10 New Year Gifting Ideas for Best Friends

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You’ve spent more time with him or her than you probably have with your own sibling.

You have a bro code, a common wardrobe and a set of jokes only you two understand.

You are best friends and while you need no reason to pamper your soul mate with gifts, don’t miss an opportunity to get him or her something special as you welcome the New Year in style.

Here are 15 New Year presents you can gift your Best Friend or shall we say BFF in 2018!

Orange winter coat from Light In The Box – Girls

Women casual daily cute winter coat for girls

If you two bond over a fabulous sense of fashion and your favourite pastime is commenting on the style sense of everyone around, then this Fashionista coat is the perfect gift for your style guru.

Its zingy orange colour coupled with a bow belt and oversized buttons make this coat a perfect pick for someone who likes to stay stylish irrespective how low the temperature decides to fall.

Price: Rs 1408

Buy it  here


Chocolate body pack 

Chocolate body pack new year gift

If you want your friend to have a delicious start to the year, gift him/her this Chocolate body pampering kit with a yummy fragrance and scrumptious feel.

It contains a choco butter lip balm, glycerine soap and dare to bare mud mask from Fuscia, a reputed skin-care brand.

Price: Rs 875

Buy it from Craftsvilla here

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Trek jacket

Trek jacket - full sleeve solid mens jacket

For a friend who is an enthusiastic trekker, this gift is going to be the best ever!

This Quechua full sleeve solid colour jacket that is tested for optimal comfort between 0-5 Degree Celcius is a travel enthusiast’s must have.

Its waterproof, offers complete wind protection, is machine-washable and quick dry.

Its two zipped pockets allow you to keep valuables safe and on top of it, its pretty damn good looking! Go for it!

Price: Rs 1299

Buy it here

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Old Film poster

Old film poster new year gift

If you are one of those friends who have bonded over movies, their dialogues and a Bollywood andaaz only you two relate to, then a film poster is an innovative and memorable gift to give.

Check out BollywoodMoviePosters.com for tons of epic movie posters and if you are finding it difficult to choose, our vote goes to Andaaz Apna Apna. Chit mein jeeta, patt tu haara!

Price: 1999

Get it here



Swim Suit cover – Girls

Swim Suit cover for Girls

Now this one is exclusive for your girl BFF. A sexy, white swim cover she will love to wear on her next beach vacay.

Breezy and something that will go with all colours, designs and times of the day, she is surely going to cherish this gift for a long long time.

Price: Rs 1,040

Get it here


Hunting Hat – Guys

Hunting Hat wildlife safari

If your friend has a Wild streak to him, this hat is something he will love. It will protect him from mild cold, wind and even rain.

Made with felt it looks stylish and can even be worn for a wildlife safari.

Price: Rs 999

Get it here:

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Happily Unmarried body wash – Unisex

Happily Unmarried - body wash for Unisex

If you friend is momma’s boy (or girl), close your eyes and buy him/her this body wash from Happily Unmarried that says, “Your mom would also approve of this body wash.

Not that its relevant, but the body wash contains tulsi and greapfruit extracts that is also good for the skin.

Don’t miss this chance to tease him/her.

Price: Rs 350

Buy it here

And if your friend is going to have a very “special” new year eve party, gift him this one, and see his face light up!

Buy it here



Monkey and banana print boxers – Guys

Flying Machine - Monkey and banana print boxers

We couldn’t resist putting up these cute and funny boxers from Flying Machine up on this list.

Now you gotta be real close to someone to gift him boxers, especially banana and monkey print boxers. So go ahead, seal the deal you two!

Price: Rs 449

Get it here

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Carlton London Golden Clutch – Girls

Carlton London Golden Clutch for Girls

If you want your girl friend to shimmer in style at the New Year Eve party, get her this gorgeous silver clutch with elegant flowers that are sure to have heads turn.

If you two are going to party together, get two and twin with pride!

Price: Rs 1748

Buy it here

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Wine Bags

wine bags amusing quotes set of 3

If you decide to go traditional and want to gift him or her a bottle of wine, go ahead and do that.

But to add a little jazz to the gift, get these wine bags with amusing quotes that day, “You’re Lucky I didn’t drink this on the way” or “Don’t ask me about this wine”.

It will add a personal touch to the gift and will be the perfect way to kick start the party!

Price: Rs 550 for a set of 3

Get them here


Gold Matte Origami Earrings – Girls

Gold Matte Origami Earrings for Girls

A perfect accompaniment to any New Year Eve Dress she chooses to wear, these gorgeous pair of earrings are something she is going to love.

Add to that the fact that they have been curated by the gorgeous Bipasha Basu and you have a winner here!

Price: Rs 1043

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Phone Cover from Chumbak

Chumbak - Phone Cover

Keep the motto of the New Year party alive all year long by gifting this phone cover to your friend that says, Eat, Drink and make Happy.

A message that will always remind him to make the best of his or her life and while doing so remember you.

And of course the Owl Design is something too cute to not like for anyone!

Price: Rs 795

Buy it here

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Wearable Nail Polish holder

Wearable Nail Polish holder new year gift

Put an end to all those messed up sheets and sticky floors with dripping nail polish stains!

Gift your girl friend this wearable nail polish holder and resolve one of her biggest woes – how to balance the nail polish bottle while concentrating on applying the perfect coat of polish!

Price: Rs 299

Buy it here


True Friends T-shirt

True Friends T-shirt

True friends don’t judge each other, they judge others together. That’s the bro-code you got to follow and a perfect New Year Gift would be this t-shirt that says it loud.

Get yourself and your Best friend this t-shirt and have heads turn, eyes roll and steam fire.

Lets accept it, you guys love it when your bonding fires others with jealousy!

Price: Rs 599

Click here


Joey Mug

friends how you doin mug new year gift

Relive those memories of watching reruns over reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S together with this Joey Tribbiani mug quoting his favourite line, “How you doing?”

Don’t be surprised when your best friend cracks up looking at it. A coffee in this mug is sure to set the tone for awesome days in the New Year!

Price: Rs 249

Get it here


Whether it’s a mug or a boxer, you know your friend best and picking a gift for him or her must not be a challenge.

So go ahead, bring in the New Year with smiles, hugs and tons of fun!



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