Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

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It is everyone’s favorite time of the year in India! Diwali, the festival of lights literally illuminates everything around us. From happy faces to gorgeously done up homes, it is a treat to the eyes all around.

We have enlisted a few home decor ideas for your living room to add a dash of glamour to your interiors this festive season.

Catchy Cushion Covers

You possibly cannot change the sofa covers, but what you can do is add glamour to the sitting space with some exciting cushion covers.

From embroidered to those with sequences and the ones with traditional ethnic motifs, the choice is unlimited. Check out these 5 options we have enlisted for ideas:

1. Multicolor Polyester Peacock Cushion Cover

Extending an ethnic look, this beautiful digitally printed cushion cover with a peacock at the forefront is simply stunning. The picture of a fort behind adds to the royal look and making it a classic choice for festive décor.

Multicolor Polyester Peacock Cushion Cover

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2. Dull Gold Velvet Motif Cushion Cover

Velvet magically adds a royal touch to whatever it is put on. These exclusive velvet cushions with dull gold motifs will add some metallic oomph to your sitting space.

Dull Gold Velvet Motif Cushion CoverYou can check them out here

3. Alina Decor Mustard Cushion Covers

Mustard colour has its own charm. Not as bright as yellow and not too boring as brown, its in-between stance brightens the decor with elan.

These cushion covers in mustard with a whirlpool textured motif are a great choice for festive decor and beyond.

Alina Decor Mustard Cushion Covers

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4. Spun Dec Cushion Cotton

These elegant red and yellow cushions with beautiful mirror work are another fabulous choice to add a bit of traditional glam to your living room. Simple and elegant they make a striking statement.

Spun Dec Cushion Cotton

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5. Cotton Gudri Mirror Embroidered Cushion Cover

This Gudri Dhanau cotton cushion cover features artistic craftsmanship with combination of thread and mirror work. The intricate blue-and-brown pattern with motifs all over give it a beautiful ethnic look.

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Wall Art

Turn your plain wall into a piece of art with some exciting wall stickers that are available in eye-popping designs and themes. Do keep in mind the colour of your curtains and other upholstery before picking up a wall sticker to ensure everything is in sync. The wall stickers are removable so do not worry about being stuck with something till you paint your walls again. Here are 2 options you can consider.

1. Mirror Shapes Abstract Wall Stickers

These tear shaped wall stickers look like they are made of crystal while they actually are made of vinyl. Use them to decorate your side-walls, especially at the place where the lights cause some sort of a reflection. They are sure to create a magical effect.

You can check them out here

2. Peacock Durbar

Add a royal touch to your living room décor this Deepavali with this amazing peacock durbar wall sticker in gold. Place it exactly above your main sitting space and it will feel like you are sitting on a throne… well, at least close to something like that! Jokes apart, the look of your living room is sure to change completely with this sticker and keeping its colour in mind, it should go with most of your upholstery, especially the peacock cushion covers we shared above.

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Crazy about Carpets?

You possibly cannot re-do the flooring or paint it to make it look glamorous, right? What better way than throw in a carpet that enhances the décor of your living room without much effort? Here are some fabulous carpets you can choose from.

1. Spaces Allure Carpet Multicolor Nylon

This elegant carpet with ethnic motifs and a perfect colour combination of a pleasant yellow with brown, grey and black, is sure to add some brightness to your living room décor, making it festive ready!

You can check it out here

2. Zia Carpets

A dd luxury to your living room décor with this amazing Persian designed carpet. 6ft in length, it will cover the floor of your living room with elegance and a soft velvety feel. The colour makes it apt for Diwali home décor.

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Cover it with Curtains

Keeping in mind that October is normally a very hot month, it goes without saying that you would be required to keep your living room air-conditioned for guests to feel at ease. And for that, it becomes imperative for you to draw the curtains. Make sure they are festival ready! Here are the top curtain picks you can choose form:

1. Welhome Snapshot Curtain

Give a stunning look to your windows with these maroon and gold curtains. Diwali is all about glitter and gold and so these curtains fit in just perfect to brighten up your home décor!

You can check them out here

2. Supremo Set Of 2 Frill Curtains

These would compliment the red cushion covers we shared above. The traditional motifs are in line with the essence of Diwali. Put these up to give a stunning look to your living room décor.

You can check them out here

3. Pindia Acrylic Crystal Hanging Curtain

This 20 strings curtain (they are numbered for ease of assembling it) with an arch shape pattern serves as a wonderful and stylish divider. It adds a lot of glamour to your living room décor, especially during the evening.

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Ravishing Rangolis

While there is nothing to beat the beauty of a colourful freehand rangoli, it comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest one being time. And the risk of someone stepping on it to ruin it is pretty much non-negotiable. To deal with these you can consider getting some ready rangolis and having the option of using them indoors or outdoors. Check these out for a ready dose of tradition:

1. Square Ornate Pink N Green Rangoli

This rustic looking square rangoli with pink and green embellishments can be placed near the entrance or on the centre table to add to the Diwali décor of your home. It comes with 4 diyas that can be placed on the sides of the rangoli. When lit, the effect is simply stunning.

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2. SM Craft Creations Acrylic Rangoli

Coloured beads and pearls beautifully come together to adorn this rangoli made using glitter foam polyurethane. The peacock motif looks graceful and striking.

You can check it out here

3. Ready Diya Rangoli In Red Colour

This diya shaped rangoli is a must have for your home this Deepavali. Its colourful beads illuminating the diyas on a striking red backdrop are sure to add a festive aura to the space.

You can find it here.


Décor touches

Be it a new flower vase, an idol of a deity, an ethnic lamp or any exquisite décor element … even a small knick knack can bring in some freshness to your home décor and add to the overall ambience of the living room. If you are looking for something simple to add to the festive feel, consider these:

1. Small Round Multi-Floating Flowers

These t-lights are for your centre table. Place them in a bowl and let them shine and spread their radiance when lit. An ideal way to add a touch of glamour to the otherwise boring table, isn’t it?

You can check them out here

2. Metal Serai Antique Clock

A traditional circular dial and Roman indices make this antique looking table clock a wonderful piece of art best suited to be placed on your television unit or console. The burnished effect suits the Diwali theme making it a perfect addition to your home décor this festive season.

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3. Blue Glass Embossed Design Vase by Gupta Glass Gallery

No matter the kind of flowers you choose – real or artificial, this vintage look, blue vase is sure to add glamour to your home décor this Diwali.

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4. Small Pot Red Copper Kalash

Copper is considered auspicious and so is the colour red. A copper kalash painted red with beautiful stone and pearl work looks stunning. Keep it near the entrance or on the wall mounted shelves in your living room to add to the Diwali mood.

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5. Diwali Decoration Multi Color Multi Function LED NET light

Light up your main door and the living room window with these spectacular multi-colour lights. The reflection of these lights from your curtains during the evenings will create a lovely effect making your Diwali décor look enticing and exciting.

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6. 10 LED Rattan Heart String Fairy Lights Lamp

Decorate your home with these cute heart shaped LED lights that come in a riot of colours. The décor of your living room will automatically look rich and glamorous with these.

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7. PragArt New Rattan LED String Decorative Light

These warm white LED lights with a PVC wire holding them up together looks spectacular when lit. Enhance the evening with their radiance illuminating your living room.

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If you are looking for more options, check out our pick of the top home decor online stores in India or our latest Diwali deals and discounts here.

With a small change of furnishing and table décor, the entire look of your house can be enhanced. And some of this festival cheer can stay with you all year long! Happy decorating!

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