Mothers Day Gifting Ideas for Mother in Laws

Mothers Day Gifting Ideas for Indian Mother in Law

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This one is for all you married girls and boys out there. We know its not easy to buy a gift for your mother in law.

At least not as easy as it is to buy one for your own mom.

But don’t use that as an excuse to not get your mother in law a gift this mother’s day. We’ve hunted down options both you and she will love!

Let’s bring a smile to her face. She is after all the reason your spouse even came into existence!

Plus, its always a good idea to earn some brownie points. You never know when you need them!

1. Fab Bag subscription

Fab Bag subscription for women

This Mother’s Day, gift your mother in law a monthly subscription of the Fab Bag that sends a collection of 6 beauty and make up products in a cute little pouch every month.

Here, there is no worry about she liking or not liking something because there is ample variety, plus it comes every month, so its like a pleasant surprise waiting for her every month.

We’re sure your mother in law will appreciate some of the products and the gesture to bring her happiness not just once, but every month.

Price: Rs 1599 for a 3-month subscription

Subscribe for it here

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2. FitBit fitness band

Flipkart - FitBit fitness band

Want to encourage your mother in law to stay fit and also gift her something that she can flaunt to her friends on her evening walks?

Well then, a Fitbit fitness band is something she will love!

It’s a great way to motivate her to stay active and its other features like sleep alarms, Pulse Heart Rate Tracking, call and text alerts, etc will sure add more value to her lifestyle.

Price: Rs 12,149

Get it here

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3. Amazon echo

Amazon - Echo-Dot-Voice-control

Gift her a personal assistant this Mother’s day and see her never complain about being alone!

The Amazon Echo is an amazing device that allows one to play music, make calls, get news, weather & more on voice commands.

Its smart, efficient and great for kids and senior citizens who find it difficult to type out requests on a phone.

Your mother in law would love playing her favourite music be it devotional songs or Bollywood or even chatting with Echo or getting information she seeks like the time, temperature, a phone code of a city, or anything on google.

Price: Amazon Echo Dot comes for Rs 3999

Get it here

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4. Rawa Mantra Bar Tassel Earrings from Amrapali

Rawa Mantra Bar Tassel Earrings


If your mother in law is social and loves to flaunt new jewellery on every social gathering, then she would love to receive these stunning earrings from Amrapali as a mother’s day gift.

They are trendy, yet rooted in tradition and can be worn with everything from a traditional saree to a trendy salwar kameez or even a simple kurta and jeans.

Handcrafted in gold and black ruthenium plated alloy with enamel and blue zircon, she is sure going to smile ear to ear when she receives complements for them.

Price: Rs 3,800

Get them here


5. Handcrafted Potli from Jaypore

Jaypore - Handcrafted Potli


This pretty brocade potli handcrafted with minimalist embroidery and gota work looks stylish and is a great accessory to carry along with any ethnic wear outfit.

The light pink colour is sure to match your mother in law’s graceful sarees and attract compliments she will love.

It has space enough to keep her phone, lipstick and a handkerchief besides small titbits she might need. Plus its light weight and doesn’t really tire the wrist like leather purses do.

Price: Rs 1200

Get it here

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6. Cotton Silk Ajrakh Printed Flared Long Kurta from Fab India

Cotton Silk Ajrakh Printed Flared Long Kurta


Perfect for the summers, this printed long flared kurta looks good on most body types and is a perfect gift for someone elegant.

Its stylish yet simple and can be paired with a chudhidhar or a palazzo.

Your mother in law is surely going to love the ajrakh print and the little details in the front paired with the graceful 3/4th sleeves.

Price: Rs 3490

Buy it here

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7. Banarasi Dupatta by Fab Kaz

Woven Banarasi Dupatta FABKAZ Golden

In dedication to her love for tradition, gift her this gorgeous Banarasi dupatta in a red-ish pink shade that she can pair with a beige or gold kurta.

Its has tassels at the ends and is pretty light weight, so she is sure to love it!

Price: Rs 1,295

Buy it here

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8. Print And Weaved Satchel by Satya Paul


print weaved satchel Satya Paul


If you want to add a touch of swag to your mother in laws handbag collection, gift her this gorgeous handbag made from Fashion Leather with a weaved front panel design detail and a flower printed flap across the mouth secured with turned lock closures.

It has a short handle for her satsangs and kitty parties and a long adjustable sling strap she can use during the shopping trips.

And with a Satya Paul quality stamp, you are sure going to bring a smile to her face with this mothers day gift.

Price: Rs 3,357

Buy it here

9. Sukho Thai gift vouchers

Sukho Thai gift vouchers


Here is a gift your mother in law with definitely appreciate this Mothers Day. A foot spa voucher for her and her best friend!

And when it comes to foot spa, nobody can beat Sukho Thai.

With massages for 60-90 minutes, the foot spa not just relaxes ones foot muscles but the entire body and its refreshing to say the least.

Add to that the company of her best friend who she can chat with while being pampered, and you have a happy woman!

Price: Rs 1790 onward

Buy the vouchers here

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10. Anna Klein watch from Lifestyle

Lifestyle - Anna Klein Women Analog Watch

Your Mother in law must be having many watches, but well, there is a great chance she doesn’t have one in black.

If we’re right, go out and get her this stunning black and gold watch which is bold and beautiful.

Add a sweet note with it telling her how she is a combination of outer strength and inner beauty and see her blush with happiness.

Isn’t that what mothers day is all about? Bringing a smile to her face.

Price: Rs 6,800

Buy it here

11. Dr. Scholl’s Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Smoother


Dr.Scholls - Electronic Pedicures

The DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother by Dr Scholl is a great gift for those with rough feet that need some attention.

This magical battery-operated smoother buffs away dry, rough skin leaving feet looking and feeling beautiful.

Your mother in law is sure to love its user-friendly design, and its going to give her a simple solution to all her foot problems.

Happy feet means happy she! Expect her to get addicted to it very very soon!

Price: Rs 2181

Get it here

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Bundle these gift ideas with a cake or a coffee with “mummyji” and you have just earned yourself your next ‘all-girls’ trip!


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