How To Protect Your Pillows And Mattresses From Getting Spoiled?

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Not only accounting for a good sleep, your pillows and mattresses also add to the aesthetics of your bedroom. Providing little care and maintenance from cleaning to prevention, will go a long way in keeping your pillows and mattresses in good shape for years to come.

Finding the right mattress and pillows is a tough task, not to mention the investment that goes into them. Once you buy them, you expect them to provide years of comfortable sleep. On an average depending on the foam used, pillows and mattresses have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. That being said, how you maintain them can shorten or lengthen their lifespan as well.

In our guide on upholstered beds and mattresses, we have listed how to pick the ideal mattress for your body type, what technology to choose and which type of foam to look for. This post is an extension on how to keep your mattresses in shape and clean.

In India, summers are very brutal and the climate gets very humid, it is important to know how to keep your pillows and mattresses clean and healthy.

Keeping pillows and mattresses in shape for longer

GreatBuyz has put together these tips after proper diligence and inputs from hundreds of homemakers across the country.

Proper support for the mattress

Often, we buy mattresses without giving a thought about proper support. It is important that your mattress has the right kind of support to preserve the building materials’ integrity. Have a look at your bed platform and see if it provides right support for the mattress. The platform should be flat with no bumps or wear of any kind.

When you buy a mattress, it comes with manufacturer recommendations for warranty. Read it to understand what kind of support it will need. Usually, spring mattresses require box springs for support whole memory foam and other mattresses require solid and firm support. Check your bed’s support every year to ensure that there are no broken slats and it can properly support the weight of your body and mattress.

Use pillow and mattress protectors

Protectors are one of the best tools to keep your pillows and mattresses from spoiling. We recommend you use them from the very beginning. A quality pillow or mattress protector is waterproof and protects against unwanted or accidental spills. It also prevents dust and debris from accumulating thereby reducing the spread of dust mites.

Your pillows get grease spot marks easily and they are not easier to clean, not to mention what frequent washing will do to your pillows. By using protectors, you keep your pillows dirt and spot free and it also helps to keep them in shape. The same goes with mattress protectors; they keep your skin oil and sweat off the bed, reducing the buildup of allergens like moulds.

Wash pillows often

We are not sure many of you do realize that pillows collect most dirt from any other accessory on your bed. Cleaning pillows is not as complicated as cleaning mattresses. If you are using standard synthetic-fill pillows they can be washed 3-4 times a year. Just throw them into the washing machine and wash them on the delicate cycle. If you have a down-fill pillow that requires dry cleaning, experts suggest you still can machine wash it but make sure to run it through the dryer a couple of times to ensure it is completely dry inside. However, if you have a memory foam pillow it cannot be machine washed and you will need to follow the instructions it came with.


Rotate the mattress regularly

No matter what kind of mattress you sleep on, it will be benefited from rotating. Rotating helps to promote more even wear preventing softening and depressions. Irrespective of the size or the material of the mattress, rotate it 180 degrees every three to six months. This is even more important for the first few years when you are breaking in the new mattress.


Separate beds for pets

It may not get easy with pet lovers, but it is a good idea to give your pets their own beds to snuggle in than letting them play on your bed. Your pet roams outside, sheds hair and cells and drools, and it all ends up in your bed. Now to mention what clawing can do to the mattress and pillows.

Furthermore, pets can have occasional accidents on the bed that can ruin otherwise perfect pillow or mattress.

No jumping on the bed or pillow fights!

If you are an adult then this most probably doesn’t apply to you, but for kids and teenagers, it’s a fun activity. If your kids jump hard on mattress or pillows, they will wear down more quickly. The integrity of materials used in mattresses and pillows is compromised when they are handled roughly.

Move your mattress carefully

To keep your mattress from damaging when you move it, avoid bending or folding. Most permanent damages occur while you are moving a mattress so it is important to be careful. Mattresses are heavy and can weigh several kilos; it is not a one-man job, so before you decide to move the mattresses ensure you have enough helping hands.

Also, buy a heavy-duty mattress bag that you can use to keep the mattress secured and prevent scratches and scuffs.


Let them out in the sun once in a while

Put out your pillows and mattresses under the sun for several hours every two to four months. The excess buildup of moisture can only be removed by letting your pillows and mattresses breathe in fresh air under the sun. It will also keep dust mite population under check.

Follow manufacturer cleaning directions

Technology has made it possible to use different kinds of materials in mattresses and pillows. We know its a must to clean pillows and mattresses regularly to keep them in shape and healthy but knowing how to clean is also important.

Most manufacturers include directions for general cleaning of the product. Depending on the type or brand of the pillow and mattress, care and maintenance might be somewhat different. Therefore, it is important to follow the directions.