9 Fun Birthday Party Ideas & Themes for Adults

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~Fun ways to celebrate a birthday to make it a memory forever~

We all love celebrating birthdays. And we love it even more when someone else does it for us.

But the ultimate kick is when we surprise someone on their birthday by throwing in a party / get together which makes them say… ‘This was the best birthday I have ever had!’

The hustle and bustle of life often makes us procrastinate planning a birthday party / get together for our loved ones (be it friends of family) and then last minute all we do is get in some balloons, decorations and a cake!

We have listed down a few easy to execute cool birthday themes that are sure to delight the birthday boy or girl.

1. Flashback


Dig out old pictures of the birthday boy / girl. Make a moving picture out of it.

You can always use a PowerPoint presentation for this and may be add background music to it. Save it on your pen drive if your television has the facility to connect a pen drive or you can even attach your laptop to your television.

Majority of the televisions now come with a USB and HDMI port. If not, the last option is to use the laptop. It looks equally nice. Don’t worry!

Arrange for some light snacks for the intermission as post the flashback you will be playing a full-fledged movie that would have been released in the week the person was born.

If you happen to chance upon a movie on the day the person was born, its perfect but if not, just pick up a movie that was released in that week.

A perfect way to celebrate a birthday for someone with ‘memory’ as its main theme, isn’t it? For dinner, try and find out what was cooked on the day, the person was born.

Just recreate the atmosphere and if possible, make sure that the person’s parents are around during the celebration. It is definitely going to be a birthday to remember!


2. Food Porn

Food porn
Food porn

Begin the day with the person’s favourite breakfast followed by his / her favourite lunch and of course, dinner again has to be his / her favourite dish.

Of course, we don’t need to add that you need to keep the deserts in mind as well when you are deciding on the day’s menu. This is for someone who doesn’t really enjoy celebrating his / her birthday pompously.

But we are sure making him / her feel special this way is sure to make the birthday a memorable one.

3. Beach Bums

Beach Fun
Beach Fun

Head off to the beach with a bunch of friends / family. Carry your food, some mats or bean bags if you can, portable bluetooth to play some music and decide on some games.

As long as you do not create a nuisance on the beach, no one is going to come and bother you or ask you to stop.

The games can be the ones that can be played right there at the beach – like collecting shells, making the tallest sand castle, long jump etc. Choose a secluded spot in the beach to make sure no one else in inconvenienced.

The highlight of the evening would be the birthday beach bums! Make sure not to forget those.


4. Picnic Time

Outside Fun
Outside Fun

Now this one is best if it’s a surprise. If it’s a working day, all the more better.

You will have to take some pain and go and meet the boss, seek his / her permission to allow the person a half day when you go to pick him / her up.

So between your friends/ family decide on the location, make sure all the preparations are in place – book a mini bus / van and head of to the birthday boy / girl’s workplace.

Ask them to meet you out and just escort them to the vehicle. Bingo!! Just as the person enters the vehicle, have some Happy Birthday signages / placards and whistle, shout, scream, clap and make as much noise as you can.

The blush on the face of the birthday boy / girl will be worth a picture to be framed!

Keep the location a surprise and voila! What a celebration it would be to remember!


5. Wine and Cheese Tasting Theme


This is again for someone who doesn’t like too much noise around them. Invite a few close friends/family.

Get on to select some special wine and cheese and choose a movie to be played during the evening or just play some soft music.

If you can, head off to a wineyard if the proximity to it is not a killer.


6. Hippie and Happening!


Here you will have to decide well in advance. The invites will have to carry the Hippie theme mentioned in them.

This one is a boon for those who are too worked up in life and you know they need a change.

See them their hair down once the mood for the evening is set and everyone around them is dressed as a hippie.

Pretend play during childhood was something we all enjoyed so why not when we are adults! A hippie theme party is perfect to make the birthday a memorable one.

You can even get more creative and choose some other themes like Halloween, Star Wars, Fairytale etc.

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7. Back to School!

Back to school
Back to school

This one is sure going to be a hit! Gather all the classmates and let them know about the person’s approaching birthday.

This shouldn’t be a problem considering that there are WhatsApp groups already which we are a part of – school group, college group, school bus group etc etc.

Now, if you can, seek permission from the school you attended and check on the possibility of renting the school hall or room if they are open to it.

This can be pushed for the weekend if weekday is not possible. If in case the school premises aren’t possible, choose whatever best suits you… may be a friend’s house or a restaurant you all would visit during your school days.

Let everyone be dressed as a school kid with hair in place, long socks, a pinaform or skirt blouse similar to a school uniform. Ask everyone to get their tiffin (this wouldn’t be possible incase you are doing this at a restaurant unless you seek permission beforehand).

Revive the good old days. You can add in some punch to this with a karaoke evening. A perfect way to let your hair down and get reconnected with those who we spend our childhood with, isn’t it?


8. School Bus

School bus
School bus

This again is a perfect way to relive the good old days! Hire a school bus, decorate it and take your city darshan while celebrating the birthday. So here too, try and maintain the Back to School theme with regards to the food and dressing!


9. Boys/Girls Night Out

Night out
Night out

This may sound like a run of the mill idea but when friends get together it is masti unlimited!

From gossiping to bitching to hearing about each one’s life journey, the evening will turn into next morning and you wouldn’t even realize it!

Make sure this is in a casual set-up, probably at someone’s house. The menu can be a pizza or pav bhaji, just to ensure not too much time is spent on eating and no one is that full that the next destination is the bed!

This birthday celebration is easy on the pocket and totally hassle free to execute.

With the above 9 easy to execute ideas, we are sure birthdays are going to be a lot more fun henceforth!!