Solar Lights For Home-Switching To Solar Power With Best Products

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Solar power is the future and one of the only options to save our planet from running out of fuel. While you still cannot operate your vehicles on solar power or power the entire home, you can start with adapting to little changes. Solar lights for home make the ideal starting points to switching to solar power.

Understand the recovery of investment on solar lights for home

We Indians are money minded people and we expect the highest possible ROI on our investments. It’s probable that you might want to know the recovery period.

In India we pay electricity bill in kWh (Kilo Watt Hour) called Units in laymen term. Let us suppose you pay Rs.8 per unit as electricity bill.

You buy an 8W solar light for home that costs you around Rs. 1,000 and easily gives you a backup of 6 hours on a single charge.

Now the formula to calculate the kWh consumption of the solar light is:

E(kWh) = P(W) × t(hr) / 1000

Based on the above formula, your 8W solar light consumes 0.048 kWh units. That means you save 0.048 units of electricity when you use the solar light. In a year you save approximately 17 units which is around Rs.140. In short, you will be able to fully recover your investment on solar light in around 7 years. It may not seem like a lot but given the fact an average solar light lasts for 25 years, it is a profitable investment.

We already discussed the need, type and benefits of solar lights in this article, if you haven’t read it yet, we strongly recommend you give it a look before continuing with our list of best solar lights for homes available in the Indian market. And if you have read our previous guide, it’s time to take a look at the best solar lights for home you can buy online.

1. XEPA SPD486 Solar Powered LED Light with USB Charger

XEPA SPD486 Solar Powered LED Light with USB Charger
XEPA Solar Light


XEPA is one of the few solar power product manufacturers in the country that has the capability to provide cost-effective products for home use. The XEPA SPD486 Sun Pad Handheld, Solar Powered LED Light, is an ideal product for homes that are located in geographical regions with enough sunlight all around the year.

With an efficient power system at its core, this product takes about six hours to fully charge. Once charged you can use it as a light for your home our as a mobile charger with 5V DC output. The body of this light is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Solar-powered entirely

Comes with an emergency flashing mode

Inbuilt mobile charging capability which makes it useful for tours as well

Durable and resistant


Initially, it is a costly investment

Takes longer to charge than other DC products

2. Quace 32 LED Super Bright Solar Light

Quace 32 LED Super Bright Solar Light
Quace 32 LED Super Bright Solar Light



Solar lights for home are usually just regular lights with one mode of operation, but not this Quace product. With 4 lighting modes, this super bright solar light is an excellent product for homes. You can operate in four modes:

Steady On-in this mode the light turns on at night automatically and maintains half-bright state

Motion sense-it comes with a PIR motion sensor that allows you to operate Quace solar in two modes:

  1.    Bright light (when motion sensed) + Light off (no motion)
  2.    Bright light (when motion sensed) + Dim light (no motion)

Off-in this mode you can turn on all the 32 super bright LEDs for continuous lighting

The PIR sensor is not the only feature impressive about this product but it also comes with a light sensor.


Illumination as well as an ornamental lighting solution

Automatic on and off based on light conditions

Motion sensor to adjust the lighting

Promised lifespan of up to 20 years

Four modes of operation


Rechargeable batteries will need replacement

In cloudy conditions, the efficiency is comparatively less

3. IFITech Solar Pillar Designer Light

IFITech Solar Pillar Designer Light
IFITech Solar Pillar Designer Light


IFITech is one of the most known brands for offering solar emergency light solutions. Requirements for solar emergency lights is different as compared to solar lights for home, if you are looking for emergency light solutions based on solar power, we recommend this GreatBuyz guide.

However, this IFITech Solar Pillar Designer Light is designed to ornament the roofs, balconies and patio while conserving electricity. With an adorable wine glass shape, it looks stylish and it’s inbuilt lithium ion battery ensures it is powered for 2 nights on a single charge. Applications of this IFITech solar light are numerous, from streets to gardens to gate pillars you can use it anywhere.

The IFITech Solar Pillar Designer Light is designed to be resistance to unfavourable weather conditions and offers a lifespan of up to 20 years. Made from an aluminum alloy it is rust proof and uses tempered glass. It also features automatic on and off function.


Ornamental yet practical solar light

Automatic on and off function

Inbuilt lithium ion battery

20 years of lifespan

Aluminium alloy makes it rust resistant


Initial investment is high

Rechargeable batteries need replacement

No warranty on the product or its component

4. Mpow Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Light

Mpow Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Light
Mpow Super Bright Solar Light


Now if you are on the lookout for the powerful outdoor solar lights for home, then this Mpow product is ideal for you. Embedded with 20 bright LED lights, the Mpow Super Bright Solar Powered Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Light comes with 3 creative modes.

You can choose to operate it on Strong Long Light Mode or Strong Light Sensor Mode or Dim Light Sensor mode. With powerful motion and light sensors, this Mpow solar light offers a cost-effective and nature-friendly solar lighting solution for homes. The sensor ball head in this solar light is bigger than other solar lights which gives it an added sensor length of 10-26 feet.

Like other solar lights for home on the list, this Mpow product also features automatic on and off and offers 20 years of lifespan.


Larger sensor coverage due to the greater sensor ball head

Higher waterproof level

3 modes of operation

Automatic on and off function

Lifespan of 20 years


No designed to be ornamental

Initial investment cost is high

5. IFITech Solar Light

IFITech Solar Light
IFITech Solar Light


Our list of best solar lights for home ends with an IFITech product which is again a quality choice picked by the experts.

The IFITech Solar Light is based on simplicity. There are no multiple operation modes or motion sensor-based brightness adjustments, but it offers reliable continuous bright light sourcing power from solar panels entirely. It has the automatic on and off feature to keep it working at night or when lighting conditions are dim. It also comes with a sensor to adjust the brightness based on the natural light available to save power.

Furthermore, it runs for 12-hours on a single day’s solar charge and comes with a 1-year warranty.


Automatic on and off to work between day and night


A 1-year warranty

12-hours of light on a single day charge


Rechargeable batteries need replacing after a while

Compared to features, the cost is high


Solar lights for homes should be chosen based on their lifespan, power backup and cost. The products we have picked for you are reliable, technologically advanced and trusted by thousands of owners.