10 Ways To Check If An Online Shopping Website Is Legit

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What!!??! The latest phone in the market is available at 70 per cent discount on xyz site? Too good to be true, isn’t it? Right! If its ‘too good to be true’ it probably isn’t true. So hang on before you risk your money buying that phone you so desperately want.  What if the online shopping website isn’t genuine? Do not fret. We have some checkpoints to help you decide on the authenticity of the porta

1. Review and Research

Review and Research
Review And Research

Key in the name of the website. Google it well to check on the reviews. DO NOT get carried away by the reviews on the portal itself. Put on your detective hat and do your own investigation. If people have shopped on this portal before, you will be able to read the feedback. Take your decision accordingly.


2. Who.is

This is a very valuable tool at your disposal. Browse who.is and key in the company’s URL. This will take you to a detailed information sheet on the geographic location, website’s registration and expiry date. Who.is also shows details about the person who is behind the website’s registration. Any website that is new or is nearing expiry, needs to be taken note of. They could be in for some scam.

e.g. https://who.is/whois/flipkart.com

3. It Pop’s-Up? Beware!

According to an article appeared in in.norton.com, it is important to be careful about clicking on realistic looking retail ads that pop-up while we are on the internet. It goes on to state that these pop-ups do not take you to a website at all, but rather to a phony operation designed to steal your personal information. Majority of the reputable retailers do not use pop-ups

4. Use a Google Transparency Report

 Google Transparency Report
Google Transparency Report

Too much of a hard work? Well, it is all to save your hard earned money. And trust us, this shall not take much of your time. Access the Google Transparency Report webpage. This should help you to run a website’s address through this service to see the safety ratings of it on Google

5. Padlock and Key

Just before clicking on the ‘pay’ button, look for icons such as a padlock or unbroken key at the top or bottom of your browse as a sign that encryption is used. This is important as these encryptions are used for online safety and this helps the fraudsters from stealing your personal / financial informati


We all have read a lot about this. If in case the website doesn’t have the “https” tag, it is important that we take note and avoid it. That ‘s’ in the end does make a difference. A “http” website is low on security. Make sure the website’s payment page in particular is an “https” page

7. Domain Details

Domain Details
Domain Details

If the offer from the portal you shop regularly looks just too good, check on the domain name again. An alphabet may be missing in the name or there could be a symbol in between. Meaning? A lot of fraudulent websites will use a domain name that reads similar to the reputed domain name. For e.g. Amazon.in may be Amaz0n.in. The ‘o’ in amazon is smartly replaced in a ‘0’

8. Return Policy and EMI option

Most of the authentic shopping websites offer and EMI option and also offer 100 per cent refund option. Check on the same. The very omission of these two factors need to be evaluated before you decide to trust them

9. Install Anti-Malware

For all those of you out there who are hooked to online shopping, this is extremely important. You cannot NOT have anti-malware on your laptop / phone. What if the fraudulent website is a spyware and is there to access all your passwords and security information saved on your device? Better to have all the security in place, isn’t it

10. About Us

We know you despise invading someone’s privacy but then the case here calls you to do so with all right. Any new portal that you come across that is offering unbelievable shopping options, needs to be checked for its authenticity. Scroll down to check on the ‘About Us’ option. Does the content there read well? Is there a customer care number given? If yes, call. If not, check if there is an email id shared. If yes, email. Do your groundwork well before you click on the ‘buy’ button.

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