Christmas Celebration Ideas for Office – 12 Creative Ideas for A Fun Christmas With Colleagues

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~Why just have a party when you can do so much more!~

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride, on a one horse open sleigh! Yeah!

Its time to put on the red Santa Claus cap and welcome one of the world’s most awaited festivals – Christmas. Christmas brings with it loads of laughter and fun.

It is the time to host and attend as many parties as one can think of – from having a building party to one with school friends, college friends, society friends and of course the grand Christmas party at work!

We already covered some truly awesome office games to get into the Christmas spirit and now we will be sharing some equally exciting party ideas.

No matter how big or small your team is, we have ideas for everyone! Check out 12 creative ideas for a fun filled Christmas celebration in office.

Christmas Party Ideas for Corporates or Larger Groups

More the merrier, isn’t it! So here are some fantastic party ideas for a team count of above 20.

Remember, even if you do not plan to have a conventional party, you can still implement these ideas to make the day special.

Get the Invite Right

Christmas invitation
Christmas invitation

So when the team is big, personally letting everyone know about having a party is a challenge.

Of course, you can email and let everyone know but you know how it is…sometime technology plays a spoilt sport and it is also a bit impersonal and cold to send an email invite besides it also leaving you with little scope to personalize the invitation.

You may ask why the need to personalize, right? If we may suggest, let the party be unlike any other.

So divide the teams. Like let there be a separate invite for the HR team, a separate one for administration, one for the office helps, one for marketing etc.

Send in the invitation cards along with a Christmas hat / Santa cap and let the invitation have the dress code mentioned. For e.g. HR can dress in red, marketing in blue, admin in pink etc.

This is not only going to break the monotony of everyone dressing in either red or black as normally everyone does for parties but also help you identify the person and his department for the games you play during the party.

Get Christmas hat/Santa cap here



Cookies and Cakes

Cakes and Cookies
Cakes and Cookies

We are sure you would most certainly be having a sumptuous office lunch/ dinner get together but for cookies and cakes ask the staff to bring in their dabba for sharing.

So now you know why we suggested you have personalized invitation card for each department.

You can have a particular delicacy for each department. After all, variety is the spice of life.

So even if one you assign say may be chocolate cookies to the admin department, it would be amazing when each member of the admin department opens its dabba.

You would have a variety of chocolate cookies! You can perhaps work on the mathematics and divide the portions each one as to bring.

We are sure it wouldn’t be more than 6 pieces each. So it wouldn’t even hurt anyone.

Plus Christmas is all about sharing sweets and then how often do the masterchefs get an opportunity to show off their baking skills at work?

Check out this book on baking some delicious cookies and cakes for some innovative ideas here


Charity Call

Christmas - Charity Call
Christmas – Charity Call

Keep a “Fill me Up for a Cause” box. Decide on the charity you would want to contribute too.

To be honest, you do not have to look too far. You can perhaps have the money given to your office help through a lottery system.

But before you do that, you need to ideally have a meeting with all the office helps and ask them if they are looking at any kind of monetary help.

Let them know about your plan to have all the names put in a box and two lucky winners would be entitled to have the money collected.

Imagine if you have a staff of 20 and each one contributes even 200, you have 4,000 collected in a day which could be someone’s child’s annual education cost.


Cubicle/Department Decoration

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

To be fair, list down the decoration each one can use or better still if you have funds to spare from the office miscellaneous budget, give each department a carton/bag filled with decorations.

For healthy competition, there can be a voting system to judge the best looking corner/cubicle/department.


A Secret Santa

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

We really wouldn’t want anyone to get bogged down by this. So lets not make this a compulsory to-participate activity.

What you can do is have a mention on the invitation card that if you secretly want to gift someone without wanting your name to be known, wrap the gift and tag the person you would want it to be gifted to and leave it in the blue jumbo bag / carton at the reception desk.

We shall happily handover your gift.


Santa wants

Christmas Santa
Christmas Santa

Kick Queen of Sheeba out, and let Santa rule the party demanding small things to produce for him.

The person who gets it first or has the best wins a prize.

Some fun ones include, the person with longest hair, a torn sock, a red lipstick, a red and green purse, green nail polish, green eyes, biggest belly, etc.


Christmas Party Ideas for Smaller Companies (under 20 members)

When the team is small, it becomes imperative that each one participates in the celebration.

Colour Coordination

Christmas Party Ideas for Smaller Companies
Christmas Party Ideas for Smaller Companies

Instead of going in for more colours, keep just two for your office party. To go with the festive spirit, keep either red and white or green and red.

Since the team is small, it shall not be difficult to arrange for props of the same colours. The gifts you would give, the paper plate you would use, the glasses etc.. all can be coordinated.

  • Get Christmas themed paper plates here
  • Here are matching paper cups to go with the plates


Theme Magic

Christmas Theme Magic
Christmas Theme Magic

In case you want to pump n some fun and aren’t too keen on seeing everyone dressed similarly, choose a theme.

It could be a Hawaiian theme, a Victorian theme, a Bohemian theme etc. Challenge people to fuse the theme with Christmas.

So a Hawaiin Christmas dress up is something that will look unique and fab.

If you are up for some fun, choose a naughty Santa theme and let people add a naughty streak to their Santa dressing.

Keep a prize for the best dressed to make sure no one takes it lightly. The prize can perhaps be a two day holiday!

Just see the way people will take efforts to dress well. Holiday at work is the best gift one can have, especially after the New Year!

Get Santa costume here


Movie Magic

Movie Magic On Christmas
Movie Magic On Christmas

If you do not have a projector than you can always take one on rent.

Let everyone vote for the movie they want to watch and the one that receives the maximum votes can be played during the party.

Of course, make sure to have a free flow of chips and popcorn to go with it. Choose a Santa movie to add to the festive cheer.

  • Get chips here
  • Buy chilli caramel gourmet popcorn here


Food Delight

Christmas - Food Delight
Christmas – Food Delight

Have a proper Christmas lunch at work. Outsource the catering. And don’t forget to add a plum cake with a dash of rum and raisins on the menu.

Other favourites include stuffed turkey/chicken (provided there are enough non-vegetarians) and casserole.


Get Your Partner

Get Your Partner for lunch/dinner
Get Your Partner for Lunch/Dinner

If it is a small office, we know space would be a constraint. It is always ideal to give the employees a chance to invite their families to let them see where they work.

But here, let the invitation be limited to just their partner or a parent.

Make them feel welcomed with a small token of appreciation and let them be a part of the lunch/dinner that has been organized.

There is nothing more delightful for someone than having their partner/parent feel proud of them and see them receiving so much respect at their workplace.


One minute part games

One minute part games on Christmas
One Minute Part Games on Christmas

Pit players against each other for some simple and fun games with the timer on.

Let them put rubberbands on lemons, straws on hair, decorate the Christmas tree or eat maximum candy.

With lots of photo opportunities and tons of laughter, these games are sure going to be a hit.

Get Christmas tree here

These few easy to implement ideas can be put to use to add a dash of fun to a conventional Christmas party! Merry Christmas, people!



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