Indian Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Kindergarten Kids & Pre-Schoolers

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Our kids have obviously not been a part of the freedom struggle, and many aren’t fortunate enough to have great grandparents either who can narrate their personal experiences during the struggle, like we heard.

So the only way to imbibe a feeling of patriotism within them is through imparting knowledge about it in a way that they are receptive to it.

Independence Day celebrations are thus an absolute must in schools, and we encourage parents and communities everywhere to take the lead in planning activities amongst kids and pre-schoolers for Independence Day so they understand the relevance of it.

Here are some ways in which we can celebrate Independence Day with kindergarten kids and pre-schoolers, and teach them about the freedom struggle, about the diversity and importance of unity in our country, and more, all in a fun way!

Independence Week Celebration 

Independence Week celebration
Independence Week Celebration


Instead of restricting the celebration to just 1 day, plan an Independence Day week with each day dedicated to a different state.

Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Amritsar, Kolkata or whichever state you have kids from. Ask the parents to send the children in traditional outfits from those states, and with food from that region.

Plan activities related to that state and let the children listen to the local language of that state, learn about its history, geography, art and crafts. Invite a parent to volunteer and talk about that state if any.

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29 States Fun Fair

Plan an Independence Day fete with parents and make 29 stalls, one for each state of the country.

Plan, decor, activities, etc around each state like painting the outline of the state, art and craft, 1 minute games, etc around the theme of the state and let children have fun.

If the parents can prepare food from each state, let children enjoy the diversity of flavours our country has to offer!

29 states fun fair
29 States Fun Fair



Party Dressed as Independence Day Freedom Fighters

Plan a superhero party with the National Heroes that fought for our freedom during the Independence struggle.

Tell the kids stories and make visuals of our freedom fighters and narrate them in the same tone as we narrate superhero stories.

Keep props like Subhash Chandra Bose’s cap, Gandhiji’s spectacles and walking stick, Bhagat Singh’s hat and moustache, etc ready and let children wear them and play around.

It will connect them more to the National heroes and will imbibe a feeling of patriotism in their mind.

Indian Independence Freedom Fighters
Indian Independence Freedom Fighters

Watch a Patriotic Movie

Kids love watching movies and if its with their friends, they’ll love to watch it even more.

Plan a movie playdate and invite kids to come in their tricolour clothes, get the projector out and keep the popcorn ready.

Telecast a movie about the freedom struggle and let the kids enjoy as they understand the real meaning of Independence Day.

Choose from Bollywood favourite movies like Border, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey or opt for short animated films on YouTube like this one.

Border Movie
Border Movie


Explaining concepts of unity, diversity and freedom through nature

Plan a tree plantation drive for the kids for Independence Day and explain to them the importance of preserving our environment as we enjoy our independence from the British Raj.

Explain concepts of unity and diversity through trees, by explaining how trees grow best in clusters (unity) and how trees of different kinds also survive and support each other for survival (diversity).

India Map
India Map

If you want to add more to the concept, bring in some caged birds and let the kids free them and see them fly away.

This is particularly a great idea for pre-schoolers who will learn the concept of freedom through this activity.

Vande Mataram fest

Bengali poem Vande Mataram written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee has played a vital role in motivating our freedom fighters through the freedom struggle and since then many musical versions of it have been released.

It is probably one of the most famous patriotic songs in our country, and even today it stirs emotions plenty amongst Indians of all ages.

Girls dancing on Independence Day
Girls Dancing on Independence Day

What makes this song further unique is its versatility. Plan a Vande Mataram fest for kids and let them make groups and perform on the song.

The performances could be through dance forms like Indian classical dance, tap dancing, shadow dancing, anything, or even through drama or vocals.

This will engage children with the feeling of patriotism, and teach them to work unitedly in groups. Invite parents to see the performances and encourage them.

Independence Day art and craft activities

Tricolour lanterns

Buy white colour paper lanterns from the market and draw two lines on them all around to make the lantern into three parts.

Give kids green and saffron colour and ask them to paint the lantern using brushes, leaves, fingers, sponges, whatever they desire.

Once they complete painting it, put a lamp inside and light all the lanterns. You will not need any more décor for the celebration.

Tricolour lanterns
Tricolour Lanterns


T-shirt painting

Instead of having the kids wear the shop-bought tricolour t-shirts, have them paint their own t-shirts through hand painting.

Paint the top part of their hand with saffron, centre with white and bottom with green and create an impression on a white t-shirt.

Once its dry, paint a blue Ashoka chakra with a brush and their personalised t-shirt will be ready!

T-shirt painting
T-shirt Painting

For pre-school kids, either you could paint their hands, or you could divide their t-shirts into three parts and allow them to make their palm impressions on the t-shirts within the lines in saffron and green colour separately.

Nehru cap origami craft

Pre-school kids will love this one and it will make for lovely photographs later. Follow this tutorial and have them make their own Nehru topi and wear it.

Nehru cap origami craft for kids
Nehru Cap Origami Craft for Kids

Divide the kids into 3 groups and give them each one colour paper from the tricolour. Don’t forget to click lots of pics after the project!


Independence Day Games & Activities for Kids and Pre-Schoolers

Quizzy corners

This is the easiest and the most fun game to play during Independence Day celebrations in schools or at home.

Make four corners and call each of them North India, South India, East India and West India. Start the music and ask the children to dance.

Quizzy corners
Quizzy Corners

When the music stops, they must pick a corner. Then pick chits and whichever corner is on it, the kids in that corner need to answer a question related to that part of the country.

If no one from the group is able to answer then the whole group is out and the rest keep playing.

A great game to combine fun and impart more knowledge about the country. Cut the quiz out for pre-schoolers and stick to four corners.


Pin the Ashoka Chakra

For this game, take a large print out of the flag without the Ashoka chakra and make a cut-out of the Ashoka chakra separately.

Mount the flag on a wall with some padding (or use thermocol) and attach the chakra to a pin.

Blindfold each kid and ask them to pin the Ashoka chakra in the centre of the flag. It’s a fun activity that can be played by kids of all ages.

Pin the Ashoka Chakra
Pin the Ashoka Chakra


Crossword puzzle

Make a crossword puzzle with words that are related to Independence Day like Freedom, United, Patriotism, National pride, Gandhi, Satyagraha, etc and hand it over to the children.

The child who finds the maximum words in 1 minute must be rewarded. This game will improve awareness and concentration in kids.

Crossword puzzle
Crossword Puzzle



Pre-schoolers will love this! Plan a relay race and ask kids to carry the national flag and hand it over to the partner who then runs forward to the other partner. Its physical exercise and helps build team work.


The aim of Independence Day celebrations for the kids is to imbibe a feeling of patriotism within them and impart knowledge about its relevance.

However, kids follow the lead of their parents, so please ensure that as a parent you set the right example, respect the national flag, attend the flag hoisting ceremony in your society if any, and share the stories about the freedom struggle you heard from your grandparents with your kids. Jai Hind!



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