Men's Casual Fashion Tips

Best Men’s Casual Fashion Tips & Style Guide To Look Handsome

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Sense of fashion is a blessing that most of the men out there are not blessed with.

Well, we don’t believe in superstitions. The ability to keep up with fashion is a learned ability that you all can master. All it takes is a little guidance and a lot of browsing to dress simple, sharp and masculine.

If you think you are the only one who struggles to find the right look, you will be surprised to know that every 4 out of 10 guys find it unbearably painful to dress casually and not look weird. Worry not, we are here with the men’s casual style guide that will help you to get a hold of casual looks.

Here are the best men’s casual fashion tips to look like a better version of yourself.

1. No More Graphic Tees

If it burnt a hole in eyes to read this, then get ready for some hard-hitting truths.

Graphic tees make you look childish, boyish to be more appropriate.

Graphic tees are not classic men wear.

Graphic tees are not what makes you masculine.

Graphic tees don’t make you look funny, original, or edgy.

But you have to stop wearing them. They are ruining your casual style and shout out loud that you have no sense of fashion what so ever.

Just stop refusing to grow up and start adoption t-shirts that make you look solid such as single-coloured tees, henleys, or striped tees. If you want to stand out against the crowd of graphic-tee-wearing men, here are some t-shirt suggestions for you:





2. Jackets Are The Casual Look

Often blazers and jackets are associated with refined clothing, but you don’t always wear a well-fitting blazer when you suit up.

Combining the appeal of a sleek looking blazer with your casual wear is trick that we had to include in this men’s casual style guide. We recommend a blazer because no other clothing accentuates the making frame like a blazer.





3. Casual Shirts Do Help

Shirts are particularly suitable for slim men. While t-shirts do make for a more defined casual look, casual shirts are no less. If you do not want to look like a hanger holding a tee in its place, you might want to try casual shirts that fill up your torso and make you look more appealing. Also, there is a wide variety of casual shirts you can experiment with.

Casual Shirts
Casual Shirts




4. Jeans That Make You Look Casual, Not Awkward

A pair of jeans is every guy’s casual legwear.

Think about it, how much time do you actually spend in jeans? Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans; in fact, with the right pair, you can look amazing.

What’s the right kind of jeans?

No baggy jeans; they make you look more like a clown. Also, the embellishments are a strict no. There must not be any excessive distress, rips or bleaching. And, please don’t pick jeans that have big logos or any graphic novelty sticking to them.

Dressing casual doesn’t mean you have to have extravagant glitter nonsense, but a simple pair of jeans with a clean dark colour makes you look awesome.

We don’t want to argue, so take our word for it.

Casual Jeans
Casual Jeans




5. Don’t Just Hang Up On Jeans

Jeans are awesome for casual dressing, but you have to agree that they all kind of look the same. Luckily, they are not the only legwear that gets notch up your casual wear look.

A good pair of chinos can also do the trick. The fabric available for chinos is extensive as well as you can pick them in many colours. The same outfits that you wear with jeans look completely different when you pair them up with chinos.

With just a single pair of quality chinos, you almost double the number of outfits you can create from the existing wardrobe. Add two, and its gonna triple!

Men's Slim Fit Chinos
Men’s Slim Fit Chinos




6. Footwear Does Count

Usually, men’s casual fashion tips ignore to acknowledge the importance of the right footwear. Just wearing your beat-up and dirty sneakers in an attempt to look cool won’t help you. If you want to make your casual look more classy, wear something more dignified. Especially women do notice your shoes, so you might want to take it into account.

Switch to something other than a pair of sneakers such as a pair of nice brown leather shoes or desert boots, and you will see your casual wear horizon-expanding beyond imagination.

Men's Footwear
Men’s Footwear




7. Accessorize Your Wrists

To spruce up your casual look, you can utilize the accessories that decorate your wrists. While nothing that beats the charm of a classic time-piece, you can also experiment with bracelets and wrist bands.

Most girls find naked wrists boring, and you might want to get into the habit of wearing something on your wrist. What, it doesn’t matter, but when you accessorize your wrists, you tell the world that you are not someone who dresses himself to stay warm, but you dress with intention.

Wrist Accessorize
Wrist Accessorize




 8. Layer Up For Creating Interesting Outfits 

One of the most amazing men’s casual fashion tips is to understand the power of layering your clothes.

You can create some interesting outfits when you know how to match up clothes together. Don’t worry if you are not that good with matching clothes as you can keep it really simple yet look elegantly casual. Layer clothing has been the fashion industry secret for years. With a single layer, you can completely change the look of a dull outfit.

Here’s an interesting guide on learning how to match clothes:

Dress To Impress
Dress To Impress




GreatBuyz’s men’s casual style guide is all about helping you make sense of the fashion and add life to your boring wardrobe. You don’t have to go out of your way to dress to impress with your casual style. These tips will help you notch up your casual styling game.