge the mathematical aptitude in kids over the age of 3; this toy teaches hands-on counting to kids. The magnetic pad on the toy allows kids to learn numbers by writing. No mess created!

2. Funskool (India) Ltd

A home-grown brand, Funskool, was established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, as a result of a joint venture between the Hasbro Inc and MRF Ltd. One of the biggest toy manufacturers in the country, Funskool products are not only popular in India but are exported to 8 countries around the world.

Funskool India Map Puzzles Learning Game (104 Pieces)



There is no better way to let kids learn about the world than a map. Designed for kids over the age of 6, the Funskool India map puzzle game helps them learn about states along with improving their colour and shape recognition, hand and eye coordination, motor skills, and general knowledge. The 104 pieces puzzle is also a lot of fun as a team game.


3. Lego

There is no one matching the calibre of one of the best builders and building block toys manufacturer in the world, Lego. The Danish toy company Lego has made its mark on the world with an extensive range of toys that are promoted through Lego movies too. The toy bricks are the most successful product from the brand because of its educational value. Today there are over 130 Lego retail stores in India.

Lego Classic Bricks and Ideas Building Set



The 123 pieces set designed by Lego is made to be useful for a large age group. Suitable for kids between the age of 6 to 12 years, the play and learn Lego bricks set lets your kid’s imagination run wild. They can create anything-Lego keyboard, train set, dinosaur, or anything they can imagine. This is a starter kit that is ideal for stimulating open-ended creative play.


4. Chicco

Chicco is an Italian toy manufacturer that is most popular for its baby toys, baby health, and hygiene products. In India, the brand is popular for its unmatched qualities of toddler toys.

Chicco Fit & Fun Fishing Island Playset

Chicco Slandr
Chicco Slandr


Let your kids playfully get into the real world with the Chicco Fit & Fun Island playset that lets them improve their motor skills and hand & eye coordination. The 25 inbuilt melodies and two electronic modes help kids learn words and sounds and identify shapes and colours. Suitable for kids of age 3, this Chicco educational toy is what you need to include in your kids’ list of toys.


5. Learning Resources

A brand entirely dedicated to providing the most innovative, hands-on educational products for kids that are trusted by teachers and parents, Learning Resources has a range of over 1100 learning toys to offer. Sold in over 80 countries, Learning Resources educational toys are suitable for preschool, kindergarten, primary, and middle school kids. The company sells toys under several brands such as Pretend & Play®, Gears! Gears! Gears!® and Primary Science.

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Set

Learning Resources
Learning Resources


If your child has a talent for creating mechanical forms, this is the ideal toy to stimulate the STEM learning skills further. Helping your child with critical thinking and problem-solving, this super building set with 150 pieces also hones fine motor skills in children. Helping to build confidence, perseverance, and self-esteem, it is an ideal toy for kids above the age of 4.

6. LeapFrog

Helping kids to expand their imagination and knowledge for over 20 years, LeapFrog is a leader in innovative educational toy manufacturing. It has the right learning toys to encourage your child’s curiosity and encourage them to learn through a developmental journey. Turn your kid’s playtime into quality time with proprietary learning tablets and unique developmental games.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop



A pretend laptop with letter, music, and games, the Leaptop from LeapFrog is made to make learning more fun and interesting for kids between the age of 2 and 4. This educational toy teaches children skills such as how to spell their names, send and receive pretend emails, and encourage letter recognition. It is just the right toy to introduce them to the digital world of gadgets that help them learn and grow.


7. Miss & Chief

A Flipkart private label, Miss & Chief, is an attempt by the eCommerce giant to cater to the needs of kids aged between 2 to 10 years. Ranging from toys to apparel, there’s a whole range of products on the offer. In the educational toys segment, Miss & Chief offers a wide range of STEM toys that include remote control cars, musicals, and educational toys.

Miss & Chief Wooden 2 in 1 Multifunctional Digital Computing Learning-Educational Box Set

Miss & Chief
Miss & Chief


What can be more educational for kids over the age of 2 than a colourful block set with 70 wooden numerical square blocks, 100 colourful wooden sticks, a pack of chalks, 2 in 1 wooden board, 1 duster, and a wooden tray? The Miss & Chief Multifunctional Digital Computing learning toy is ideal for improving kids’ alphabet and number recognition, memory building, and hand & eye coordination.


8. Smartivity

A new age start-up, Smartivity is focused on helping kids learn by doing and exploring. Exploiting the natural curiosity in children to play, the brand offers exclusive do-it-yourself educational toys for kids that fill them with a sense of accomplishment.

Smartivity Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane



One of the best educational toys for boys and girls over the age of 8, the Pump It Move It Hydraulic crane DIY yourself will help kids learn the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This kit teaches children the concepts of pressure, hydraulics, and simple machines in a playful manner.


9. Thames & Kosmos

Founded by a science museum director and his son in 2001, Thames & Kosmos is a brand that offers the most innovative science educational toys for children that are a lot more engaging, fun, effective, and relevant.

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Introduction to Engineering

Thames & Kosmos
Thames & Kosmos


For the little science enthusiasts out there, this science kit is an ideal starting point. With an introduction to basic building projects, this Thames & Kosmon educational toy introduces kids to simple machines like pulleys, levers, and forces. It comes along a 48-page guidebook that teaches kids the engineering fundamentals with hands-on experiments.


10. Shumee

Shumee is an Indian toy manufacturer that equally focuses on educational toys. Wood is the primary building material of Shumee’s toys. The brand is a three-time KidsStopPress award winner for Best Made In India Toys & Games (2016), Best Toy Brand for Kids (2017) and Best Infant Toy Brand (2018).

Activity Triangle



A toy designed specifically for pre-schoolers, the Activity Triangle is a 5-sided educational toy that stimulates fine motor skills, mental ability, hand-eye-coordination, visual acuity, imaging and spatial skills in kids. Your young ones will enjoy the bright coloured elements of the toy and will learn while having fun.


11. Toiing

An imaginative toy brand with Indian Soul’ is the tag line of the brand. Toiing is a Mumbai based educational and learning toy manufacturer that tries to bring innovation in how children spend their playtime. Trying to make kids’ fun time ultimate learning experience, Toiing toys are innovation at its best.

Toiing Memorytoi



A great education toy for kids aged 5 to 10 years, Toiing Memorytoi helps kids build patience and develops their memory by making them memorize and repeat the sequence of colours. An electronic toy, the colours flash on the screen, and it keeps getting more complex based on the child’s learning.


How We Picked The Best Educational Toys Tor This List?

Educational Value

Toys are not a tool for entertainment but educational devices. A great learning toy is the one that makes use of the tendency of kids to interact with the world around them and to encourage their imagination and interest. We selected toys that stimulate curiosity in your little ones.

Entertainment Value

When a child develops a love for learning, it helps them develop a healthy relationship with education which let them progress in school and formal education. We have picked the toys that make learning fun and inspire kids to look at education as a rewarding experience.



With hundreds and thousands of toys listed on all eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and FirstCry, we asked parents, and teachers to acknowledge the toys that have great reviews and strong ratings.


Learning Can Be Fun, Let Your Kids Know That Too

Education is important, but a mind that’s curious and relates to learning with rewards is even more precious. Toys can be devices making your kids develop a love for learning. Pick the right learning toys, and you will set your children on a path where they continue to learn and find the experience rewarding.

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