First Copy Shoes Buying Guide For Beginners!

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Footwear brands spend a fortune on marketing their products. Brands like PUMA, Nike Adidas, and Reebok, sell shoes worth millions of dollars annually, and no wonder it does cost a lot to own these branded shoes. But not everyone wants to spend an equal amount on branded shoes, which is why they seek an alternative in first copy shoes.

What are First Copy Shoes? 

Simply put, the first copy is a product that does not have any original license. The first copy shoes are the clone of branded shoes.

Manufacturers make exact copies of the original products available at a much lower cost as they do not legally earn the rights from brands to manufacture the products. In the eyes of law, this is an illegal and unethical activity, still, first copy shoes online are readily available.

First copy shoes are available for ridiculously lower prices as compared to their original counterparts. This is why these products are so much popular. You explicitly need to be aware of the fact that with first copy shoes online, you do not get any warranty or the same packaging as the branded shoes. This is a major difference between the original and first copy shoes.

That being said, first copy shoes are not cheap replicas, other than the above-mentioned parameters, these shoes boast of using the same material and quality manufacturing. It is hard to tell the difference between them without close observation.

If you are ready to invest in some good quality first copy shoes, here are the best options for you.


Adidas First Copy Shoes 


Adidas is one of the most premium brands of shoes and is known as a benchmark shoe manufacturer in the industry. From cricketers to athletes and bodybuilders, Adidas has collections for everyone. This is one of the reasons why Adidas first copy shoes are so much popular in Asian markets like India. It is not easy to locate stores offering Adidas first copy shoes online as it is very hard to replicate their products.

Still, if you are looking for quality Adidas first copy shoes, Boldwish has an exclusive collection. From the immensely popular Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael Black Sneakers to HERSHENG L’JG Black & Green Men’s Casual Shoes, you will find them all here.


Nike First Copy Shoes



Nike needs no introduction. As the world leader in the industry, Nike is always at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, technology development, and leading marketing campaigns that get it much more popularity and sales than any other shoe brand on the planet. As social media gets flooded with Nike shoes flaunted by celebrities and sportsperson, original Nike first copy shoes trend online as well.

You have to be careful when looking for first copy shoes for brands like Nike as there are plenty of Chinese knocks offs sold as the first copy. There are a few first copy shoes online sellers who provide you with quality Nike copy sneakers, Jordan, and casual shoes even if you have the tightest budget.

Irshus Collection is one store where you can find the best quality Nike first copy shoes.


Puma First Copy Shoes 


Puma is a premium brand that is known for offering shoes that are incredibly well designed, soft, and comfortable. If you can locate the right place to buy Puma first copy shoes online, then you will be getting shoes with an attractive design made from top-quality material and available at less than half the price of the original product.

Sasta Joota is a first copy shoe online store where you will find the best quality Puma first copy shoes. From Puma Hybrid Shoes copy to Puma Sports Shoes and everything in between, the store is offering you the best collection of first copy shoes. You might not get the warranty of original products with Sasta Joota, but here you will find the widest range of Puma copy shoes


Why one would want first copy shoes? 

For most of the middle-class youth, first copy shoes are bliss. To keep up with the trendy and best-in-class footwear they do not have the budget to keep upgrading to every new shoe that brands like Puma, Nike, and Adidas launch. Furthermore, it is not economical to invest in so many shoes as practical use dictates the lives of most middle-class teenagers and adults.

First copy shoes do not compromise on quality, style, or comfort. They are top-quality alternatives to branded footwear that are covered under warranty. This is one reason why first copy shoes online are such a hot seller.

If we speak from the economic point of view, as long as you are getting good quality stylish shoes at a reasonable price and its suits your fashion statement, whether it is branded or copy product becomes less important.

Hence, first copy shoes can open up a whole new world of style and fashion for you. Just make sure to buy first copy shoes online only from the sites we listed above.


Know how to spot the first copy from the original shoes!  

On the flip side, some nasty sellers con customers with first copy shoes at the price of original products. You can differentiate between branded shoes and first copy shoes by observing:

  1. Big discounts: Brands do offer lucrative offers to entice customers, but if you find branded shoes being offered at 70% or more discount, they are probably first copy shoes, not originals.
  2. Source of buying: Unless you are buying branded footwear from stores like Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra or official sites like, you can never be sure of the authenticity of shoes.
  3. Packaging and labels: As we mentioned before, first copy shoes come with no warranty or original packaging. Check labels, warranty card and packaging of the shoe for disguising or misguiding information.

Let us know what you think 

First copy shoes certainly offer an economical advantage but they remain copies of the branded footwear. The onus is entirely on you to decide whether you want to own a pair of good quality branded shoes, that offer the same quality, style and comfort, but not the originality.