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10 Fabulous Fathers Day Gifting Ideas for Indian Dads

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Making our First Hero Feel like One!

George Herbert rightly puts it – One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

Indeed. A father, our invisible support system quietly works in the background to extend all possible comfort and support we need to live a life that others envy.

The struggle that our fathers go through is often masqueraded by his joyful smile or the occasional stern behaviour to help us rectify our mistakes.

Not often do you get a chance to ‘thank’ him for all that he does for us. We let the days pass thinking we would thank him later.

But then with Father’s Day just being round the corner, why delay your chance to reciprocate al the love he showers you with?

A gift, no matter how small it may be, will make him feel special. We have narrowed down on 10 of the most wonderful gifts you can opt for. Read on to find out more.

1. Beard Love

beard brush men

For those who have had their father’s sporting a beard, we are sure you would remember the childhood memories of getting tickled by your fathers stubble as he would rub it on your face to make you laugh. Time to let him pamper his beard / stubble now.

Check his preference. If he loves a wet shave, gift him a complete wet shaving set and if he prefers trimming them without using the shaving foam and blade, gift him an electronic trimmer.

For a fantastic wet shaving gifting set that he can carry during his travel, check on this option here

Another great gifting idea would be buying him a beard brush. He would be taken aback by your gesture as he would have never thought about pampering his beard this way!

You can check out one of the most coveted beard brushes here

If you have to opt for an electronic beard trimmer, check out one of the heritage brands for electronic trimmers here

2. Inking it with Love

swiss army pen

Do you remember the umpteen times you would have borrowed your dad’s pen and not bothered returning it?

Well, its time to pay back and do so in style. A good pen is a gift treasured by all and your father will most cherish the pen given by his not so little munchkin.

Check out a fantastic pen you can gift you daddy dearest here

Add a notepad with it and to make it an all the more memorable and thoughtful gift.

You can check out an amazing notepad option here

3. Book bug

crossword gift card

The hustle and bustle of daily life must have made your father leave so many of his hobbies and passions. Do you often see your father devour on the newspaper every weekend?

For sure, he enjoys reading but due to lack of time and inclination, he possibly hasn’t gone ahead to get himself some books.

Coax your father into visiting a book store and picking up the book that he would fancy reading. The best option here is to gift him a voucher from Crossroads.

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4. For a Relaxed Look

fab india kurta

A handloom cotton kurta is a must for any man’s wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be a sight to see your dad sporting one ethnic kurta of your choice during a casual weekend walk/dinner?

If you go through your father’s wardrobe, you will realize most of his clothes are occasion driven – festive wear, work wear, party wear etc.

Only some men like indulging in clothes that aren’t meant for any specific occasion. Buy him a chic kurta he would cherish.

You can check out some amazing Indian kurtas from Fab India here

5. A Dinner Date!

mom dad dinner date

So have you always been accompanying your mom and dad for the weekend dinners?

Give them a break guys! Let them enjoy a cozy dinner together this Father’s Day.

Gift your father a gift voucher that would let him choose a restaurant of his choice and enjoy some special moments with your mom.

And as your parents’ enjoy their dinner date, you can perhaps sit and get some popcorn and watch a movie indoors with your sibling.

6. Go for the Glares

ray ban glares for fathers

Have you seen your dad wearing the same pair of sunglasses for ages now? It is time for you to let him try something new.

Lack of time and again lack of an inclination to buy makes our fathers carry on with things that they have instead of opting for something new.

It is only when we push them, will they go shopping, isn’t it? Gift him a pair of sunglasses and see him happily accept it. Don’t worry about getting a wrong one.

At least this would make him go to the store / portal and look out for what he likes the best.

So here you aren’t just giving him a new pair of sunglasses but also giving him a chance to take a break and indulge in some shopping! Smart, isn’t it?

You can pick up a lovely pair of Ray-bans here

And for good deals on sunglasses from brands like CoolWinks, Lenskraft, Rayban and Fasttrack download the GreatBuyz App here

7. Coffee Companion

kraftly fathers mug

Let your dad proudly sip his coffee at work from a mug that would let the world know how much his child loves him!

You can opt for either personalizing the mug with a message you want to convey to your dad or pick up some readymade ones with ‘My Daddy Greatest’ kind of messages.

Either way, he is going to cherish this gift of yours.

You can check some lovely mug options here

8. Flowers, chocolates or wine cases

flowers for fathers day

For the father who has it all, a bouquet of fresh flowers could actually be a good idea.

It might sound a little girly to you, but trust us when we say this, flowers have this magical quality of lifting a person’s mood and making him feel special.

A personalized note is a must with this one. However, if you prefer something more manly, a pesonalised wine case could be a good choice.

Get a personalised wine case from PrintVenue here

9. Travel buddy

custom luggage tags

If your father is someone who loves to travel, explore new places and live new expereinces, gift him a holiday with his dream adventure.

If age and health permits, skydiving in Dubai is a great idea.

Or maybe snorkelling in Maldives, and if you want to keep it simple, go for a simple sailing trip or a swim with the dolphin expereince at Thailand or Bali.

If you want to keep it safe, get him personalised luggage tags.

Check out some personalised luggage tag options here

10. Tracking the Moments

titan gifts

A wrist watch is an evergreen gift for anyone and if it is for your father, the watch becomes more than just a time teller.

Gift a note with it letting him know of the innumerable happy moments you have spent under his love and affection.

Let him know that each time he looks at the watch to check the time, it should remind him that his son/daughter is thinking of him and thanking him for all that he has done. A perfect gift for your father, isn’t it?

You can avail discounts on Titan watches by downloading the GreatBuyz app here

Time doesn’t really wait for us to show our loved ones how much we truly love them. This Father’s Day, make sure you make your first hero feel extremely special and loved!

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