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12 Fathers Day Celebration Ideas – Things To Do on Father’s Day for Your Dad

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 Whether it was dropping you to your friends place at midnight for her birthday surprise, or lending you his favourite shirt so you look dapper on your crush’s party, your father has done his best to keep that smile of yours.

So now why not take a day out of your diary, to make him feel special! Father’s day is around the corner and you better start planning soon.

Here are some fun Father’s Day celebration ideas that he is sure to love.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast Eggs and hash browns

Whatever be your age, sex or taste, everyone loves breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. For this one, put on your chef hats and start cooking.

What you cook is less important than how you present it. Eggs and hash browns are of course the best choice for breakfast but there are ample breakfast options for a vegetarian fathers too. Make a pizza sandwich, paneer frankie or Chipotle bowl.

Here are some vegetarian breakfast recipes you could take inspiration from for Fathers Day.

Pizza sandwich

Bean and cheese burgers

Baked chilli cheese toast

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Add some tags like these to whatever you choose to make and make it ultra-special!


Movie day

Dad movies watch netflix fathers-day

Plan a movie day with your dad and watch all the star trek series with him.

Or if he prefers, watch Andaz Apna Apna. Get some fresh popcorn, and order in pizzas. Don’t forget to put the beer in the chiller!

Ensure you have original DVDs for this one, and if you are unable to get your hands on them, try Netflix. Here is a list of movies ideal for Fathers Day on Netflix.

You could also consider buying this PopCorn Maker to ensure you don’t run out of steaming hot popcorn while watching.

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Plan a wine tour

If your dad loves wines, this is going to be the perfect way to celebrate Father’s day. Plan a wine tour to a winery near you.

While West India has the most wineries, all bundled up at India’s wine capital – Nasik in Maharashtra, a few hour drive from Mumbai, there are some in other parts of India too.

The Chateau d’Ori located in Madhya Pradesh has the largest Merlot plantation in the country, while Grover vineyards is located at the foothills of Nandi Hills, around 40 km from the IT hub Bengaluru.

You can plan a trip with him to the vineyard, and let him indulge in some wine tasting while enjoying scenic views.

Sula wines also has a resort attached to the vineyard, so if you are willing to indulge, enjoy a weekend full of wine pleasure!

Check out this article with details on the best wine tours in India



Camping trips

If you are still wondering what to do on Fathers Day with your dad, then maybe here is an idea you will love.

Plan a camping trip with your dad and based on his level of comfort choose the location.

With planned camping trips and several camping resorts sprung up around the country, it won’t be difficult for you to find the right fit for you and your dad.

When planning a camping trip, you will need to plan for food, safety and gear in advance. Find out from your camping host what all will be provided and what all you need to carry.

Enquire about weather, insects, activities and more and behave like a good scout to your dad. Let him kick back and enjoy the trip without having to worry about nitty-gritties this time.

For people in West India, there are several camping sites and resorts new Pawna and Lonawala. For people up North, Rishikesh is the best bet, while Nainital, Dharamshala and Rajasthan are also great options.

For everyone in South India, Coorg, Chikamagalur and Bheemeshwari are some of the best options.

Here is an interesting camp in Pawna you could consider

These are the top camps in Rishikesh according to Thrillophilia

And these are the top camping destinations in South India according to LBB,


Helicopter ride

Plan a helicopter ride

How about this Father’s Day you sweep your dad’s feet off the floor? Plan a helicopter ride for him and make some of his dreams come true.

Let him know how he makes you feel on top of the world, and how it really feels to be on top of the world!

Helicopter rides can be booked in Udaipur, Sikkim, Goa and Vishakhapatnam too, besides all major cities in the country.

To book a Helicopter ride in Mumbai click here

Spend a day at an off-roading academy

Off-roading academy for you and your family’s safety

Your father has played safe way too often, for you and your family’s safety! Its now time to let him live his dream and challenge his off-roading skills!

Take him to this off-roading experience centre by Mahindra situated in the lush and wild hillsides of Igatpuri, a 3-hour drive from Mumbai.

It’s a 28-acre terrain that has been built for adventure. The academy has its own fleet of Mahindra Thar 4×4 CRDes’ that are exploration-ready.

All you need to do is book your slot online and show up.

Check it out here


Top destinations for Paragliding in India

We’re sure your dad loves adventure sports and the only reason he held himself back was you!

Give him the push he needs and plan a tandem paragliding trip for him and let him drop his inhibitions.

Book in advance and ensure he wears a full sleeves t-shirt since it’s a bit of a walk up the hill and the sun will be shining bright.

After that its all beauty! The view from the top is stunning and the experience is incomparable.

Here is a list of the top destinations for Paragliding in India. There are some fabulous options a few hours drive from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and most major cities.

Nirvana Adventures organises Paragliding at Kamshet near Mumbai and Pune. Check them out here

For Paragliding in Nandi Hills near Bengaluru, book here.


Shopping spree

Shopping spree on Father’s Day

You’re constantly complaining about his taste in clothes, and he doesn’t like anything you buy for him either.

Why not plan a shopping trip together on Father’s Day where he can buy something of your choice, approved by you!

Pick a mall or a street where there are several shops and brands of his choice.

Throw in a lunch at his favourite restaurant with some beer and soul food and see him come home with the biggest smile you have ever seen.

Father’s Day Surprise Party Ideas

Fathers day surprise party

Daddy’s birthday celebrations are usually the quietest and he is too shy to throw a party. “I’m not a kid anymore,” he says every time you have suggested the idea.

But trust us, there is a kid hidden somewhere within him that wishes he could revisit his childhood and spend quality time with his friends.

So, it’s a fabulous idea to throw him a Fathers day surprise party! And invite other fathers he loves to it.

You could even ask other kids to join in the preparations and do something joint or if you have the time, plan one all by yourself.

Keep it a surprise and send out the invitations to the children and not the fathers. Men are bad at keeping secrets and you are pretty sure the news of the party will leak if his friends get to know about the party.

Ensure the kids of other fathers join in as well, you don’t want to eat up their daddy time on Father’s day.

And keep it simple, and stylish. Here are some ideas to make the surprise Father’s day party a big hit:


Have a dessert counter

dessert counter - Fathers Day Party Ideas

Men love desserts and are a kid when it comes to gulping down brownies.

In fact you’d be surprised how quickly the marshmallows disappear and how much in demand the gems brownies are.

Just imagine a kid when you are planning the desserts, sweet cravings have no age.

You could even consider customising the cup cakes and cookies to Father’s Day like these

Or go for a theme like tool kit like this or shirt and tie like this

Invest in a bartender or get a mobile bar

Mobile Bar - Fathers Day Surprise Party Ideas

Usually its your dad who is manning the bar and he totally enjoys it. But this time, let him kick back and enjoy.

Hire a professional bar tender to make the drinks and ask him to stir up some fun concoctions your dad and his friends will enjoy.

For men, drinks are the highlight of any party, so make sure the drinks are flowing generously.

Check out in case you need a mobile bar. Its easier to just outsource the entire responsibility of the bar to someone.

Plan Some Games

Games - Fathers Day Surprise Party Ideas

The best thing about have a bunch of men party together is that they don’t have hang ups and have a fabulous sense of humour.

Plan some fun games that will have them move about a bit like a balloon bursting game, or a lemon balancing game and let them have some fun.

Try a dancing game and make some fabulous memories.

Its also a good idea to play games where the father and child team up. You could pick some ideas from here.

Make a video or PowerPoint

Make a video or PowerPoint for Dad - Fathers Day Surprise Party Ideas

If you are planning to invite a group of friends who have been together through college, or hostel or maybe school, you could consider making a film with photographs of those days.

It might require some digging in, but the results will be worth it. Each photograph will have a story to tell and the kids are sure to get to know so much more about their dads through these photos.

We assure you, that will be the best way to celebrate Father’s day, with not just your dad but also his friends.

Remember Father’s day is just a reason to make the man behind what you are today feel special.

And whether you do it by the way of a massive party, or a small goodie basket, he is sure going to love it.

He doesn’t usually expect much, and is easily thrilled with even the smallest gestures of love by his kids.

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