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13 House Cleaning Tips for The Monsoon Season

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The magic of monsoon in its initial phase never fails to cast its spell making us want to enjoy it to the maximum. From long drives in the rains to preparing hot snacks when indoors, monsoon till its in moderation makes us want to forget the daily hustle bustle of life.

But when it rains almost everyday, the atmosphere tends to get gloomy and dull. At times we are forced to remain indoors. That makes it imperative for us to prep our home to welcome the monsoon and allow its magical spell to continue.

Here are 13 tips to prep your home for the monsoon magic!

1. Look for Leakages

leakage at home
Leakage At Home

First things first. You really wouldn’t want to be sitting with an umbrella indoors or taking the mop to clear off the rain water leaking from the walls / ceiling. Check for all possible leakages. It isn’t difficult.

You would be able to spot the stains from last year’s rain. Call an expert and get it rectified. This also includes water proofing your wall if it needs to be water-proofed.

2. Get the Hooks in Place

umbrealla hooks
Umbrealla Hooks

Your wet umbrella and raincoat need to be dried once you are home. You cannot possibly keep them hanging on your cloth stand. The best place to hang them to dry would be either in your balcony/dry balcony or bathroom door. Get the hooks placed accordingly.

3. From Wet to Dry

clothes rack indoor
Clothes Rack Indoor

During rains one major issue is that of drying clothes. It isn’t uncommon to see our moms rushing to the window to get the clothe inside as soon as it begins raining and then again hanging them out to dry once it stops. The cycle continues.

But then there isn’t any rulebook that says that it has to continue. There are fantastic options in the market for indoor cloth stands. Place one in front of a tall floor fan if need be.



4. An Umbrella Stand and Makeshift Shoe Rack

shoe and umbrealla rack
Shoe And Umbrealla Rack

That’s for your visitors and house helps. Put the stand either outside your door or if you wish to keep it indoors, keep it as close to the door as possible. You can put up a note saying… Rest your umbrellas and shoes here.

5. Put away the Floor Rugs

We know the effort you have put in to get that beautiful floor rug and we know you really don’t want to see it ruined. Make sure you roll it up and stack it somewhere to remove it post it stops raining. No matter dry your feet are, during monsoons, floor rugs tend to get spoilt.

6. Get the Doormats Out

floor mat
Floor Mat

While buying the doormat, make sure you pick up the ones that do not soak up the water. You really wouldn’t want a dirty stink to welcome you when you are at the door. Get plastic doormats and opt for darker shades.

7. Cut the Cloth

Keep small mops and cleaning cloths ready. These come handy to wipe off the footwear or stains or dirt that you would spot her and there during the monsoon.

8. Get your Furniture indoors

Just incase you have put in some chairs/coffee table out in your balcony then its time to make place for it indoors. You wouldn’t want to see it getting wet in the rain if it is made of wood or any other material that isn’t water resistant.

9. Do up a Corner

corner swing monsoon
Corner Swing Monsoon

Pick up a corner in your house and just do it up a bit with some paintings, wind chime a nice sitting mat etc. When it is raining heavily outdoors, you can sit here with your beloved to enjoy some hot pakodas and a cup of ginger tea.

10. Bright Upholstery

bright cushion covers
Bright Cushion Covers

Keeping in mind how dark it gets during the rains, it would be a good idea to pick up some bright colours with some bold prints to change the gloomy ambiance indoors. Funky cushion covers are a must have during the rains.

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11. Stock up the Essentials

refrigerator samsung stocked
Refrigerator Samsung Stocked

Make sure you stock up the essentials like milk, dairy whitener, oil, rice, pulses etc. The havoc that heavy rains create at times can leave you with no option to go out and buy them. A lot many stores politely decline home delivery option as well during heavy rains.

12. Movies, Music and Popcorns

movie popcorn home
Movie Popcorn Home

Watching a movie or better still having a slow dance when forced to be indoors is the best way to enjoy the rains. Get the DVDs ready for use. You never know when you may just get in mood for a movie but would have to curb the same due to no internet connectivity thanks to heavy rains.

13. Emergency Light

emergency light
Emergency Light

There are chances of frequent power cuts during monsoon. Get your emergency torch-light charged up for use. Sitting in the dark when it is raining outside is neither fun nor is it safe.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind to have a peasant ambiance for your home this monsoon. The magical spell of rains need not be a burden for you!