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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy on Amazon

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From mobile recharges to home appliances, fashion must-haves to flight tickets, Amazon seems to literally have you covered with their A to Z sales offerings. What’s more? This online shopping giant not only allows the use of Amazon promo codes but also lists a bunch of offbeat products just for the lovers of all things odd yet useful! Read on for our list of 10 quirky items sold on Amazon.


1. Hair Chalk

Available in many hues, these short stay colors are a perfect way to give those hair locks a temporal change! Crafted with a texture similar to that of a lipstick, all you have to do is apply and later set it with a flat iron. Like the product? Consider passing on an Amazon referral code to your BFFs.

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2. Silicone stretch lids

Want to stop using foil or plastic films to cover food? Made of food-grade material, these reusable silicone lids are a great alternative. Available in various shapes and sizes, they fit into most standard bowls, pans, and cooking pots. Do look out for Amazon discounts on these.

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3. 3D Moon Lamp

With this gadget, you can get a piece of the sky right here on earth. Perfect for an entertaining light show from the comfort of your home, this light lamp is mostly USB compatible. So, plug in and enjoy the view! Don’t forget to look for an Amazon promo code loaded with benefits while you shop for gadgets like these.

Click here to get 3D moon lamp from Amazon.

4. Reflective Vests

If you are someone who loves to head outdoors during late nights or early mornings, use of these reflective vests is a great way to ensure high visibility. Clip it over your usual running or cycling apparel and you’re good to go!

Click here to get reflective vests from Amazon.

5. Solar Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light 

Perfect for patios, entryways and more, minus the need to flip lights on and off, this LED light is solar chargeable. The plug and play design is easy to use while being an eco-friendly alternative to regular lighting options.

Click here to get solar wireless led lights from Amazon.

6. Pineapple Slicer Peeler

Here is one nifty product for those who love pineapples but hate the job of peeling them. This de-corer, peeler and slicer promises to complete that arduous chore with a perfect finish in a matter of seconds!

Click here to get pineapple cutter from Amazon.

7. Sheet Fasteners

Make sure you tuck bed sheet ends just right with these flexible sheet fasteners. Neat looking mattress tops are a given when you use these elastic corner straps.

Click here to get Sheet Fasteners from Amazon.

8. Wooden log bolster cushion

Add a feel of nature to your indoors with this unusual cushion. Appearing like a piece of a tree trunk, this fun cushion comes replete with growth rings and cracks.

Click here to get wood log cushion pillow from Amazon.

9. Tube Squeezer

These tiny pieces of invention guarantee to use every last bit of toothpaste or ointment and in the right way! Colorful and available in many sizes, there is a squeezer for every tube just like Amazon coupons for just about any purchase!

Click here to get tube squeezer from Amazon.

10. Wallet Ninja

This credit card-sized toolkit packs everything from an inch rule to a hex wrench. This compact 18-in-1 multi-functional kit is made of heat-treated steel and fits into a wallet.

Click here to get wallet ninja from Amazon.

Simply useful or over-the-top crazy, did you know that apart from playing store to more such products, Amazon India has an exclusive section for bargains on Amazon sales? Select them by category or browse through featured items, with Amazon offers you are bound to land a great buy!