12 Holi Themed Party Ideas – Creative Holi Celebration Ideas for Home/Outdoors

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Holi is hands down one of the most fun festivals we celebrate in our country.

It’s full of colour, music, dance, food and joy.

It signifies the triumph of the good over the evil and is celebrated with enthusiasm in almost every part of the country.

Since it’s a community festival which is celebrated in large groups, it’s a great idea to plan a Holi party and invite your happy bunch to it so you can all have a good time.

Plus that makes the celebration private and safe.

If you are on the same page as us and are planning a Holi party either at home or outdoors, here are 12 ideas to make your Holi Party a super hit!

1. Keep a Bollywood theme

Bollywood theme dance

Since Bollywood has glorified Holi so much and dedicated several songs, dialogues and scenes to this festival, it’s a good idea to keep a Bollywood theme for your Holi party.

It will be a lot of fun to see several Amitabh Bachchans walking in your party in their andaaz.

2. Go eco-friendly

Eco friendly cups and plates

Keep organic colours for celebration and avoid using water.

For décor opt for something that is sustainable and re-usable.

Messy is pretty when it comes to Holi. If you are using disposables for serving food and drink, opt for the biodegradable plates and spoons

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3. Add live music

Holi Live Music

No Holi party is complete without Bollywood music.

And while speakers do just as fine, if you can get some live singers to the party, it will definitely make the celebration more fun.

You can also get a dhol-wala to get everyone on their toes.

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4. Make a photo booth

Photo Booth

You know your party is a hit when your Facebook feed is flooded with pictures of the event.

And if you have a funky photo booth, be rest assured people won’t stop clicking.

You could choose to create a dramatic photobooth with just one single colour so that the people in front stand out or you can go with the colour theme and make a colourful background.

Use Holi elements like pichkaris to add an element of interest to the backdrop or make one that shows colours dripping down from the top.

5. Get creative with the drinks

Water Drinks for Holi

While the traditional drink served on Holi is Thandai, you can opt for other drinks like Kesar milk, Jaljeera, etc.

And if you are willing to experiment, get creative mocktails made with kiwis, beetroot and oranges to add colour and spice to the party.

Here are some mocktails deals for Holi.  And if you want to get high without having bhaang, try this whisky thandai recipe  we are sure you will love!

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6. Holi Food Ideas – Innovate with the menu

Holi themed Food

Samosas, Dahi Wadas and biryanis are done to death.

Get innovative with planning your Holi party menu, and use colour as the theme.

So have colourful idlis, pesto pasta, beetroot rice and Kesari paneer.

Get a pink kheer with some rose colour added to it and make some white chocolate pops and add colourful sprinkles on them.

Your guests will savour the change!

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7. Hire a photographer


With so much water, colour and madness floating around, people might be wary of getting their smartphones out for those precious clicks.

Hire a photographer to do that instead. You’ll not regret the money spent on this one, one bit.


8. Holi Party games

Balloon games

Plan to play some engaging games that your guests can participate in, to make the celebration all the more fun.

Games could be something simple as tug of war, you could play a lemon race (after some tequila!) or plan for some one-minute games like filling maximum water balloons in a minute, transferring maximum water from one bucket to another using a tiny pichkari, etc.

You could also play tambola to keep elders and kids engaged or plan a Bollywood trivia game.

9. Karaoke


Once the sun is up and the colour play has ceased, you can plan for karaoke.

It will be a lot of fun to see several bathroom singers come out of the closet, and make their debut, thanks to the bhaang, or not.

Ensure you have a big screen and ample speakers so everyone can enjoy the singing and dancing.

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10. Plan a movie screening

Holi Movie Screening

Plan a movie screening at home and choose a cult movie like Andaaz Apna Apna or Sholay and let everyone enjoy watching a movie in a casual set up like the good old days.

Encourage everyone to say the dialogues loud and dance to the songs.

It will be a lot of fun, especially if it’s with a bunch of old buddies.


11. Plan a foot spa station

Foot Spa Station

Hire a professional foot spa agency, and let people indulge in a relaxing massage.

In between all the colour play, singing and dancing, people would love to get pampered.

You would be thanked ample for this sweet gesture.


12. End on a sweet note

Holi Sweets

Plan small giveaways for all the guests comprising of some Holi sweets.

It could be gujjiyas or you could give them some kesar kheer in small pots or jars decorated on top.

You could also make small give away hampers with dry fruits and some snacks.

Or if you want to go modern, customise some cupcakes for the occasion and give those as return favours.

The whole idea of celebrating Holi and planning a Holi party with friends and family is to enjoy.

And to ensure that everyone enjoys the party, it’s important to set the ground rules.

Politely request guests to avoid bringing synthetic colours or permanent colours that ruin clothes, skin and the surroundings.

Make it an event to enjoy, make memories and do so while respecting each other. Happy Holi!

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