Must-Have Car Accessories For Every Car-GreatBuyz’s Ultimate Guide

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Congratulations on your new car, well even if it’s not new you still are lucky to have a four-wheeler in a nation that has 22 cars per 1000 individuals.

As a car owner, you need to know what accessories you are going to need to keep your life simpler on the road. Problems like a flat tyre can leave you high and dry on the road in the middle of the night. Things like dirty interiors or foul-smelling car can easily put a dent in your proud feeling of a car owner. These are just a few instances but there are many issues that plague car owners in India. Fortunately, all you need are the must-have car accessories.

GreatBuyz has put together the list of top 5 must-have car accessories in India. We have put a lot of thought into what are the most common problems that car owners face and the accessories that solve these issues.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 must-have car accessories for every car.

For keeping the car running

With your brand new car, you will hardly run into any major mechanical or electronic breakdown (provided you take good care of your vehicle), but one problem that you are most likely to run into is the flat tyre.

It can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Having a car tyre inflator is a must-have car accessory. Just a quick thrust of air into the tyres and you are good to go. Inflators also come handy in keeping the air pressure in the tyres to optimum at all times that improve the overall riding experience.

You can buy the best car tyre inflators online, but there are a few things you need to be aware of first. Like the features, brands and cost. We have done all the research to come up with the best car tyre inflator for you. 1. Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator

Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator-Best Inflator To Buy Online

Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator
Bergmann Car Tyre Inflator


GreatBuyz has picked for you a tyre inflator that is one tough machine capable of pumping 0 to 30 PSI air in under 2 minutes. Do not compare this mean car tyre inflator with those mini machines, this is a 150-watt motor powered inflator that is designed to fill the air in heaviest of cars and in biggest tyres.

A lightweight and ergonomic inflator is suitable for every car owner. It comes with a 3m chord that you plug into the 12volts DC outlet of your car and the 2 feet long air hose fills the tyres in no time. There is more, you get all kinds of adapters and nozzles in the packaging that lets you fill other objects too like balls and toys.

If you are inflating the tyre in the dark, the high power LED light in this tyre inflator will help you immensely.


For keeping the car clean

Now that we have talked about the safety on road and a quality tyre inflator, it time to discuss how you will keep the interiors of your car dust and allergen free. As anyone who owns a four-wheeler no one wants to see the interiors of their vehicle muffled with dirt that will eventually lead to smell and a hostile interior.

What do you need? A quality car vacuum cleaner is not that can only clean your car from inside but also keep the air quality good. Surprisingly inside of a car is far dirtier than the exterior. We cannot wash the inside of our vehicle so we need a handy car vacuum cleaner.

Don’t know which of the car vacuum cleaners in India are the best? GreatBuyz has an excellent product for you.

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner-The Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Car Vacuum Cleaner


Another car accessory from the reputed brand, the Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most compact and portable car vacuum cleaners on the market right now. Car accessories online in India are difficult to find when you are looking for the ultimate products, but this is a product we swear by.

Not only this car vacuum cleaner is compact and practical but is also affordable. A high power 12volts copper motor powers this vacuum cleaner that has a tough body designed with high-quality virgin ABS plastic material. A powerful motor means it has high suction power that can pull out even the most reluctant dust and dirt particles.

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with three filters-exhaust filters, HEPA filter, and mesh filter that you can wash and reuse. It has a detachable 4.5m power cord that can clean any car irrespective of the size. With its patented one-way dust flow, ultra-sleek design and pocket-friendly price, GreatBuyz recommend this car vacuum cleaner as a must-have car accessory.


For keeping the air inside your car smelling fresh

If you live in a busy city in India, you know how much travelling sucks when you have to sit inside your car for hours battling traffic, jams, red lights and what on the roads. All these troubles just drain all the energy and spoil the mood; you do not want to make it worse with foul smelling air inside your car. Also, when people sit in your car the first thing they notice is the smell. A positive, vibrant and fresh smelling car is a dream.

With a lot of car air fresheners available online in India, the choice to pick the best one is quite a task. Among all the brands and products GreatBuyz picked the Godrej AER Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener. It’s wasn’t a biased choice but we have many reasons to support it.

Godrej AER Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener-Best Car Air Freshener Online

Godrej AER Car Air Freshener
Godrej AER Car Air Freshener


Godrej is a brand that is trusted by millions of Indian consumers. A brand that has a proven history of providing the best consumer goods, building on the same lines, Godrej has AER Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener to offer. This product is developed after research on the fragrances to keep it free from any substance that can cause irritation or allergy.

This car air freshener uses the clever gel technology that keeps your car smelling fresh for 60 days. You have 6 different fragrances to choose from without worrying about any allergic reaction or irritation. Not only is this product practical and effective, but it also looks extremely elegant on any car’s dashboard because of its smooth curve design. The twist mechanism is easy to use and fills your car with fresh fragrance smell within seconds. 

For the Smartphones inside the car

We millennial can’t be kept away from our Smartphones even when we are driving. Our phones are much more than just call making machines, they are navigation devices, music players and personal assistants that we need from time to time while driving. But we don’t have to mention the fatal risks of using Smartphones while driving, this is why we need a quality car mobile phone holder.

A phone stand does much more than keeping your phone in a fixed position. It allows you to drive distraction-free, listen to music hands-free, use GPS navigation at its best and charge phone on the go. Hence a quality car mobile phone holder is a must-have car accessory.

Zaap Quick Touch One 360 Adjustable 3-in-1 Car Mount Holder-Best Car Mobile Phone Holder Online

Zaap Car Mobile Phone Holder
Zaap Car Mobile Phone Holder


On Amazon alone, this car phone holder has 4.5 ratings from over 2,500 customers that speak volumes about the utility of this product. Zaap Quick Touch One car mobile phone holder is a must-have car accessory for every Smartphone owner.

This adjustable 3 in 1 mobile phone holder is an extremely versatile design that you can attach to the windscreen, dashboard or keep it on the desktop. We were amazed to experience how sturdy and effortlessly this car mobile phone holder handles the bumpy ride on the Indian roads. A complain most of the car phone holder users have is about how difficult it is to mount or free the device.

Zaap Quick Touch One takes care of that problem with its patented Quicktouch Technology that lets you lock or release your phone on the holder with just one touch. For better viewing angles it is provided with 6.5 inches telescopic arm. Anti-fall lock and shock stabilizer are other features that make it a must-have.


Keeping an EYE on the ride

You might have guessed we are about to list dash camera as the last must-have car accessories in India on our list. While the dash cameras are relatively a new concept for us still it does not undermine the multiple capabilities and an array of benefits these devices offer.

A dashboard camera records the activities that happen during the ride from a driver’s Point of View (POV) that mostly is for sports purpose but on Indian roads where rage, accidents and theft is no so uncommon it serves the purpose of being an alibi when needed. Now if you are out in the market or looking online, brands sell their dash cams as the best, and there are very few ways to know the truth.

GreatBuyz understands the lack of information that can lead car owners to pick the wrong dash camera for their vehicles. This is why we have picked the best dash camera for your car that you can buy online. We considered all the necessary factors before making the choice. We looked for Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, the number of channels-single channel (records only the outside view) or multi-channel (records inside and outside view), auto record facility and mouthing options among others.

Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera-Best dash camera available Online

Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera
Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera


Procus Convoy car dash camera satisfied all the eligibilities that GreatBuyz looked for in a reliable dash cam. It has twin channels so that you can record what’s going on the road and inside the car at the same time. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology used in this dashboard camera lets you capture better on-road videos in high quality.

The Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera is GPS enabled and supports Wi-Fi that extends its connectivity capabilities. It also comes with a gyro sensor for image stabilization. It has 32GB flash memory that makes it high storage capable.

We hope to have covered the top accessories that every car owner should have. If we missed something or you have any suggestions to improve our list of must-have car accessories for every car, do let us know by leaving comments below.

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