Gandhi Jayanthi celebration ideas for schools and preschools

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration Ideas for Schools and Preschools

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The birthday of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated with much enthusiasm in our country.

Such occasions are a great opportunity to acquaint our kids with the history of our country, and the independence movement which was led by national heroes like Gandhiji.

While Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday celebrated on October 2nd every year is a national holiday, most schools and preschools tend to celebrate the day in advance.

Here are some ideas to make Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations fun and meaningful for school going kids and pre-schoolers.

The focus of all these celebrations needs to be imbibing the principles of life that Gandhiji advocated such as discipline, peace, honesty, non-violence, faith and patience.

Activities and Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration Ideas for School Going Kids

Cultural programme themed on non-violence

Cultural programme themed on non-violence

Teaching children the importance of non-violence is the need of the hour.

Children are used to instant gratification, and the moment they don’t get what they want, tempers rise, and they start behaving non-violently.

What might be harmless hitting or hurting someone intentionally at a smaller age, if not curbed, can turn into serious habits at a later stage.

Thus, its important to work on their tolerance levels and explain to them that violence is not the solution to any problem.

To reinforce this thought, it’s a good idea to plan a cultural programme and have children perform on the theme of non-violence.

It could be a dance, a song or a drama; the underlying message needs to be ‘Keep Tolerence, Not Non-Violence’.

Movie time

movie time on Gandhi Jaynti

There are lot of Bollywood movies made on Gandhiji and there are umpteen cartoons and animated movies available on Gandhiji and his principles available on youtube as well.

However, if you want to make the celebration fun then it might be a good idea to play movies like Lage Raho Munnabhai MBBS, Lagaan, Swades or PK and let kids have fun while understanding the importance of the values that Gandhiji preached.

A discussion after the movie in this direction could serve the purpose.

Don’t forget to get popcorn and let kids enjoy as they learn.

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A tree plantation propulsion

tree plantation drive

There can’t be a better occasion than Gandhi Jayanthi to plan a tree plantation drive.

Planting a tree is a way of adding hope and also imbibing a feeling of responsibility in the children towards the environment and the nation in turn.


Cleanliness drive

Cleanliness drive

Plan a cleanliness drive with children in the vicinity of the school and have them make posters about cleanliness and cycle or walk around picking litter, and if agreeable, cleaning the public walls.

Simply talking about it doesn’t help as much as having them actually involve themselves in the process of cleaning.

Next time they feel the urge to litter, they will remember this drive and look for a dustbin.

Peace march

Peace march

Just like the dandi march, plan a peace march with students. Have them make posters with messages relating to non-violence and peace and carry them.

Teach them to be disciplined and walk in a line without disrupting traffic and have older children take responsibility of the younger ones, also inculcating leadership skills.

Make in India fete

make in india

This could be planned and executed by older children.

They will need to get in touch with brands and homepreneurs who make things of daily use using raw materials from our country.

It could be soaps, bags, clothes, beauty products, etc. They can plan stalls and all the parents in the school can be invited to come shop at the fete.

The earnings if any can be donated for a good cause.

Khaadi craft

khadi craft

Give every child a piece of Khaadi cloth and ask them to make something useful with it.

They can stitch it, dye it, paint it, whatever they wish. Some things that could be made are wall hangings, dolls, table mats, scarves or bags.

Let them use their imagination and create something on their own, and the results will definitely be fabulous. Award the most creative idea and the best executed design.

Hold an exhibition and display their artwork.

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For younger children and pre-schoolers, it would be more important to introduce them to the figure that Mahatma Gandhi is, and acquaint them with his principles of truth and peace.

Gandhi Jayanthi Activities for pre-schoolers

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle

Make a jigsaw puzzle with Gandhiji’s photograph and have the kids assemble it.

This will help the kids take note of his little features, his specs, dhoti, etc and have them register him better.

Gandhiji dress up

Gandhi dress up

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Get a few dhotis, a pair or dummy specs and a walking stick and have children dress up like Gandhiji.

The little ones will enjoy wearing a dhoti and walking around with a stick! And it will make for some lovely photographs!

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Art and craft activities

art & craft activities

Indulge in some art and craft activities related to Gandhi Jayanthi and see the kids take more interest in Gandhiji and his philosophy.

A fun craft activity for pre-schoolers would be to learn about Gandhiji’s three monkeys and enact them with a monkey they make. Read about how to make it here

Alternatively, you can also have them make a charkha with ice cream sticks. See how to make it here

Most importantly let the kids have fun while they learn. Happy Gandhi Jayanthi! Love and Peace.


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