Guru Purnima Celebration

Guru Purnima Celebration Ideas for Schools and Colleges (Including Gifts for Teachers)

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Guru Purnima is observed every year in India as a day to honour teachers, mentors and guides.

This day falls on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashaadh which falls in the months of June or July. This is the first full moon after the summer solstice.

A guru is considered as the one who rids us of the darkness of ignorance and fills us with the light of knowledge.

The guru or teacher is a person we are taught to respect just as much as we respect our parents and on Guru Purnima a special effort is made to honour and appreciate them.

On this day schools and colleges across the country have special functions and students are enthusiastically involved in organising and participating in these activities.

Listed are some Guru Purnima celebration ideas for schools and colleges including gifting suggestions for teachers on this special day.

Guru Purnima Celebration Ideas for Schools

Make a memento – craft/embroidery

Embroidery craft
Embroidery Craft


There are few gifts that touch the heart like something made by hand. Handmade gifts like a simple embroidered handkerchief or a prettily decorated bookmark.

These are easy to make and younger school children will easily manage to make these not to mention how thrilled they will be to make something themselves for their favourite teacher.

Craft and embroidery materials are easily available and aren’t expensive either.

Students take over from teachers

Special meal for teachers on Guru Purnima
Special Meal For Teachers On Guru Purnima


Senior students take over teaching duties and give their teachers a break – this gives teachers a day off and is a lovely way for students to experience what teachers go through, even if it’s for a day.

While the students take classes, teachers can relax in the staffroom over a special meal.

These days it’s extremely easy to order a meal choosing from a variety of restaurants that offer different cuisines.

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Students organise an outing/picnic for teachers

Guru Purnima - Picnic for teachers
Guru Purnima – Picnic For Teachers


A day out away from the daily responsibilities of classes, homework, discipline, etc., in the school is a wonderful way of celebrating the special day of Guru Purnima.

An outing to a park, a museum, a local heritage site, or even to an adventure park will make the day fun and entertaining, and will be sure to create special memories for the teachers.

Every year the teachers take students on such outings and it will be a lovely gesture if the teachers get a chance to go out for a day of fun instead.

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Fancy Dress competition for teachers

Fancy Dress competition for teachers
Fancy Dress Competition For Teachers


While students look up to teachers with a lot of respect it also helps to create bonds of friendship between teachers and students so students feel that teachers are approachable and will be helpful too, not just strict.

A great way of bringing students closer to their teachers is having a fancy dress competition for the teachers.

Teachers can dress up as different characters from history, famous novels, cartoon characters that children love, or even famous personalities.

Guru Purnima Celebrations for Colleges

Movie Day

Movie Day for celebrating Guru Purnima
Movie Day For Celebrating Guru Purnima


What could be more fun than a trip to the movies with your favourite professors?

College professors are more like our friends, more approachable, and willing to interact a little more freely with us.

A trip to the movies with plenty of popcorn to make things delicious is a superb option for celebrating Guru Purnima in a fun and relaxed environment.

Catch the latest romcom or action thriller with your teachers and have a memorable day together.

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Cooking competition for teachers

Cooking competition for teachers
Cooking Competition For Teachers


For a Guru Purnima celebration with a little healthy rivalry and a big dose of fun, a cooking competition among teachers is the perfect recipe.

You can make teams or your teachers can compete individually.

Provide the ingredients and cooking equipment and have a whole lot of fun as teachers negotiate prepping and cooking dishes from a set of surprise ingredients within a limited time.

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Gift a Fitness Class

Fitness Class
Fitness Class


There’s no wealth as great as good health. In the pursuit of our daily lives we tend to neglect our health and it’s the same with our teachers.

As a token of your respect and thanks gift your teacher a fitness class. Choose from zumba, yoga, dance, crossfit, and lots more and help your teacher get fit and regain their good health.

There can be few gifts for a guru better than health or an opportunity to care for their health. Think a little differently this Guru Purnima and make a gesture that shows you really care!

Look here for a suitable fitness class for your teacher.

Gifting Ideas for Teachers On Guru Purnima

Gift hampers for teachers

Gift hampers for teachers
Gift Hampers For Teachers


Gift hampers are a beautiful way to make Guru Purnima memorable.

An assortment of gifts ranging from food and drink, décor objects, cosmetics, stationery, wallets, accessories, or even gift vouchers can be put together appealing to the different tastes of the individual teachers. An engraved memento can also be added to the hamper.

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Gift an Experience



These days there’s a mind boggling range of options for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary to do on a special day.

From paragliding to scuba diving, helicopter rides to bungee jumping there’s a world of exciting things that one can do.

Any of these experiences will be thrilling and will be completely different from the humdrum experiences of daily life, something your teacher will not forget easily.

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Gift a Home Dining Experience

Home Dining Experience for teachers on Guru Purnima
Home Dining Experience For Teachers On Guru Purnima


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is a well-known saying and this very saying can be applied to teachers too. After all who doesn’t like a good meal, be they a man or a woman?

Gift your teacher a curated and customised home dining experience at a home chef’s house.

There are many wonderful cuisines that aren’t available at restaurants but can be enjoyed in a home dining experience.

These days one can enjoy food from a Bihari kitchen or a Saraswat one, get a glimpse of Pathare Prabhu food or enjoy an exotic meal from Meghalaya, simply by contacting a home chef.

These experiences are not restricted to Indian cuisines, you can also enjoy cuisines from the Mediterranean to Japan, Europe to Asia.

Take your Guru Purnima celebrations beyond just good wishes for your teachers and mentors this year.

Here you have ideas, information and leads so you can put together an unforgettable celebration for Guru Purnima this year at your school or college.