The Best Restaurants in Bangalore for a Romantic Date Night

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Bangalore is the city of the young and the evergreen. With fabulous weather always ready to accompany you, every night in the city is ideal for a date night. The only thing you need is the right mood and the right place. Here are 12 options that should help you decide where to head for a special celebration with your better half, or a date-for-no-reason! Bring out your romantic side. Now. It’s time to make memories.


1. Grasshopper, Bannerghatta Road

Grasshopper Restaurant, Bannerghetta

Dim lights, a rustic ambience and ample privacy make this one of our favourite picks for a romantic date night dinner. They have a seven course fixed menu that is sure to tickle your taste buds (and save you from the time and trouble of deciding what to eat!). With everything around so beautiful, including the presentation of the food, you are sure to have a lovely time here with your loved one.

2. Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road

Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road

What can be lovelier than romancing with your loved one over heady cocktails and scrumptious food by the lake? Yes, a small, green, artificial lake (you can call it a pond!) setting is what you can expect at this gorgeous restaurant lined with brick walls, paved floors and Victorian mirrors amidst lush trees. Share a pizza as you exchange love notes and enjoy their slow service. It’s all about spending time together, and a setting like this is rare!


3. Le Jardin, The Oberoi, MG Road

Le Jardin – The Oberoi, MG Road

The French way of romance is idolised by many and if you are a thorough romantic who likes to do things the classy way, then the French European ambience of Le Jardin should be your pick. With European, Mediterranean and Indian fare all served here, there is ample choice to satiate the taste buds. It’s also been recently renovated so, even if it’s not your first visit, you’re sure to enjoy a novel experience at Le Jardin.


4. Olive Beach, Richmond Road

Olive Beach Restaurant, Richmond Road

One of the prettiest restaurants in town, Olive Beach with its Mediterranean setting, replete with stark white walls and colourful motifs is a perfect choice for a laid back brunch or dinner date. Whether you order their awesome cosmopolitans or dive in their Sangrias, have a pizza or their signature fish, you are sure to have a good time here!

5. Rim Naam, The Oberoi, MG Road

Rim Naam- The Oberoi, MG Road

A perfect place for old style romantics who’d love to spend an evening amidst a canopy of trees, dotted with adorable lanterns and a small pond, all setting the mood for the evening. With delicious Thai food, impeccable Oberoi hospitality and subtle background music, a date night here is sure to be a super hit! Its entrance is through a cave, and if you like to eat fish, do try their Hor Pa. And don’t leave without their desserts since sweet endings leave a lasting impression.


6. The Humming Tree, Indiranagar

The Humming Tree, Indiranagar

If foot-tapping music and heady cocktails is your style of romance, The Humming Tree with its fantastic music is the place for you. They often have some fabulous Indian bands playing live, so give it a shot. The way to her heart might just be through music!


7. Le Cirque Signature, Old Airport Road

Le Cirque Signature, Old Airport Road

If artfully plated, lip-smacking Italian food, aromatic wine and great conversation is your idea of a date night, you should be sorted at Le Cirque at The Leela Palace Hotel. Basking in luxury, this one is also a perfect place to add to the romance by having the chef stir up some special dishes for the better half! Who doesn’t like some special attention?

8. Love Shack, Domlur

Love Shack, Domlur, Bangalore

This one is a hidden gem! While on Wednesday and Saturday nights, Loveshack normally functions as a club-y lounge, other nights of the day it transforms itself into a dreamy private high-seating restaurant. Enjoy its Goa-themed ambience with your loved one, and exchange sweet nothings over Bacon Wrapped Prawns and freshly baked pizzas.


9. The Black Pearl, Koramangala

The Black Pearl, Koramangala, Bangalore

If you want to kick out the rules and want to have some fun, head to this Pirate-themed restaurant with your companion. The food won’t disappoint and you can play Jack Sparrow, act like you’re Johnny Depp and gulp down tons of rum, all in the name of the theme!


10. Tao Terraces, MG Road

Tao Terraces, MG Road, Bangalore

The ancient Buddhist temple like décor with warm dark spaces of Tao Terraces is sure to steal your heart! A perfect place for a cosy candle light dinner with your loved one, It’s a good mix of casual and formal dining which ensures you aren’t intimidated by the surrounding too much to enjoy. Do try their Malaysian curry and their Honey cake also comes highly recommended.


11. Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen, Koramangala

Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen, Koramangala, Bangalore

Relive those carefree Goa days at Fenny’s Lounge holding a Limca record for the large use of old bottles to make up their bar ceiling. Their candle lit wall makes for a perfect spot for some stunning photo ops and the elegantly designed interiors is a big hit amongst couples looking to have a good time. Their caramel custard is a must try!


12. Rural Blues, HSR layout

Rural Blues, HSR layout, Bangalore

If you don’t mind driving down a bit (who would when you are on a date!), Rural Blues is a great option with its Greek décor and laid back ambience. The escape from the noise and hustle bustle of the city combined with the fine service and scrumptious food is sure to make your date night a super hit! All you need to do is load your hard drive with good music and plug it into your car music system.

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