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10 Best Women’s Day Gifting Ideas – Creative Gifts To Make The Ladies Feel Special

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A day earmarked by the United Nations to celebrate womanhood, appreciate women achievers, the progress made by women in every field, and bring in a sense of closeness amidst women from across the world, International women’s day is celebrated every year on March 8th. It’s a special day.

It’s a day each person must reflect on how valuable the various women in one’s life are, a day where women must set targets for themselves and reflect on their achievements in the past.

It’s a day everyone should celebrate, men and women alike.

The celebration could be something as simple as cooking up a meal for the special women in your life or penning down your thoughts about what the lady of your life means to you.

If you are looking for simple ideas to make the women around you feel special on woman’s day, here are some:



Women's day flowers


Buy a bunch of roses and hand them over to the woman around you. It could be your office colleagues or a bunch of friends.

Accompany the rose with a personalized note highlighting one thing you admire about the lady and see her glow with happiness thanks to this small gesture. It’s worth making her smile.

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breakfast for the women at home


Make breakfast for the women at home.

Mornings are the toughest for most women and they handle all the pressure of cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc without even letting you know.

Let her sleep in a little longer, and cook up a special breakfast for her and the family. Check out these quick breakfast ideas to make life easier.


Women, you can be kind to other women too. Give your house help an off and plan lunch with your girls! Celebrate being a woman, and if time permits go for a foot spa with your girlfriends.



Donation Box celebrate Woman's day


Here is another way women can celebrate Woman’s day. Donate. Get rid of the clutter in your closet and donate your old clothes, shoes, bags, bed sheets and whatever you haven’t used in a while to other women who are not as fortunate as you.

You will feel great since you have done a noble deed, and a de-cluttered closet means more positivity!


Cooking Kit


A wonderful gift you can give the special woman in your life is a hobby. In the humdrum of life, a lot of women side-line their hobbies.

Refresh their hobbies for them and gift them all that they need to get back to the hobby.

So say if she likes to paint, gift her all she needs including an empty canvas.

If she likes baking, gift her an oven, new baking equipment or simple ingredients that will help her make things she likes.


Women's day call-your-grandma


Pick up the phone and call your grandparents, aunts, teachers and all the women who have made a difference in your life.

They will be touched to know how you feel and while it may be awkward in the beginning, the conversation will remain with them and you for long.


If you are in a position of power, plan a woman’s day celebration in your office.

Celebrate their contribution and if possible appreciate each one of them, highlight their achievements and let them know how much you value their contribution to the office/department.


And if you want to keep it traditional and celebrate woman’s day with your wife, best friend, mother or the most special woman of your life, you must ensure you have a thoughtful and creative gift to give her.

Here are some ideas you could use:

Woman’s day gifts for wife/girlfriend

1. A personalised apron

women's day personalised apron

This one is for the women who love to cook. Gift her a personalised apron that refers to her as the ‘queen’ or ‘boss’ or something that makes her feel special.

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2. Kama Ayurveda Rose gift box

Kama Ayurveda Gift Box

A pure, natural and complete skin and body range with the goodness of pure roses, the rose of your life is sure to feel special with this one.

It comprises of a rose cinnamon and orange soap with pure essential oils, a rose and jasmine bath and body oil with antioxidant and regenerative properties, a rose lip balm with the goodness of pure Rose essential oil, a rose and jasmine face cleanser that keeps skin soft and clear without drying and a bottle of pure rosewater that acts as a perfect toner for the skin.

Price: Rs 2300

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3. High Heel wine bottle holder

High Heel Bottle Wine Holder

She is not the conventional woman, and you love that!

This high heel wine bottle holder is a creative gift to let her know how you embrace her style and enjoy the wine and conversations you can have together. Bring it on!

Price: Rs 2490

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4. Cozy microwaveable boots

Cozy Microwaveable Boots

Her tired feet need a break and the fact that you thought about it is going to make her feel awesome!

These plush boots can be microwaved for her to enjoy some warm comfort as she sips on her favorite coffee or reads a book after a long day.

Scented with relaxing lavender, they are sure to calm her senses and soothe her tired muscles.

Price: Rs: 1796

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5. Girl Boss laptop sleeve

Girl Boss Sleeve


She is a rockstar. Manages home and work beautifully, ensures you get your meals, the kids are up to date with their homework and the dog is fed in time.

She is a girl boss, and she has defined her path, her way.

This laptop sleeve is a great way to let her know she is doing a fabulous job and that you support her at all times.

Price: Rs 1500

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Woman’s day gifts for employees

1. A potted plant

Potted Plant

Gift all the woman in your office with a simple potted plant and a message that reads ‘No one can nurture, better than you. Happy Women’s Day’.

Expect to see her smile all day long, and every time she waters the plant, she will remember you and feel motivated to keep being as awesome as she is.

Price: Rs 200

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2. Crown pens


Crown Pens


Make her feel like a queen with this crown pen not just on women’s day but on every single day she hits her work desk.

It’s a great way to make her realize that a lot of power lies in her hand and that you appreciate and respect her.

Price: Rs 300 for 3 pens

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3. Personalised bookmarks

Personalised Chains

Gift every woman employee a personalised bookmark or with a creative saying and see her flaunt it in style.

You can create one with a special quote for the lady or get something off the shelf. Remember, it has to be meaningful.

Check out LoveThisStuff collection of personalised bookmarks here


4. Battery pack

Ambrane Battery Pack


With so many things on her mind, it’s not unusual for her to forget to charge her phone. Gift her this battery pack and let her know, its ok to slip up sometimes.

And that you will always have her back. In no time she will be charged again!

Price: Rs 779

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5. A day off coupon

The best way to appreciate a woman is by letting her know you care. Gift the woman in your office a ‘day off coupon’ and see them appreciate the gesture.

They should be allowed to use this coupon in addition to their usual leaves. 8 hours less work in a year is sure to keep them motivated and more productive for the rest of the year!

Women’s day is once in a year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate womanhood!


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    Well, what more can you gift a woman on Women’s Day? Very well written and good list.

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