Fathers Day Gifts from Daughters

Father’s Day Gifts from Daughters – HomeMade & Online Gifting Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special

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While fathers hold the universal right to pamper their daughters and spoil them crazy, it’s a good idea to turn the tables around once in a while and pamper them instead.

And what better time to make them feel special than Father’s day?

Of course, when you are picking a gift for your father, or for that matter your father in law, remember he is a man, and men like gifts that are practical and useful.

To help all you daughters out there, we’ve shortlisted some Father’s day gifts your dad will definitely like!

6 Fathers Day Gifts That Daughters Can Gift Dad

Wine Bottle Stopper

Amazon - Wine Bottle Stopper

You had your first drink with your dad and he taught you how to swirl your glass of wine and his taste equals to your taste now.

So why not raise a toast to the good times you have had together by gifting him this gorgeous wine bottle stopper that will keep his wine safe once the cork is popped.

The crystal heart on top will be a gentle reminder of how much you love him and be rest assured, he’ll remember you every time he uses it.

Price: Rs 505

Get it here


Nikon Binoculars

Nikon ACULON - A211-10x50 Binoculars

He took you for so many nature treks, camps and safaris as a kid, and showed you the world far and wide with his rusty old binoculars.

Its now time for him to see the world with a bigger better lens. Gift him the Nikon ACULON A211 10×50 Binoculars and revisit all those lovely holidays you have had together.

After all he is the one who taught you to be foresighted, think of the future and look at the possibilities around you.

This Nikon binoculars has a large objective lens diameter for a brighter and wider field of view and multilayer-coated lenses for bright, sharp images.

Price: Rs 7,000

Buy it here

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EveryBest Shopping Trolley Bag

EverBest Foldable Shopping Trolley Bag

Remember all those times when you and your mom went shopping and your dad had to wait outside, and carry all the bags?

Well, things aren’t changing. Dads will always be waiting for their daughter and wife to finish shopping.

But you can make the wait a little easier and the managing of bags a little more comfortable by gifting him this awesome shopping trolley that has a funky newspaper print bag which he can drag around on wheels.

Time for another shopping trip?

Price: Rs 1249

Buy it here


Portable Bar

Amazon - Portable Bar

Your home could be crunched for space but your dad has always made place for the million outfits you own.

It’s payback time! It’s time to make space for the bar he always wanted, but put it off because of the space crunch.

And guess what, this one doesn’t need you to sell your lehengas on OLX either!

It’s a compact, practical and portable bar that has all his bar needs packed up in a leather trunk which he can open when he needs it, and voila! his bar will be ready.

A big plus is that he can carry it wherever he goes.

Price: Rs 3,999

Buy it here

Beard Grooming Kit

Prezzy - Beard Grooming kit

He probably didn’t keep a moustache when you were young because it would poke you every time he’d kiss you. Or maybe he did, because you liked it.

Either ways, men love their moustaches and anyone complimenting it or helping them pamper it most certainly makes them happy.

So go ahead, and buy this beard and moustache grooming kit that comes with an adorable moustache shaped comb he is sure to love.

And the fact that its called Damn Handsome is going to bring a broad smile to his face. The kit contains a beard oil, beard wax, a comb and a scissor.

Price: Rs 2177

Buy it here

Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Kitchen Chefs Knife


Remember the days when your mom was not at home or sick and you and daddy took over the kitchen? Weren’t those days a lot of fun?

Remind him of those lovely moments you enjoyed together by gifting him this Victorinox chef’s knife which he can call his own.

This knife can be used for cutting, chopping and mincing and has an ergonomic handle.

No more struggling to find the right knife for him, next time he is in the kitchen.

Price: Rs 2620

Buy it here

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Homemade DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Dad from Daughter

While you could shop for the world for him by swiping your credit card online or offline, the thrill that he will get if you make him something yourself is going to be unparalleled.

If you have the time, try making one of these simple yet loving DIY gifts for Fathers Day.

A Brownie Basket With A Handmade Card

Smore Brownies

Whether you are good at baking or not, we assure you he will love some choco filled treats made by you.

After all mom is constantly cutting down on his goodies, and treats like this are rare for him now. Wrap each brownie individually in a heart print cellophane paper or simply use butter paper, and tie it with a little ribbon.

Write a few words on a small heart shaped tag and pin it to the ribbon. He’ll be touched by the gesture, we assure you. Don’t forget to pack it in a basket with a handmade card.

Here is a recipe for S’more brownies that is easy to follow

And here are some fun father’s day cards you could make for him.

Floppy Disk Pen Stand

You Tube - Floppy Disk pen stand

If your dad is one of those people who doesn’t like to let go old things just because they have a memory attached to him, he will love this idea.

Take old floppy disks, the first compact storage devices that were used way before CD and pen drives took over and make him this really simple and fun pen stand.

All you need to do is drill some holes and tie them together tactfully and voila! Your DIY Fathers day gift is ready!

He can also use it as a planter or to keep his room organised.

Check out this video that explains how you can make the Floppy disk pen stand in detail.



Cushion Cover With A Pocket

Polkadotchair - Cushion cover with pocket


Remember all those times when your dad lost his mind because he couldn’t find his newspaper, TV remote, reading glasses?

That’s because he has no designated place for them. So, to make his life easier, make him this adorable cushion cover with a pocket.

He can keep all his essentials in the pocket and rest his head while lazing around because he didn’t have to move an inch to find his stuff!

And carry it around to wherever he likes, with all this stuff tucked in.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to make it


DIY Personalised Cup

Porcelain Personalized Cup

Those store bought cups are done to death! Why not try and make something of your own?

All you need is oil based paint pens meant for porcelain or ceramic and some creativity.

You could stencil a design, use a sticker to create a reverse pattern or if you are good at sketching, just sketch a pretty quote or design.

Some pens require you to bake the cup in your home oven for 30 mins, but that ensures that the paint doesn’t come off while dish washing.

Imagine how thrilled your dad would be to sip coffee every morning from a cup hand painted by his daughter!

This is a pen we highly recommend for ceramics. It can be used on glass too, so you could even personalise wine glasses for him.

Buy it here

Amazon  available on GreatBuyz.

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Check out this link for ideas on personalising the cups using a pen.


Laptop Table

DIY Laptop Table


Use an old pillow and a simple photo frame to make a cushioned laptop table for your dad and let him enjoy the comfort of using his laptop anywhere in the house including his bed.

Print out a loving message for him and place it in the frame before you add the finishing touches.

Check out this quick video to learn how to make this laptop table for Father’s day.

Whether you choose to gift him something from on online store, or make it yourself, we assure you, your dad, your hero will love the gesture.

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