Makar Sankranti celebration

Makar Sankranti Decoration & Celebration Ideas for Office

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A Harvest festival, Makar Sankranti is celebrated with much zest and enthusiasm as it marks the end of the winter months and the beginning of longer days. From kites to bonfires, the festival has a flavour of celebration.

So if you are looking to engage your employees in a fun way, on a day that has great  relevance to the Indian culture, Makar Sankranti is a great idea, especially in West India where the people give great importance to the festival.

It is celebrated as Lohri in North India and Pongal in South India.

Listed below are some fun decoration and celebration ideas while celebrating Makar Sankranti with colleagues in office.

Makar Sankranti Decoration Ideas for Office

Kite theme decor

Kite Theme Decor


The most obvious and fun theme for Makar Sankranti has to be kite themed décor. Get colourful kites and hang them around the office and see the space light up! You even get miniature kites these days for decoration.


Floral decor

flower decor
Floral Decor

Get flowers such as marigold and mogra and decorate the office like a temple. The fragrances and the colours are sure to lighten up everyone’s mood and add to the festive cheer.

Fields theme decor

Field Decor
Field Theme Decor

Recreate the feel of a field in the village by creating décor that resembles grains, greens and elements seen in the fields like tractors, scarecrows etc. The rustic charm and earthy vibe is sure going to infuse a sense of warmth to the office.

Bonfire theme decor

Paper bonfire
Bonfire Theme Decor

Add a little spice to the décor by making the bonfire the key element. Make artificial bonfire with paper and crepe paper and keep miniature versions of it all around the office.

 Eco friendly decor

Eco friendly decor
Eco Friendly Decor

If you want to give out the message of sustainability loud and clear, opt for eco-friendly décor and use natural materials like jute and bamboo to do the decor.

Instead of buying store bought decorations, ask employees to decorate their own cubicle with waste paper and fun crafts and see the creativity they present.

Announce a prize for the best decorated cubicle and give scores on innovativeness and eco friendliness.
Celebrations like these are a way for all management and employees to communicate on an impersonal level and bond with each other.

Such opportunities must be planned keeping the convenience of everyone in mind and must come bundled with the spirit of camaraderie.

In addition to lighting up the office, you could also engage employees in fun and frolic Makar Sankranti activies and games. Here are a few ideas.

Makar Sankranti Celebration Ideas for Office

Plan a bon fire evening

Bon Fire Evening

Since Makar Sankranti is the last day of winter, it is celebrated by burning a bonfire. And who doesn’t like a nice bonfire party?

Take this opportunity to have a bonfire gathering and throw a party with some traditional dishes on the menu and see everyone enjoy and bond.

Traditionally, for this festival, all families prepare Appalu, a sweet made of jaggery and rice flour and dappalam, a dish made with pumpkin and other vegetables. If you can get someone to make these, consider your party to be a super hit!

Go for an overnight camp

Overnight Camp

Ditch the fancy hotels and plan a camp for your employees where they can indulge in some adventure activities and of course fly kites! Goes without saying, the evening has to have a bon fire.

Have a kite flying competition

kite flying
Flying Competition



Since kite flying is integral to the festival, it’s a good idea to have a kite flying competition. You could either make teams and give each team a kite of one colour and play a planned match.

Or simply give colourful kites to employees and see whose kite lasts the longest.

More than competing encourage employees to participate and spend some time with each other. Organise light snacks on the venue, which could easily be your office terrace.

Have a dessert making competition


Indian festivals are a lot about feasting and no feast is complete without dessert.

Makar Sankranti in particular is associated with a lot of sweets like Kurmure Chikki, a traditional Maharashtrian dish made with puffed rice and jaggery, and Sakkarai Pongal, a sweet dish prepared with rice, jaggery, moong dal and cashews cooked in cardamom and pure ghee.

To keep the tradition alive and let everyone indulge in some binging while employees showcase their cooking talents, float a cooking competition with the theme of Makar Sankranti.

Give them the freedom to make a dessert of their choice, it could be traditional or with a twist and judge them on taste, innovativeness and presentation.

Keep a traditional day fashion show

Traditional day fashion
Traditional day


Add some colour and life to your office by announcing a traditional dressing day. Ask people to dress in their traditional outfits and make it competitive.

It would be lovely to see nauvari sarees and mundus in office while the Patiala salwars and ghagras swirl to delight.

Keep a fashion show of the top 20 best dressed employees and ask them to wish everyone in their language and style! It will be lovely to see people bonded to their roots outside the boardroom.

Makar Sankranti is a celebration festival and a time to socialize and bond. Make sure to make it a memorable experience for all your employees this year.