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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Outside India To Visit Under 2 Lakhs (2020)

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After all the wedding madness, it’s only fair that you and your partner take off for an exotic holiday abroad to unwind!

Honeymoon is a fabulous way to kick start your marriage and whatever style of wedding you choose to do, skipping the honeymoon is not recommended at all!

If budget is a constraint, we’ve got a solution for that too.

Here are 10 international destinations perfect for a honeymoon that can you visit in a budget of Rs 2 Lakh. Take your pick!

1. Paris, Switzerland

Eiffel Tower

Nothing can beat Parisians when it comes to romance! So swirl your tongue and brush up your French and take your honey to the land of wine and cheese.

A picture under the Eiffel Tower will make a memory for a lifetime. And from the land of cheese you can take a train ride to Bollywood’s favourite, the land of chocolates.

Enjoy the alpine views, the breath taking scenery and relax in the luxurious Swiss hospitality. What’s better than chilly weather and a heated room for a honeymoon?

It’s not difficult to plan your own trip to Paris and Switzerland with direct flights costing you anything between Rs 30,000-35,0000/person and per day expense being around 100 euros or around Rs 8,000/couple.

Decent accommodation would cost about 100-120 euros so about 8,000-10,000 per night.

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2. Turkey


With a perfect mix of culture and romance, and absolute delight for foodies, Istanbul is the mecca for honeymooners who would like to do something different from the usual.

Walk their streets, enjoy their kebabs, breathe in the hookah and dance to the tunes of the melodious Turkish music.

Whether you are a couple who enjoys night life or the one who’d like to spend hours sitting by the Bosporus romancing the scenic city views, a foodie couple who’d like to go on a kebab trail or dig into their exotic blue crabs, Istanbul won’t disappoint.

After spending 2-3 days in Istanbul, you can head to Cappadoccia for a rendezvous with the Turkish natural landscape and enjoy the journey through the blinding white cliffs and vineyards.

To stick to your budget of 2 lakhs, you’ll probably have to take a connecting flight to Turkey that will cost you Rs 30,000-40,000 per person.

With a per night average accommodation cost of about Rs 10,000 you can get a stay at a good hotel in the city centre.

So if you are planning a 6-day trip, you still have over Rs 60,000 left with you that you can blow up on food and entertainment.

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3. South Africa

South Africa
South Africa

If you are looking at an offbeat yet exotic holiday destination then you may end your search with South Africa. Head to Cape Town to spend some time with seals and penguins, and enjoy a romantic sunset on a cruise at Knysna Lagoon.

Visit the mesmerizing Sun City that holds adventure, relaxation, and recreation in dollops for all visitors, and if you love adventure, explore the Imposing Table Mountain, or spend quality time at Hout Bay.

Enjoy a bit of history at the Mariner’s Wharf and Malay Quarter and indulge in a culture not too different from ours yet with wide gradients.

Doing South Africa in the budget would be a little tough since the cheapest flight you can get is Air Mauritius for around Rs 50,000.

Average accommodation cost would be Rs 10,000/night, so if you plan for 5 days, you have only Rs 50,000 left for food and entertainment. Doable we say.

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4. Maldives


If you just want to kick back and relax after the wedding madness, Maldives is the place for you. Enjoy the stunning beaches, soft white sands, get pampered by luxury and warm hospitality and spend the days with your honey sipping cocktails and eating shrimps.

If you want to do something adventurous, sign up for diving lessons and explore the underwater world. That will be something to remember for both of you on this trip.

Maldives offers a unique experience in the form of overwater bungalows, so you could book a night or two at those.

But realistically speaking, you are going to spend a good part of your day on the beach, so any luxury resort is good.

Doing this trip under 2 lakhs isn’t going to be difficult if you make the right choices.

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5. Spain


Spain is one of Europe’s best kept secrets and offers the best of culture and relaxation.

For extra-ordinary architecture head to Barcelona, to experience Spanish culture in a large city format include Madrid in your plan and to relax by the stunning coastline, head to Marbella, a hidden gem that can give Ibizza a run for its money.

If you want to plan this trip under 2 lakhs, you will have to rough it out a bit, since flights would cost you about 50,000 per head to Barcelona or Madrid.

Cost of accommodation varies from season to destination to the comforts, so here is where you will need to compromise.

If you can find accommodation for 100 euros, you’d spend about 40,000 for 5 nights and will be left with about Rs 60,000 for internal travel, food and entertainment. It’s definitely doable, if you have the will.


6. Germany-Austria cycling tour/beer tour

Cycling Tour

If you are keen on making experiences with your better half, this is a good time to do so.

Romance the Austrian countryside on your cycles, dance to the tunes of the Sound of Music in Salzburg, and head for a beer trail to some of the finest breweries in the country.

End the tour at the beer lovers dream city Munich and enjoy a relaxing evening at a beer garden chugging massive mugs of beer with thousands of likeminded people for company, all under a canopy of trees and greens!

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7. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

If you want to just relax by the beach, get pampered by Asian hospitality, indulge in scrumptious food and rejuvenating Balinese massages, Bali is the place for you.

With a happening night life, Bali has recently gained popularity amongst young crowd who want a break from city life.

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8. Portugal


Explore this tiny country replete with fairy-tale like forest scenery that has inspired many famous poets, architecture including the beautiful colourful tile covered row buildings within the city walls of Pena, Port Wine at its home Porto, and a unique mixture of modern city and old world feel at Lisbon.

Home to some of the oldest standing castles and oldest vineyards, Portugal is sure not to disappoint.

If you can do a road trip nothing like it; often an hour’s drive leaves you feeling like you are in a completely different place.

You can get an Air France flight to Lisbon for about 45,000 per head and this personalised land package by Thomas Cook can take care of the rest.


9. Scotland


The land of breath-taking natural beauty Scotland offers a great combination of good food, warm people, culture and nature. All ingredients for a perfect honeymoon.

You can party in Edinburg and then drive to the Highlands for a memorable rendezvous with nature.

Coz when you’re on honeymoon, it’s the journey that is more important than the destination.

You can get a Turkish Airlines flight to London for about Rs 34,000 per head and then take a train to Scotland or fly direct to Scotland for about Rs 40,000.

For the land package you can either choose to do it yourself, it will cost you about 80 euros a night for decent stay and 80-100 euros for entertainment and food.

Alternately you go for this land package by Nirvana Excursions and enjoy stress free.


10. Mauritius


The land of breath-taking beaches Mauritius is a fabulous choice for a vacation where you can enjoy 5 star luxury in a fabulous price.

Bask in the sunshine, sink your feet in the sands, enjoy water sports and if you’re up to it take a tour around the African shores to indulge in some unique shopping and visiting some out of the box sites.

Enjoy this all-inclusive Mauritius package by SOTC to get over the wedding madness and enjoy your honeymoon.

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