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11 Fun Republic Day (26th Jan) Celebration Ideas for Kids

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The Constitution of India is a very unique constitution. It is the largest written liberal democratic constitution of the world and stands tall amidst the constitution of other democratic countries.

It is but natural we need to celebrate its birthday each year, isn’t it? Unlike Independence Day, unfortunately, Republic Day remains elusive of celebration and we do have either schools or our building society taking much initiative to involve children in the Republic Day celebration.

To ensure, children have a good time this upcoming 26th Jan, we have some cool ideas for you to implement that would tempt the little munchkins to await the next one and of course inspire those who haven’t celebrated once they see you uploading the pictures on your social media platforms.

So here’s presenting to you 11 fun republic celebration ideas perfect for school going kids, kindergarten tots and preschoolers.

1. Dress Code and Gift Code

Dress Code
Dress Code

Its cliché to be dressed in clothes with colours that are similar to that of tri-colour. Instead, let children dress up in any traditional attire.

You can even draw chits to encourage variety and versatility. You might end up with a Gujarati child dressed up as a Punjabi, a Maharashtrian child dressed as a Muslim, a Catholic child dressed as a South Indian etc.

This will allow children to subconsciously imbibe the different cultures of India and bring in a feeling of unity.


2. Crafting Ideas – Draw/Decorate the Flag


This is especially to get in the mood. No matter what you have planned for the day, make sure to begin the Republic Day anniversary celebrations with this one.

Each child needs to be given a white sheet, colours and embellishments like sequences, pompoms, crepe paper etc. in colours of our national flag. Make it a time bound activity.

Give each child about 25 minutes to draw/decorate the flag. Let this not be a competition based game.

Once they complete their flags, have a Polaroid photograph taken of each child with their flag and put that photograph in the goodie bag of each child that can be presented to them towards the end of the event.

3. Fact Check

Fact Check
Fact Check

Once you are through with the above activity, let there be a small presentation shown to the children about the diversity in India.

The Constitution of our country embodies equal rights and respect for people irrespective of caste, colour and creed. The presentation can be titled – People of India.

You can have a short introduction of people from different religions and castes shown in the presentation and the culture they follow ending with a picture of each one in their respective symbolic clothing holding hands with each other.

Once the presentation is through, let all children get up and hold hands or let them randomly hug each other and click as many pictures as you can on the Polaroid and put the relevant ones in their goodie bag.

This will be a lifetime memory for them to remind them of how exciting it is to have a diverse mindset whilst embracing different cultures of India! A much needed thing to show children today!



4. Blow the Balloons



A physical activity to warm up a bit post having the children sit through the presentation. Give each child balloons of the tricolour and ask them to blow and tie the saffron, white and green together.

Draw the Ashoka Chakra on the white balloon. These will make for perfect décor and photo ups!


5. Food Time!


You can have the basic snacks ready for them like chips, juice and chocolates. But let them prepare the sandwiches.

Some grated carrot for saffron, green chutney and a slice of white cheese. Give each of them a box filled with the ingredients and ask them to prepare and have it.

You will be surprised to see children munching on the sandwiches even those who do not like carrots. For the main course, you can consider keeping a traditional Indian meal like simple dal rice or kadhi chawal.


6. Involve the moms


If the moms are willing to participate, create an Incredible India food fest wherein you can set up stalls from all the states of India with their special dishes.

That way children get to taste food from all the states of our country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and learn about it too. If there are older kids, you can ask them to man the stalls as well.



7. Story Session

Story Session
Story Session

Pick up a story related to India. Not a freedom struggle story. There is enough of it in our history books.

A story which allows children to understand Indian values and feel proud of our culture.

Check out this link for some good story ideas.


8. Quiz Competition

Quiz Competition
Quiz Competition

To teach the kids about the country’s constitution, it’s a good idea to use games as a medium.

Some games you can consider playing would be a constitution quiz where you can make teams and the team that answers maximum questions wins.

If the group is small, you can play four corners by naming the corners North, South, West and East India. For smaller kids, you can have a picture identification quiz or guess the National Hero game.




9. Organize a Cultural festival

Cultural festival
Cultural Festival

Allow the children to participate and be a part of a cultural fest you organize wherein children can form groups and make performances like traditional dances, enacting different national heroes etc.

Encourage each child to participate and come up with their own ideas.


10. Fun Time on the Bus

Fun Time on the Bus
Fun Time

If you want to skip the indoors and take the party outdoors, then this is a great idea! BEST buses have this wonderful initiative of allowing you to hire open buses for a quick city tour.

Make sure to carry tri-colour balloons. Children can tie them on the railings of the bus. The tour can be to the major landmarks of the city which have a story behind them that can be narrated during the trip.


11. Visit to an Old-age home/Orphanage


You can also plan a short visit to an old age home or an orphanage. Here, you can have a repeat of the sandwich and balloon activity to involve the aged from the old age home or children from the orphanage.

You can request each child to carry a gift for the members of the old age home/orphanage. These gifts can be hand-made, within a certain budget or simple utility items.

Make sure you have the numbers in place well beforehand.

Lets make celebrations fun and meaningful this 26th January.


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