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Best New Year Activities For Students | New Year’s Eve Party Games for Students

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New Year’s Eve is a big day in everyone’s life, and kids are particularly spirited around this time of the year. Holidays, family get-togethers and more time with friends give kids a reason to enjoy even more. Now if you want to join the part with your students, you must bring something to the table. What can be a better way than New Year activities for students that are a lot of fun and educating at the same time?


1. New Year Reflection Board

New Year Reflection Board
New Year Reflection Board

An inclusive activity for students when they return to school after the holiday break is to allow them to reflect on what they did last year. Here is a descriptive printable template that students will enjoy filling.


2. Goal Setting For Students

You cannot leave students hanging in between without offering them a resolute to overcome the challenges or goals that they were not able to accomplish last year.

An activity that will provide students with the best possible vision for the New Year is the Goal Setting activity. Here’s a printable that you can give students to fill out in this activity.

3. New Year’s Eve Photo Props

Goal Setting For Students
Goal Setting For Students

An awesome activity to let students look forward to the New Year’s celebration is to design interesting photo props with them. This art and craft activity will let students participate in the celebrations and feel more connected. Don’t forget to ask students to take pictures with the prop they make and bring it back to school as an assignment.

4. New Years Eve Balloon Clock // The Suburban Mom

New Year Ballon Clock
New Year Ballon Clock

Students will particularly enjoy this New Year’s activity as it includes balloons, an all-time favourite of kids. Students are required to make a clock with 12 balloons each numbered, and then they pop each balloon as the time passes. Not only is it an amazing New Year activity, but the balloon clock makes an attractive centerpiece too.

5. New Year Word Search

New Year Word Search
New Year Word Search

A New Year word search puzzle is an ideal fun activity for teachers and students to enjoy in the classroom. Word power is something that has always appealed to students. This activity can be made as challenging as possible, depending on the students’ age group. All you need to do is craftily hide the New Year related worlds in the myriad of word sequences. Here’s a printable for New Year World Search you can take inspiration from.


6. Famous Personality Hunt

Famous Personality Hunt
Famous Personality Hunt

Easy to play with learning on the way! Student creates cards with their favourite scientists, leaders, and other famous personalities they admire. Then one of the students is chosen, and the card is put on his forehead (usually Post-It notes). The player asks questions about the personality, and others answer YES or NO. He can continue to ask the question as long as he gets YES.

7. Match the Country With How They Say “Happy New Year”

Not every country is an English-speaking nation, and the diversity of language is one of the most beautiful things about different cultures. Let student learn more about the New Year’s spirit around the world with this fun activity. As the name suggests, students have to make the country with the phrase used to Happy New Year in the region.

Match The Country
Match The Country

8. New Year’s Eve Scramble

Another word game that students can enjoy in New Year is the New Year’s Eve scramble. Write down different words related to New Year on a paper and scramble the letters. The student who guesses the most words is the winner. It is one of those New Year activities for students that can be customized according to the students’ age.


9. Make a Word 

The idea behind this activity is simple, students are divided into teams, and they have to make as many words as they can with letters in Happy New Year. The team with most words in their kitty wins. You can make this activity even more challenging by asking students to make words of a particular category like only dishes, only names, etc.

10. Predict the Future

This is one of the New Year activities for students that teachers need to work on with resilience. You have to curate the pictures of the events of the major events that took place last year, such as athletes winning international events, political events, and scientific advancements. Students have to recognize the event first and then make a prediction for the next year. For instance, a picture of Indian’s Chandrayaan 2 will draw comments on India’s space program next year.

11. Month Guessing

Same as Predict the Future, this New Year activity for students entails them guessing the right month in which an event took place last year. Students are grouped into teams or can enjoy this activity as a solo game too.


12. New Years Countdown Clock Craft

Most suitable for young students who enjoy arts and everything colourful, the New Years’ countdown clock craft will have adjustable hands that can be updated as the countdown starts. To make this activity more fun, let the students do something fun every hour.

13. New Year’s Bingo Game Printable

The good old game of Bingo can be remade to be the New Year’s Bingo. There are so many ways to design New Year’s Eve Bingo Cards for students.

If you are running out of ideas, you can find some awesome Bingo card ideas here.

New Year Bingo Game
New Year Bingo Game

Well, that’s it, folks! These are our favourite New Year activities for students. We hope you have fun with these activities, and if you have some innovative ideas that can make our list better, do share with us!