Holi Celebration Ideas for Office

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The festival of colour and love, Holi is all about letting loose and having some fun.

While the original significance of the festival is the victory of the good over the evil, it also marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter, and is celebrated in most parts of India by burning a bonfire.

The next day, everyone gears up for Rang Panchami and plays with colour, bonding over delicious jalebis, gujjiyas, kachoris and all things fattening.

Over years, people in different parts of the country have made their own traditions of celebrating holi. In fact several family traditions have developed over time.

Some eat samosas on holi, while some drink bhaang. Some have thandai while others make halva. Some play only with colour while some have a water balloon match.

Some visit family and friends with drums while others quietly exchange greetings and put a tikka. Whatever be the tradition, it’s a reason to have fun and bond with people you love.

You can create such a bonding amongst your office colleagues too by planning a small celebration in office and make your own traditions.

Here are some ideas of things you can do to make Holi celebration in office a time to remember.

Office Themed Holi Activities & Games

 1. Art of fun

Make an art of fun wall in the office and let people splatter colour on the wall aesthetically.

Have someone monitor so they don’t create a mess and provide them with simple tools like sponges, sprays, folks, etc.

You can also ask everyone to paint their hands and make a collage of their hand prints. It will make for a good artwork to display in the office as well.

2. Keep a cooking contest

Since Holi is associated with enjoyment as much as colour, food is an integral part of it.

Keep a gujjiya making contest or a general cooking competition allowing members to make their Holi special dishes and ask the senior management to judge based on presentation and taste.

The best 3 recipes should win a prize and if you have an inhouse newsletter, you can publish the recipes in it for others to learn.

 3. Announce Fire awards

Keep the criteria for winning these awards based on performance, aptitude and the fire that an employee shows towards achieving their goal.

The awards could be for, ‘Fire to impress’, ‘Fire to achieve’, ‘Fire to build a team’, etc



 4. Keep an art competition

Ask employees to submit their and their family member’s pieces of art themed on the festival and make an unbiased jury to choose a winner.

Ideally have a different prize for children and adults. If space is a constraint, ask them to send digital copies of their artwork and bring in only the winning entries to showcase in office.

 5. Throw a Holi party

Planning this one might be difficult, but nothing is impossible.

It would be a sight to see the impeccably dressed white collared employees, letting their guard down and indulging in some colour play.

However it is important to have some rules to make this party a success. Here are some ideas to make it possible.


Holi party ideas for office

 1.Use organic colours

Holi party ideas for office

Ask your employees not to bring colours, and arrange for organic, non-toxic colours that don’t leave stains on clothes and surroundings.

We don’t want messy looking employees post holi, it looks very unprofessional.

 2. Get a halwai to make fresh jalebis

Smoking hot jalebis are sure to make your Holi celebration in office a super hit!

Get a local halwai to come and make them on the venue and see people going gaga over the idea. Don’t forget to ask the halwai to throw in some kesar and pistachio.


 3. Keep the menu simple

Keep snacks dry and stick to finger food so you skip the need for paper plates and plastic spoons. You will of course need a lot of tissues.

For main course stick to one meal dishes like biryani or Khow Suey. Thandai is the traditional drink to be served on a Holi party, so if you can organise for that, nothing like it. Else you can also opt for kesar milk or for a modern twist, a beetroot juice.


 4. Play traditional games

A great time to play tug-of-war, put the employees in two groups and let them show their strength.

It will make for lovely photos for the in house magazine as well. You can also play traditional games like lagori or sakli. It’s a way to bring out the child in your employees.

 5. Rain dance

If you want to focus more on the fun aspect, a little investment in a rain dance shower is definitely worth it. Play good music and let the employees let their hair down. They will love it. If you can, get a dhol-wala to add more energy to the party.

Holi party decoration ideas

 1. Colour colour colour

Holi Color

Colour obviously has to be the central theme of your décor. Use colourful dupattas or running fabrics to add colour without spending too much.

Let your party essentials be a part of the décor by placing large bowls on tables or pedestals filled with colour.



 2. Traditional decor

Use marigold flowers to decorate the venue and also add a touch of tradition.

You can hang several strings of them at the entrance or even loop them around to lend the desired look. It’s a perfect way to add colour and fragrance to the party scene.


 3. Fusion decor

Fusion decor for Holi

If you want a fusion decor for Holi, then opt for traditional elements in modern designs. You can use glittery kites, pinwheels, multi-coloured flower decorations and more.

Just ensure they are far away from the rain dance area to avoid them getting spoilt with water and creating a mess.

 4. Photo booth

Make a white background photo booth so that the colourful people in front stand out. Or opt for a monotone one like a fuscia, or a yellow.

Make a nice border to complete the look. Alternately you can also opt for a hay backdrop with a few paper flowers on the corners. Ensure lighting is good to get the best photographs.


5. Posters

Create posters of holi sayings like ‘Rang barse’ and ‘Holi Hai’ and stick them around on frames. They will look lovely in photos and also make for nice conversation starters.

The whole purpose of a Holi celebration in office is to cut the formality and encourage the employees to interact with each.

With ground rules set, we are sure the celebration is going to be unique and something employees will cherish.


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