How to select an Embroidery Machine in India: A Buyer’s Guide

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Sewing Machines have been part of not only Indian tradition but also an integral part of a homemaker’s life. These machines are categorised based on functionality, specially features like sewing, embroidery and quilting. While we already have a detailed guide on best sewing machines in India, in this article we are going to cover everything about an embroidery machine.

Embroidery sewing machines are different because they create stitch in several patterns using a different colour of threads. Today, an automatic embroidery sewing machine is extremely popular that comes with special features, helping with embroidery, Pico, hemming and many others.

Embroidery Machine for Beginners

Embroidery is a sophisticated craft and beginners need to know the basics of sewing techniques before they can learn about embroidery. This is why the best embroidery machine for beginners is a simple zigzag machine.

A zigzag machine is a basic embroidery sewing machine that is suitable for naïve people who want to learn both sewing and embroidering. It is a budget option to buy before you can move onto more sophisticated computerised embroidery machines.

Embroidering can be particularly difficult for beginners unless they master their sewing basics like simple stitching. In embroidery, you have to move the fabric in different directions manually so that the design on the fabric can be adjusted according to the movement of the needle. There are many skills to learn like how to manipulate different colour threads and how to adjust the thread tension according to the type of embroidery stitch. This can be best learned with zigzag machines.

Here is one of the best basic zigzag machines to learn embroidering and stitching.

Usha Janome Excella Automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Machine





Embroidery machine for skilled people

An electronic embroidery machine is best for skilled people who want to do embroidering for house projects and tailoring. Most electronic sewing machines can be used as embroidery machine as well as a simple sewing machine. These machines come with different modes of sewing.  All you have to do is to change the default stitching presser foot with different types of other presser feet according to the stitching pattern you want to create. Such embroidery machines are easy to control and manage.

Computerised embroidery machine of the latest models come with all smart features such as LCD screens, USB port connectivity and power backup. On these embroidery machines, you can load an embroidery pattern or design using the USB and the machine will create the pattern automatically. However, computerised embroidery machines are generally used in garment industries as they are heavy-duty machines that are designed to produce products on a large scale. Home embroidery machines are distinct from these machines.

An electronic embroidery machine will be more suitable for you if you want to create home projects or do tailoring on a small scale. A large computerised embroidery machine is much more expensive and not easy to maintain. If you do not want to create complicated embroidery designs or need advanced features, you are better off with buying a mechanical sewing machine that is less expensive.

Best Electric Embroidery Sewing Machine to buy 

Singer START 1306 Embroidery Sewing Machine

Singer Embroidery Machine


Usha Marvela Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Marvel Embroidery Machine


Embroidery machine for professionals

A computerised embroidery machine is the most versatile of all models capable of producing varieties of the embroidery pattern. These machines are usually used for embroidering patterns on a huge scale in less time. Most sewing professionals make use of computerised embroidery machines for producing high-quality large-scale designs and patterns.

One of the most useful features of such machines is their ability to directly connect to the Internet or USB so that you can load more patterns for automatic embroidery. Most of these machines come with inbuilt stitches capacity of 50 to 200. Computerised embroidery machines are heavy-duty machines that can handle any type of fabric. If you run a small-scale business or a garment factory, you are better off with these machines as they can produce embroidered fabric in less time.

How to select an Embroidery Machine?

Skill level

Embroidery machine should be chosen based on the level of skills you possess. If you are a beginner, a simple cigarette machine is ideal for learning the basics of embroidering. However, a skilled person or a professional can choose electronic embroidery sewing machine, featuring varieties of patterns. A computerised embroidery machine is best for industrial use.

Machine brand and quality

Before you buy an embroidery machine, the brand and quality of the model are important to consider. Good quality machines run efficiently, effectively and productively. Invest in a good quality machine to avoid spending on regular repairs.

Utilization purpose 

Keep the purpose and usage of the machine you want to buy into account. There is no point in investing in an expensive computerised embroidery machine if there is no heavy-duty requirement. Choose the right budget embroidery machine based on utilisation purpose.

Required features

Consider the features that are included in the model before you can make a purchase. Features like inbuilt stitch capacity, LCD/LED screen, auto needle threader, buttonhole stitch, auto-cutter, top-loading bobbin drop, free arm, compact size, etc. are some of the features that you must consider.

Price and budget 

Last but not least, you should match the price of an embroidery machine with your budget along with the required features. To buy the most suitable embroidery sewing machine within your budget, compare the features of the models that fall in your budget and then choose wisely.


An embroidery machine can be a wonderful crafting tool to show your creativity. But before you can invest in any model, make sure you know what features you require and for what purpose you will be using the machine for. It is the secret of finding the best embroidery sewing machine within your budget.